SFS Account Codes:

Sorted by Account Code Description

SFS Account Code Account Code DescriptionAccount TypeComment
9190165 Credit SurchargeRevenue 
6241 A/R Travel Advances Balance Sheet Do not use.
6240 A/R Univ Related Organizations Balance Sheet e-Reimbursement use by Approvers.
1052Academic Staff - AcademicExpense 
1051Academic Staff - AnnualExpense 
1054Academic Staff - HourlyExpense 
1055Academic Staff - Lump SumExpense 
1057Academic Staff - OvertimeExpense 
1053Academic Staff - SummerExpense 
1056Academic Staff - Term Lv - Lump SumExpense 
1986Academic-Fringe Pur Serv IIAExpense 
1975Academic-Fringe-Gift/Fed TrfExpense 
4985Access Fees-Electronic ResourcExpense 
7100 Accounts Payable Balance Sheet Do not use.
6101 Accounts Receivable Cash Balance Sheet Do not use.
6200Accounts Receivable-GeneralBalance Sheet 
6210Accounts Receivable-StudentsBalance Sheet 
7215 Accrued Fringes Payable Balance Sheet Do not use.
7210 Accrued Salaries Payable Balance Sheet Do not use.
6201Accts Rec - Maintenance MatchBalance Sheet 
6202Accts Rec - Maintenance RefundBalance Sheet 
6209 Accts Rec - Unbilled Balance Sheet Do not use.
6591Accum Depr Land ImprovementsBalance Sheet 
6695Accumulated Depr-Capital LeaseBalance Sheet 
6590Accumulated Depreciation-BldgBalance Sheet 
6690Accumulated Depreciation-EquipBalance Sheet 
6592Accumulated Depreciation-IntangibleBalance Sheet 
7230 ACH Returns Balance Sheet Do not use.
1931Ad Hoc Health Ins Opt OutExpense 
9275Advance Admission ReceiptsRevenue 
9196Advance FeesRevenue 
9345Advance Room DepositRevenue 
3740Advertising & NoticesExpense 
9153Agric Short Course-NonResidentRevenue 
9152Agric Short Course-ResidentRevenue 
5708Aids to OrganizationsExpense 
6292Allow for Doubtful Acct-LoansBalance Sheet 
6205Allow for Doubtful Accts-GenBalance Sheet 
6215Allow for Doubtful Accts-StudBalance Sheet   
9969Annuity DistributionRevenue  
9136Application Fees-Grad SchoolRevenue  
9137Application Fees-Law SchoolRevenue  
9138Application Fees-Med SchoolRevenue  
9132Application Fees-PharmacyRevenue  
9135Application Fees-UndergradRevenue  
9139Application Fees-Vet MedicineRevenue  
9341Athletic EventsRevenue  
4910Audio/Visual MediaExpense   
3850Audit Disallowance-Non Fin AidExpense  
6650AutomobilesBalance Sheet  
4655Automobiles-Capital LeaseExpense  
6655Automobiles-Capital LeaseBalance Sheet  
4960Binding of Library MaterialsExpense  
4520Bldg & Attached FixturesExpense  
6530Bldg & Attached Fixtures(Bldg)Balance Sheet  
4525Bldg & Fixtures-Cap LeaseExpense 
6535Bldg&Attch Fixt-Cap Lease(B#)Balance Sheet 
7710Bonds PayableBalance SheetDo not use.
7713Bonds Payable Def Amt RefundBalance SheetDo not use.
7712Bonds Payable DiscountBalance SheetDo not use.
7711Bonds Payable PremiumBalance SheetDo not use.
4800Books (Print Monographs)Expense 
9950Building Corp DrawdownsRevenue 
9349Camps & Clinic Fees - AcademicRevenue 
9348Camps & Clinic Fees - SummerRevenue 
3792Campus Printing PurchasedPaperExpense 
6297Cap Lease Rec UW Hospital LTBalance Sheet 
7700Capital Lease ObligationsBalance SheetDo not use.
6296Capital Lease Receiv UW HospBalance Sheet 
4680Capital Purchases-IIA'sExpense 
2812Car Rental - ForeignExpense 
2810Car Rental - In StateExpense 
2811Car Rental - Out of StateExpense 
6100CashBalance SheetDo not use.
6102Cash Control - ARBalance SheetDo not use.
9315Cash Over/UnderRevenue   
2271Cellular EquipmentExpense  
2270Cellular ServiceExpense  
7014Charities-EmplBalance Sheet  
7059Check Corrections-PayrollBalance Sheet  
9222City Sales Tax CollectionsRevenue  
9223City Sales Tax Trf to DORRevenue  
3760Claims AwardsExpense  
1537Classified - 5th Week VacationExpense  
1543Classified - DifferentialExpense  
1950Classified - Early RetirementExpense  
1536Classified - Excep Perf AwardExpense  
1974Classified - Generic FringesExpense   
1940Classified - Group HealthExpense  
1941Classified - Group LifeExpense  
1531Classified - HourlyExpense  
1539Classified - Legal SettlementExpense  
1535Classified - Length of ServiceExpense  
1532Classified - Lump SumExpense  
1939Classified - MedicareExpense  
1541Classified - OvertimeExpense  
1942Classified - RetirementExpense  
1938Classified - Social SecurityExpense   
1951Classified - Unemployment CompExpense  
1544Classified - Uniform AllowanceExpense  
1533Classified Project - HourlyExpense  
1534Classified Project - Lump SumExpense  
1542Classified Project - OvertimeExpense  
1987Classified-Fringe Pur Serv IIAExpense  
1979Classified-Fringe-Gift/Fed TrfExpense  
1943Classified-Income ContinuationExpense  
1538Classified-Purchased Serv IIAExpense  
1944Class-NonSal Legal SettlementExpense 
1952Class-Supl Sick Leave ConvertExpense 
1995Cobra PaymentsExpense 
7342COBRA Subsity WithholdingBalance SheetDo not use.
2622Collection Agency FeesExpense   
7026Commuter BenefitsBalance Sheet  
7332Commuter Benefits-EmplBalance Sheet  
3194Comp & Peripherals not CapitalExpense  
4625Computer Equip-Cap LeaseExpense  
6625Computer Equip-Cap LeaseBalance Sheet  
4620Computer EquipmentExpense  
6620Computer EquipmentBalance Sheet  
3791Computer Exchange Repair PartsExpense  
3781Conf/Wkshp Expenses-Educ ProgExpense  
3780Conference/Workshop ExpensesExpense   
9840Consolidated Pool Earn-PrincRevenue  
9159Cont Ed-Independent StudyRevenue  
9160Cont Ed-Informal InstructionRevenue  
6140Contingent FundBalance Sheet  
6145Contingent Fund-Change FundBalance Sheet  
7028Contingent Fund-ReplenishmentBalance Sheet  
9220County Sales Tax CollectionsRevenue  
9221County Sales Tax Trf to DORRevenue   
9172Credit Classes-Ext Degree ProgRevenue  
9167Credit Classes-NonRes GradRevenue  
9165Credit Classes-NonResident UGRevenue  
9163Credit Classes-Resident GradRevenue  
9162Credit Classes-Resident UGRevenue  
2627Criminal Background ChecksExpense  
6167Custodian Cash AdvanceBalance Sheet  
9198Daily Deposit - TreasuryRevenue  
5706Debt Service - InterestExpense  
5705Debt Service - PrincipalExpense 
6900Deferred ChargesBalance Sheet 
7401Deferred Revenue - GrantsBalance SheetDo not use.
7400Deferred Revenue - OtherBalance SheetDo not use.
7405Deferred Revenue-Within FYBalance SheetDo not use.
9264Delinquent Loan Late ChargeRevenue 
7019Dental-EmployeeBalance Sheet Do not use.
7520Deposits - OtherBalance SheetDo not use.
7500Deposits-Residence HallsBalance SheetDo not use.
3996Depreciation ExpenseExpense   
9192Diff Tuition Fall TermRevenue  
9195Diff Tuition IntersessionRevenue  
9193Diff Tuition Spring TermRevenue  
9191Diff Tuition Summer SessionRevenue  
3998Discounts EarnedExpense  
3997Discounts LostExpense  
9367Dorm Dep Prior YearRevenue  
9360Dorm Rent Sem 1Revenue  
9361Dorm Rent Sem 2Revenue  
9362Dorm Rent SummerRevenue 
9363Dorm Rent WinterimRevenue 
2610DP Services - Outside SourceExpense 
2600DP Services-State & Univ DeptExpense 
9320Driver Improvement SurchargeRevenue 
6260Due from Other GovernmentsBalance Sheet 
6250Due from State AgenciesBalance Sheet 
7160Due To Other FundsBalance SheetDo not use.
7180Due To Other GovernmentsBalance SheetDo not use.
7170Due To State AgenciesBalance SheetDo not use.
9802Earnings-Income CashRevenue
9800Earnings-Investment Fund ShareRevenue 
9801Earnings-Principal CashRevenue 
4860Elect Periodicals & SerialsExpense 
2501Electricity-Green Energy SurchExpense 
4840Electronic MonographsExpense 
6166Employee Travel Advance-SingleBalance SheetDo not use.
8500EndowmentBalance SheetDo not use.
7018Epic-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
4670Equipment-Fabrication in ProgressExpense 
3195Equip & Furnit not CapitalizedExpense 
4602Equip-Laboratory & ClassroomExpense 
6600EquipmentBalance Sheet 
6605Equipment - Capital LeaseBalance Sheet 
4605Equipment-Capital LeaseExpense 
6670Equipment-Fabrication in ProgressBalance Sheet 
1997ERA Admin CostExpense 
7328ERA Day Care Payable-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
7327ERA Medical Payable-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
2892Event - ForeignExpense 
2890Event - In StateExpense 
2891Event - Out of StateExpense 
3111Eye Exam for Safety GlassesExpense   
1912Fac/Acad - Early RetirementExpense  
1935Fac/Acad - Generic FringesExpense  
1906Fac/Acad - Group LifeExpense  
1908Fac/Acad - Income ContinuationExpense  
1907Fac/Acad - RetirementExpense  
1913Fac/Acad - Unemployment CompExpense  
1905Fac/Acad- Group HealthExpense  
1904Fac/Acad- MedicareExpense  
1909Fac/Acad- NonSal Legal SettleExpense  
1903Fac/Acad- Social SecurityExpense   
1924Fac/Acad-Fed Appt-RetirementExpense  
1002Faculty - AcademicExpense  
1001Faculty - AnnualExpense  
1007Faculty - Foreign COLAExpense  
1004Faculty - HourlyExpense  
1005Faculty - Lump SumExpense  
1010Faculty - OvertimeExpense  
1003Faculty - SummerExpense  
1009Faculty - Term Lv-Lump SumExpense  
1922Faculty/Acad-Health Ins Opt OutExpense  
1008Faculty/Acad-Legal SettlementExpense  
1006Faculty-Purchased Services IIAExpense  
7352Fed Withhldng NonComp PayBalance SheetDo not use.
9905Federal Admin OverheadRevenue 
9230Federal AidRevenue 
7228Federal Appt Life-StateBalance Sheet 
9906Federal Funds from State AgncyRevenue 
7020Federal Life Payable-EmployeeBalance Sheet   
7024Federal Retirement Pay-EmployeeBalance Sheet   
7229Federal Retirement Thrift-StateBalance Sheet   
7056Federal Thrift-EmployeeBalance Sheet   
7350Federal Withholding PayableBalance SheetDo not use.
1076Fee Grad/Ad Hoc Program SpecExpense   
1078Fee Grad/Ad Hoc Program Spec-OvertimeExpense   
9150Fees Administrative-MiscRevenue  
9130Fees Clearing AccountRevenue  
9189Fees-100% Campus RetentionRevenue  
5742Fellows&Scholars-Summer SessnExpense   
9322Field Trip FeesRevenue  
9173Flex Option TuitionRevenue  
3165Food & Food Service ContractsExpense  
9487Food Service Prior Year RevenuRevenue  
9484Food Service Semester 1Revenue  
9485Food Service Semester 2Revenue  
9486Food Service SummerRevenue  
9181Forfeited Admission DepositsRevenue  
9180Forfeiture Fees-Doctoral DisRevenue  
4950Freight-In for LibraryExpense  
3140Fuel for VehiclesExpense 
2560Fuel Oil-Heating-CentralExpense 
8700Fund BalanceBalance SheetDo not use.
6640Furniture-WoodBalance Sheet 
9903GAAP Interfund Trf-FedRevenueDo not use.
9900GAAP Interfund Trf-NonFedRevenueDo not use.
7025Garnishments-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
9865Gift & Donation Loan RepaymentRevenue 
9500Gifts & DonationsRevenue 
1934Grad Assist-Group HealthExpense 
1930Grad Asst - MedicareExpense 
1929Grad Asst - Social SecuirtyExpense 
1978Grad Asst-Fringe-Allocated TrfExpense 
9451Graphic Printing SalesRevenue 
1998 HAS Administrative Fees Expense  
7333 HAS Payable - Employee Balance Sheet Do not use.
7329Health Insurance Grad Asst PayBalance SheetDo not use.
7335Health Insurance Opt Out-EmplBalance Sheet 
7324Health Insurance Payable-EmplBalance SheetDo not use.
7235Health Insurance Opt Out-StateBalance Sheet 
7224Health Insurance Payable-StateBalance SheetDo not use.
1923 Health Savings Account Expense  
2565Heating Fuels-OtherExpense 
2520Heating-Steam,Hot Water or AirExpense 
2635Hospital Patient CostExpense 
9358Housing A/R Payment PlanRevenueDo not use.
9359Housing Accounts ReceivableRevenueDo not use.
7233 HSA Payable - State Balance Sheet Do not use.
2872Incidentals - ForeignExpense 
2870Incidentals - In StateExpense 
2871Incidentals - Out of StateExpense 
7325Income Cont Ins Pay-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
7225Income Cont Ins Pay-StateBalance SheetDo not use.
9161Independent Study FeesRevenue   
7057Individual and Family Life-EmplBalance Sheet   
9911Insurance Loss ReimbursementRevenue  
3435Insurance-Fidelity&Surety BondExpense  
3430Insurance-Worker's CompExpense  
2690Interchange AgreementsExpense  
3810Interest Expense-OtherExpense  
3805Interest Expense-Prompt PayExpense  
9269Interest on Deferred TuitionRevenue   
9860Interest on Student LoansRevenue  
6220Interest ReceivableBalance Sheet  
9144Intersession Business MastersRevenue  
9147Intersession--NonResident GradRevenue  
9145Intersession-NonResident UGRevenue  
9143Intersession-Resident GradRevenue  
9141Intersession-Resident UGRevenue  
6310Inventories-Consumable SupplyBalance Sheet  
6455Inventories-Consumable SupplyBalance Sheet  
8210Investment in Fixed AssetsBalance SheetDo not use.
6805Investments Gain/Loss-INTRMBalance Sheet   
6815Investments Gain/Loss-Long TermBalance Sheet   
6810Investments Long Term (Trust)Balance Sheet   
6800Investments Short Term (Trust)Balance Sheet  
6820Investments-Trust FundsBalance Sheet  
6510Land (Use Bldg #)Balance Sheet  
4490Land ImprovementsExpense  
6520Land Improvements (Use Bldg #)Balance Sheet  
4485Land-Capital LeaseExpense  
9366Laundry Receipts/CommissionsRevenue  
2355Lease of AircraftExpense  
2335Lease of DP EquipExpense   
2370Lease of EquipmentExpense  
2305Lease of LandExpense  
2325Lease of SpaceExpense  
2345Lease of Vehicle-DealershipExpense  
9308Lease/Rent Building CorpRevenue  
2410Leasehold Repairs & MaintExpense  
9169Library Aquisition NonRes UGS1Revenue  
9170Library Aquisition NonRes UGS2Revenue  
9168Library Aquisition NonRes UGSSRevenue  
9368Library FinesRevenue 
7323Life Insurance Payable-EmployeBalance SheetDo not use.
7223Life Insurance Payable-StateBalance SheetDo not use.
9266Loan Repayment-PrincipalRevenue 
2822Local Transport - ForeignExpense 
2820Local Transport - In StateExpense 
2821Local Transport - Out of StateExpense 
2852Lodging - ForeignExpense 
2850Lodging - In StateExpense 
2851Lodging - Out of StateExpense 
7011 Long Term Care - Employee Balance Sheet Do not use.
7334 LPFSA Payable - Employee Balance Sheet Do not use.
1643 LTE - Differential Pay Expense  
1956LTE - Group HealthExpense   
1601LTE - HourlyExpense  
1958LTE - Health Ins Opt OutExpense 
1602LTE - LumpExpense  
1955LTE - MedicareExpense  
1603LTE - OvertimeExpense  
1604LTE - Purchased Services IIAExpense  
1957LTE - RetirementExpense  
1954LTE - Social SecurityExpense  
1983LTE-Fringe-Gift/Fed TrfExpense  
1968LTE-Unemployment CompExpense  
2460Maintenance & Repair- DP EquipExpense 
2480Maintenance & Repair-OtherExpense 
2400Maintenance & Repairs-GroundsExpense 
2420Maintenance & Repair-StructureExpense 
2470Maintenance & Repair-VehiclesExpense 
9502Matching DonationsRevenue 
3790Material for ResaleExpense 
2862Meals - ForeignExpense 
2860Meals - In StateExpense 
2861Meals - Out of StateExpense 
2630Medical ServicesExpense 
7326Medicare Federal AppointmentBalance SheetDo not use.
7330Medicare FICA Payable-EmployeBalance SheetDo not use.
7226Medicare Payable-StateBalance SheetDo not use.
9304Meeting Room RentalRevenue 
6300Merchandise for ResaleBalance Sheet 
6450Merchandise for ResaleBalance Sheet 
9194Midwest Higher Ed Exchange PRRevenue 
2832Mileage - ForeignExpense 
2830Mileage - In StateExpense 
2831Mileage - Out of StateExpense 
9199Minnesota ReciprocityRevenue 
9901Misc Amort Transfer to Fnd 123Revenue 
9364Misc Guest RentalRevenue 
9200Misc Revenue & DepositsRevenue 
7550Miscellaneous ClearingBalance SheetDo not use.
9182Miscellaneous FeesRevenue 
7023Miscellaneous Life Insurance-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
2147Moving Expenses-Employee Non TaxableRevenue 
2146Moving-Temp Lodging - Employee TaxableRevenue 
9271NDSL Post 6/72 CancellationRevenue 
7021Non State Parking-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
7720Notes PayableBalance SheetDo not use.
9318NSF Check ChargeRevenue 
7190Other Accrued LiabilitiesBalance SheetDo not use.
7255Other Accrued LiabilitiesBalance SheetDo not use.
6400Other AssetsBalance Sheet 
7315Other Ded Payable-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
4930Other Library MaterialsExpense   
7331Parking DOA Payments-EmplBalance Sheet  
9371Parking FinesRevenue  
9374Parking MetersRevenue  
9373Parking PermitsRevenue  
9372Parking Reserved StallRevenue  
9370Parking Services #1Revenue  
9375Parking Services #2Revenue  
9376Parking Services #3Revenue  
9377Parking Services #4Revenue  
9378Parking Services #5Revenue  
6163Payroll Cash AdvanceBalance Sheet 
7000Payroll Summary ClearingBalance SheetDo not use.
9261Penalty-Late PaymentRevenue  
9260Penalty-Late RegistrationRevenue  
9262Penalty-Withdrawal from SchoolRevenue  
4820Periodicals & SerialsExpense  
9268Perkins/NDSL/Nurs Coll PenaltyRevenue  
6700Perm Additions to LibrariesBalance Sheet  
6150Petty CashBalance Sheet  
2724Post Fellow/Schol/Trn-AcademicExpense  
2720Post Fellow/Schol/Trn-AnnualExpense  
2727Post Fellow/Schol/Trn-OvertimeExpense  
2726Post Fellow/Schol/Trn-SumExpense   
1933Post Grad - Group HealthExpense  
1976Post/Doc-Fringe-Gift/Fed TrfExpense  
1152Postgrad Trainee - AcademicExpense  
1151Postgrad Trainee - AnnualExpense  
1154Postgrad Trainee - HourlyExpense  
1155Postgrad Trainee - Lump SumExpense  
1156Postgrad Trainee - OvertimeExpense  
1153Postgrad Trainee - SummerExpense  
7052 Prepaid Benefit Deductions used by Payroll Balance Sheet Do not use.
7370Prepaid Employee BenefitsBalance Sheet  
6410Prepaid ExpensesBalance Sheet  
6440Prepaid HealthBalance Sheet   
6444Prepaid LifeBalance Sheet  
2675Printing & Duplicating-NonStatExpense  
2670Printing & Duplicating-StateExpense  
9175Prior Year Academic FeesRevenue  
9178Prior Year Fees-Extension ProgRevenue  
5751Prior Year LoansExpense  
9179Prior Year Special Course FeesRevenue  
9504Private GrantsRevenue  
3750Prizes & AwardsExpense  
3795Product Transfer-Mater. ResaleExpense 
7015Professional Orgs-APJ EmployeeBalance Sheet 
7054Professional Orgs-IUJ EmployeeBalance Sheet 
5810Program Rev Lapse to Fund 100Expense 
1211Project/Program Assist-AnnualExpense 
1214Project/Program Assist-HourlyExpense 
1216Project/Program Assist-OvertimeExpense 
1213Project/Program Assist-SummerExpense 
1212Project/Program Asst-AcademicExpense 
1215Project/Program Asst-Lump SumExpense 
9460Publication SalesRevenue 
7051Purchases-EmployeeBalance Sheet 
2170Purchasing Card Travel DefaultExpense 
8550Quasi EndowmentBalance SheetDo not use.
9818Realized Gain/Loss-Trust FundsRevenue 
9210Rebates - P Card and Other VenRevenue 
9309Refrigerator RentalsRevenue 
9314Refund-Payment A/R BalancesRevenue 
9209Refunds-Prior Year ExpenditureRevenue 
2842Registration Fees - ForeignExpense 
2840Registration Fees - In StateExpense 
2841Registration Fees-Out of StateExpense 
9399Reimburse for Empl Flt Car UseRevenue 
2880Relocation - In StateExpense 
2881Relocation - Out of StateExpense 
2884Relocation Stipend - In StateExpense 
9303Rental Income-OtherRevenue 
2350Rental of AircraftExpense 
2330Rental of DP EquipExpense 
2300Rental of LandExpense 
2360Rental of Other EquipExpense 
2320Rental of SpaceExpense 
2310Rental of Space-UW/State OwnedExpense 
2340Rental of Vehicles-DealershipExpense 
9265Repayments on Student LoansRevenue 
3999Required Template AccountExpenseDo not use.
1977Res Assoc-fringe-Allocated trfExpense   
1235Research Assistant - Lump SumExpense  
1232Research Assistant-AcademicExpense  
1231Research Assistant-AnnualExpense  
1236Research Assistant-OvertimeExpense  
1233Research Assistant-SummerExpense  
1932Research Assoc-Group HealthExpense  
1162Research Associate - AcademicExpense  
1161Research Associate - AnnualExpense  
1164Research Associate - HourlyExpense  
1165Research Associate - Lump SumExpense  
1166Research Associate - OvertimeExpense  
1163Research Associate - SummerExpense 
2637Research SubjectsExpense 
8120Reserve for EncumbrancesBalance SheetDo not use.
8100Reserve For OperationsBalance SheetDo not use.
8110Reserve for PreEncumbrancesBalance SheetDo not use.
8130Reserve Inventory & PrepaidBalance SheetDo not use.
3890Resident Fee RemissionsExpense 
7227Retirement Fed Appoint-StateBalance Sheet Do not use.
7220Retirement Payable - StateBalance SheetDo not use.
7320Retirement Payable-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
7270Retirement Pr Srvc Pay DOABalance SheetDo not use.
1970Retirement Prior Service CostExpense   
9250Revenue Default AccountRevenue  
3702S&E - Default Clearing AccountExpense  
9283S1 Student Union FeesRevenue  
9284S2 Student Union FeesRevenue  
6160Salary AdvancesBalance Sheet  
1000Salary DefaultExpense  
9461Sales - Farm OperationsRevenue  
9450Sales Copy ServiceRevenue  
9060Sales Credits-Electricity SoldRevenue 
9051Sales Credits-ExternalRevenue 
9062Sales Credits-Heat SoldRevenue 
9050Sales Credits-InternalRevenue 
9061Sales Credits-Internal HeatRevenue 
9400Sales of MaterialsRevenue 
7135Sales Tax Collected-CityBalance SheetDo not use.
7133Sales Tax Collected-CountyBalance SheetDo not use.
7131Sales Tax Collected-StateBalance SheetDo not use.
7130Sales Tax Payable - StateBalance SheetDo not use.
7134Sales Tax Payable-CityBalance SheetDo not use.
7132Sales Tax Payable-CountyBalance SheetDo not use.
9201Sales Tax Refund RevenueRevenue 
9452Sales WSA MimeoRevenue 
7340Savings Bonds - EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
9291Seg Fee DistributionRevenue   
9298Seg Fees Prior YearRevenue  
9292Sem 1 - Seg FeesRevenue  
9110Sem 1 ClearingRevenue  
9118Sem 1 Clearing RefundsRevenue  
9114Sem 1-Business MastersRevenue  
9148Sem 1-International UndergradRevenue  
9119Sem 1-Late PaymentRevenue  
9117Sem 1-NonResident-GraduateRevenue  
9115Sem 1-NonResident-UndergradRevenue  
9184Sem 1-NonRes-Law SchoolRevenue  
9113Sem 1-Resident-GraduateRevenue   
9116Sem 1-Resident-Law SchoolRevenue  
9111Sem 1-Resident-UndergradRevenue  
9112Sem 1-Special Course FeesRevenue  
9294Sem 2 - Seg FeesRevenue  
9120Sem 2 ClearingRevenue  
9128Sem 2 Clearing RefundsRevenue  
9124Sem 2-Business MastersRevenue  
9149Sem 2-International UndergradRevenue  
9129Sem 2-Late PaymentRevenue  
9127Sem 2-NonResident-GraduateRevenue  
9125Sem 2-NonResident-UndergradRevenue   
9185Sem 2-NonRes-Law SchoolRevenue  
9123Sem 2-Resident-GraduateRevenue  
9126Sem 2-Resident-Law SchoolRevenue  
9121Sem 2-Resident-UndergradRevenue  
9122Sem 2-Special Course FeesRevenue  
2680Serv-Houskeeping & JanitorialExpense  
2626Services - Athletic OfficialsExpense  
2621Services - ConsultantsExpense  
9302Services - Fleet CarsRevenue   
2650Services - InternalExpense  
2623Services - MiscellaneousExpense  
2620Services - ProfessionalExpense  
9310Services Athletic AdminRevenue  
9305Services-Local Units of GovtRevenue  
9301Services-Other State AgenciesRevenue  
2624Services-Police & SecurityExpense  
2541Sewage ServiceExpense  
9910Shared Grant Revenue-TransferRevenue 
9171Short Course Late PaymentRevenue 
7321Soc Sec Payable-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
7221Soc Sec Payable-StateBalance SheetDo not use.
3151Software Maintenance PaymentsExpense 
4630Software Purchase CapitalizedExpense 
4635Software-Capital LeaseExpense 
9151Special Course FeesRevenue 
9240State AppropriationsRevenue 
9245State Grants and ContractsRevenue 
9346State Owned Housing Fee-EmplRevenue 
9347State Owned Housing Fee-NonEmpRevenue 
7027State Park and VanBalance SheetDo not use.
9224State Sales Tax CollectionsRevenue 
9225State Sales Tax Trf to DORRevenue 
7351State Withholding PayableBalance SheetDo not use.
1771Student - HourlyExpense   
1772Student - Lump SumExpense  
1973Student - MedicareExpense  
1773Student - OvertimeExpense  
1969Student - Social SecurityExpense  
9282Student Activity FeesRevenue  
5711Student Aid-Excluding LoansExpense  
9280Student Health FeesRevenue  
5750Student LoansExpense  
6290Student Loans Principal ARBalance Sheet  
9281Student Services FeesRevenue   
9286Student Union Fees PriorRevenue  
1984Student-Fringe-Gift/Fed TrfExpense  
1774Student-Purchased Services IIAExpense  
9323Study Abroad FeesRevenue  
3840Subcontracts < $25,000Expense  
3845Subcontracts >$25,000Expense  
9297Summer - Seg FeesRevenue  
9108Summer Clearing RefundsRevenue  
9285Summer Student Union FeesRevenue   
9104Summer-Business MastersRevenue  
9109Summer-Late PaymentRevenue  
9183Summer-NonRes-Law SchoolRevenue  
9106Summer-Resident-Law SchoolRevenue  
9102Summer-Special Course FeesRevenue  
9100Summer-Tuition & Fee ClearingRevenue   
3104Supplies-Classroom, Med, RecExpense  
3102Supplies-Drafting & PhotographExpense  
3110Supplies-Drugs & MedicalExpense  
3103Supplies-Experimental AnimalsExpense  
3106Supplies-Ground, Agric, AnimalExpense  
5710Support-NonEmploy&NonUW StudntExpense 
9940Surplus Property RevenueRevenue 
7013TSA/Deferred Comp-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
7053TSA Fees-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
9405Tax Exempt SalesRevenue 
2863Taxable Meals - In StateExpense 
2864Taxable Meals - Out of StateExpense 
7322Teachers Retirement Pay-EmployBalance SheetDo not use.
7222Teachers Retirement Pay-StateBalance SheetDo not use.
1224Teaching Assistant - HourlyExpense   
1222Teaching Assistant-AcademicExpense  
1225Teaching Assistant-Lump SumExpense  
1223Teaching Assistant-SummerExpense  
2201Telecomm Services-CentrexExpense  
2200Telecomm-Blanket EncumbranceExpense  
2230Telephone Service-Install, etcExpense  
2210Telephone Service-NonSTS TollsExpense  
2240Telephone Service-STSExpense  
2250Telephone-STS Access, etcExpense  
2883Temp Relo Lodging - In StateExpense 
9415Textbook SalesRevenue   
9411Textbook/Software Rent GradRevenue  
9423Textbook/Software Rent Grad PYRevenue  
9420Textbook/Software Rent Grad Semester 1Revenue  
9421Textbook/Software Rent Grad Semester 2Revenue  
9422Textbook/Software Rent Grad SummerRevenue  
9410Textbook/Software Rent UGRevenue  
9419Textbook/Software Rent UG PYRevenue  
9416Textbook/Software Rent UG Semester 1Revenue  
9417Textbook/Software Rent UG Semester 2Revenue  
9418Textbook/Software Rent UG SummerRevenue  
2180Training & Develop-Career-UGExpense  
2184Training & Development-Job RelExpense  
2181Training & Devlop Career GradExpense  
9941Transfer between FundsRevenue  
9975Transfer for Budgeted AccountRevenue  
9962Transfer from Gift FundsRevenue  
9964Transfer from IncomeRevenue   
9966Transfer from PrincipalRevenue  
5805Transfer Out-DOA Bldg Trust FdExpense  
9931Transfer Prog Rev Lapses-Fd100Revenue  
9961Transfer to Gift FundsRevenue  
9963Transfer to IncomeRevenue  
9965Transfer to PrincipalRevenue  
9967Transfer to Student LoansRevenue 
3930Transfer-Ovrhead Allow-133&144Expense 
3920Transfers - Admin Costs DisbExpense 
3915Transfers - OtherExpense 
3910Transfers - Shared GrantsExpense 
3940Transfers - Supplies IIA'sExpense 
9968Transfers-Same Fund/Diff UnitsRevenue 
3960Transfers-Term Leave - AllocatedExpense 
2802Transportation - ForeignExpense 
2800Transportation - In StateExpense 
2801Transportation - Out of StateExpense 
2126Travel-Employee - Foreign BusinessExpense  
2127Travel-Employee - Foreign ConferenceExpense  
2100Travel-Employee - In State BusinessExpense  
2115Travel-Employee - In State ConferenceExpense  
2161Travel-Job ApplicantExpense  
2120Travel-Employee - Out of State BusinessExpense  
2130Travel-Employee - Out of State ConferenceExpense  
2101Travel-Employee - Reportable MealsExpense  
2145Travel-Fleet Charges-AircraftExpense  
2145Travel-Fleet Charges-AircraftExpense  
2140Travel-Fleet Charges-VehiclesExpense  
2162Travel-Non Employee, Student, Job ApplicantExpense  
2105Travel-Recruiting (Employee In State Business)Expense  
2125Travel-Recruiting (Employee Out of State Business)Expense  
2163Travel-Recruiting (Non Employee)Expense  
2164Travel-Team TravelExpense  
5730Trfs-Fed Audit Disallow-FAExpense  
9942Trfs-Same Funds/Same UnitRevenue  
4660Trucks & Other VehiclesExpense  
6660Trucks & Other VehiclesBalance Sheet  
4665Trucks & Other-Capital LeaseExpense  
6665Trucks&Other-Capital LeaseBalance Sheet  
5713Tuition & Fees(Program 9 Only)Expense  
9186Tuition Account ReceivableRevenueDo not use.
9187Tuition Accts Rec 3rd ParyRevenueDo not use.
3891Tuition/Fee AllocationExpense   
9157UG Improvement NonRes S1Revenue  
9158UG Improvement NonRes S2Revenue  
9156UG Improvement NonRes SSRevenue  
7905Unamortize Gain Refunding DebtBalance Sheet Do not use.
6905Unamortize Loss Refunding DebtBalance Sheet  
1332UnderGrad Asst/AOP-AcademicExpense  
1331UnderGrad Asst/AOP-AnnualExpense  
1334UnderGrad Asst/AOP-HourlyExpense  
1335UnderGrad Asst/AOP-LUMP SumExpense   
1336UnderGrad Asst/AOP-OvertimeExpense  
1333UnderGrad Asst/AOP-SummerExpense  
1322UnderGrad Intern-AcademicExpense  
1321UnderGrad Intern--AnnualExpense  
1324UnderGrad Intern-HourlyExpense  
1325UnderGrad Intern-Lump SumExpense  
1326UnderGrad Intern-OvertimeExpense  
1323UnderGrad Intern-SummerExpense  
7012Union Dues-Non WSEU EmployeeBalance Sheet  
7022Union Dues-WSEU EmployeeBalance Sheet  
7017University Ins Assoc Life-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
1945University Staff Health Ins Opt OutExpense 
1545University Staff-Term Lv - Lump SumExpense 
9204Unredeemed Bad ChecksRevenue  
9342User Fees MiscellaneousRevenue  
9508UW Medical FoundationRevenue  
7055UW Parking-EmployeeBalance Sheet Do not use.
7050UW Parking-Non UWMSN EmployeeBalance Sheet Do not use.
1077UWEX Ad Hoc-Pur Serv IIAExpense  
1993UWEX-Ad Hoc FringesExpense   
9508UWF-Medical FoundationRevenue   
9507UWF-Research and DevelopmentRevenue   
7058UWMIL Deferred TuitionBalance sheet Do not use.
9805Unrealized Gain/Loss-INTRMRevenue   
9815Unrealized Gain/Loss-Long TermRevenue   
9464Various Sales #1Revenue  
9473Various Sales #10Revenue  
9474Various Sales #11Revenue  
9475Various Sales #12Revenue  
9476Various Sales #13Revenue  
9477Various Sales #14Revenue  
9478Various Sales #15Revenue  
9479Various Sales #16Revenue  
9480Various Sales #17Revenue  
9481Various Sales #18Revenue   
9482Various Sales #19Revenue  
9465Various Sales #2Revenue  
9483Various Sales #20Revenue  
9466Various Sales #3Revenue  
9467Various Sales #4Revenue  
9468Various Sales #5Revenue  
9469Various Sales #6Revenue  
9470Various Sales #7Revenue  
9471Various Sales #8Revenue  
9472Various Sales #9Revenue 
9365Vending Machine CommissionsRevenue 
7016Vision Service Plan-EmployeeBalance SheetDo not use.
7105Vouchers Payable Between YearsBalance SheetDo not use.
2540Water & Sewage ServiceExpense 
1781Work Study - HourlyExpense 
1782Work Study - Lump SumExpense 
1783Work Study - OvertimeExpense 
1784Workstudy-NonProfit Agency PmtExpense 
9312Write-off A/R BalancesRevenue