Tax Compliance and Reporting


Tax Compliance and Financial Reporting, within the Division of Business Services, contributes to the University's overall success by advancing compliance with the Federal and State tax laws throughout the University community.

The University of Wisconsin System will report taxable payments to the IRS, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and the individual receiving the payment and withhold federal or state income taxes from payments as required by Federal and State laws. The University of Wisconsin will require social security numbers or Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) for non-resident aliens as required by Federal law.

In general, payments to an individual may be considered taxable income, subject to federal and/or state tax. The purpose of this policy is to discuss which types of non-salary income are taxable and which tax forms are used to report that income to the federal and state government and the individual.

Appendix 2 of Procedure 602 has more important tax information on compliance, reporting and withholding on non-salary payments.

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