Account Codes for Travel

  • In-state: All trip related costs where the trip destination is within the traveler’s headquarter state
  • Out-of-state: All trip related costs where the trip destination is outside the traveler’s headquarter state, but within their headquarter country
  • Foreign: All trip related costs where the trip destination is outside the traveler’s headquarter country

Note:  Traveler can be an employee, non-employee, or relocating employee.

SFS Account Code Description Details
In-state Out-of-state Foreign
2140 2140 2140 Fleet Charge - Vehicles


2145 2145 2145 Fleet Charges - Aircraft


2164 2164 2164 Team Travel  
2800 2801 2802 Long distance transportation Long distance transportation such as airfare, inter-city bus and train travel. Also includes airfare change/cancellation fees, baggage fees and agency fees.
2810 2811 2812 Car Rentals & Gasoline

Payment of car rentals from the State contracted vendors.

Purchase of gasoline for a) a personal vehicle in lieu of claiming mileage; b) refueling a rental car; or c) fleet vehicles when State/UW gas card is not accepted.

2820 2821 2822 Local Transportation Local transportation charges incurred via airport/hotel shuttle, taxi, local rail, ferry, subway, or city bus.
2830 2831 2832 Mileage Reimbursement for miles driven for UW-related business when the traveler takes his/her privately owned vehicle.
2840 2841 2842 Registration Fee Fee charged to attend an event such as a conference, workshop, seminar, training session or meeting.
2850 2851 2852 Lodging Expenses incurred by  traveler(s) for lodging (includes extended lodging).
2860 2861 2862 Meals Meals associated with UW business.
2863 2864 N/A Taxable Meals Meal costs in connection with same day travel (no overnight lodging involved) are generally considered taxable income to the employee. The meal reimbursement might be considered nontaxable when the meal has a documented business purpose.  Documentation of business purpose must include details of the UW business topics discussed and/or business conducted during the meal AND a list of attendee names.
2870 2871 2872 Other Miscellaneous Travel-Related Expenses Other miscellaneous travel-related expenses including business communications (e.g., phone calls, teleconferencing charges, photocopy charges under $50, prepaid phone cards, internet or e-mail connectivity, facsimile transmissions, telegrams, postage/non-relocation shipping charges) and any other incidental travel-related expenses not identified by any other category (e.g., bottled water during foreign travel, passport/visa/travelers check/currency exchange fees, tips/gratuities not associated with meals or events, airport luggage carts, laundry, toll charges, porterage, travel by ship, etc.).
2880 2881 N/A Relocation - Direct Moving Costs Direct costs associated with the moving of household goods including: linehaul, insurance surcharge, seasonal rate adjustment, long carry, stairs, elevator, piano or organ, extra labor, ferry, appliance service, packing, purchase of containers and packing material and unpacking.
2883 2883 2883 Relocation - Temporary Lodging Temporary lodging reimbursement associated with relocation may not exceed 45 days and shall not exceed the in-state lodging maximum for a single rate. The 45 days need not be consecutive. Meals are not reimbursable. Temporary lodging is a non-qualified (taxable) reimbursement.
2884 2884 2884 Relocation - Stipend Incidental costs of relocating paid as a stipend as a fixed amount up to $1,000.  This is paid in connection with the move; no receipts are necessary.  The intention of the stipend is to help defray costs not paid for as Direct Costs.  Examples not paid by direct costs are: valuation (additional insurance), extra pickup of household goods, storage for the convenience of the employee, warehouse handling, extra auto (hauling or towing), enroute travel costs (meals, lodging, tolls, etc.), overtime loading, loading or unloading of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, specialty vehicles, weight additives for transporting any bulky articles, and other costs associated with the move.