Account Codes For Permanent Additions to Libraries

SFS Description
4800 Books (Print Monographs)
4820 Periodicals & Serials (Printed Materials)
4840 Electronic Monographs
4860 Electronic Periodicals & Serials
4900 Microforms
4910 Audio/Visual Media

Other Library Materials

Purchases not categorized in Accounts 4800-4920.

4950 Freight-In for Library

Binding of Library Materials

Use of this code is optional for non-Madison business units.  Continue to use Account 4930 if this type of expense does not need to be tracked separately.

Definition: Expense for the binding of library materials.


Access Fees - Electronic Resources

Fees charged by vendors of electronic resources to allow us continued access to an electronic resource. They could be for electronic books, journals, databases or serials.