Expense Reimbursement Division Coordinator Contact List

For changes, contact Graig Brooks.

Div ID Div/Dept Name
Department ID
01 General Education
Office of the Chancellor (Div 01)
Office of the Provost (Div 01)


02 General Services
Office of the Provost (Div 02)  
Office of Human Resources (Div 02)
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (Div 02)
Office of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement
(Div 02)
Research and Sponsored Programs (Div 02)
  • TBD
Office of University Relations (Div 02)
03 Business Services  
04 Division of Student Life  
05 Enrollment Management


06 Information Technology


07 College of Agricultural & Life Sciences


10 Division of International Studies  
12 School of Business


17 School of Education


18 Arts Institute  
19 College of Engineering

27 School of Human Ecology


34 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education


37 Institute for Cross-College Biology Ed


40 Gaylord Nelson Inst Environmental Study


42 Intercollegiate Athletics

45 Law School  
48 College of Letters and Science


49 General Library  
52 Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene  
53 School of Medicine and Public Health


54 School of Nursing


55 Psychiatric Institute


56 School of Pharmacy


57 University Health Services  
63 Officer Education  
71 Facilities Planning and Management  
77 University Police Department  
80 Recreational Sports


85 University Housing  
87 School of Veterinary Medicine


88 Wis Veterinary Diagnositic


93 Division of Continuing Studies


96 Wisconsin Union