Affirmative Action Plan Requirements

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When a vendor with the University of Wisconsin System receives a purchase order over $50,000.00, an affirmative action plan is required to be on file with the requesting agency.

This page is designed to help vendors with questions on preparation and submission of their plan.

An affirmative action guide for vendors will be e-mailed to you within a few days after a purchase order has been issued. This guide contains the key elements necessary for a plan to be acceptable by State of Wisconsin standards and is also available for download as a Word document.

It is understandable that many companies are unfamiliar with the State of Wisconsin's affirmative action requirements, therefore we have developed some answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about submitting and preparing an Affirmative Action Plan

  1. What do I need to submit?

    For a plan to be acceptable, it must contain five key sections and must have been prepared or revised within the last year prior to the contract award date. The five sections are:

    A sixth form is also requested by the Wisconsin Department of Administration. The “Notice to Vendor Filing Information” form is needed before you, as a vendor, can be included in the Wisconsin Office of Contract Compliance (WOCC) Vendor Directory which is posted on the web.

    All of these items are explained in detail in the affirmative action guide for vendors.
  2. I have less than 50 employees, am I exempt from filing a plan?


  3. I have less than 50 employees and am exempt, what am I required to return to you?

    If you are exempt from filing an affirmative action plan, there are still 3 forms that must be returned to the requesting agency. They are:

  4. I feel we have a balanced work force. Can I claim an exemption on these grounds?

    Yes. On the Request for Exemption form you will find a section that outlines what kind of proof is required to claim this form of exemption.

  5. We are a small company but have more than 50 employees and do not currently have a plan in force. Can we get some help with completing one?

    Yes. The WOCC (WI Office of Contract Compliance) has instructions for contractors online. Additionally the Affirmative Action Officer for the University of Wisconsin-Madison is available to answer questions. A sample of an acceptable plan is also available for download as a Word document.
  6. I can’t get the plan to you within the 15 day timeline, can I get an extension?

    Yes. The most important issue here is keeping in touch with progress reports. If the Affirmative Action Officer knows you are diligent in your efforts to comply, there should be no problem with extending the timeline.

  7. We have been audited by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC) within the last year, do I still need to file a complete plan with you?

    No. If you submit a copy of the OFCC’s acceptance/compliance letter along with a copy of your policy statement and the Vendor Subcontractor List, that is sufficient to meet requirements.

  8. What happens if we refuse to submit a plan?

    Failure or refusal to comply with Wisconsin Affirmative Action requirements will result in your company being declared ineligible to do business with any State of Wisconsin agencies, including all of the University of Wisconsin campuses statewide. Your company’s name will appear as an ineligible vendor in the WOCC Ineligible Vendor Directory.
  9. Are your instructions for vendors available on the web? Can they be emailed to me?

    Yes, the affirmative action guide for vendors is available for download as a Word document. You may also submit your plan via email, but keep in mind the policy statement must be signed by an officer of your company (faxing of the statement is an option).

Please direct questions to UW-Madison's Affirmative Action Officer.