Encumbrance Management

Getting Started

To make any types of changes to your PO and encumbrance (including closing POs and changing dollar amounts or funding), you will need to complete the new Microsoft Word based form. Completed forms should be submitted to the Dean's office for approval via email and then routed via email from the Dean's office to Purchasing.

Note: The form will not be able to affect previous transactions, e.g. if a payment was already completed, a non-salary cost transfer must still be completed to transfer funds; however, the form could be used to ensure that future payments are applied correctly.

How Does This Affect Campus?

  • To make changes to your POs and encumbrances (including closing non-subaward POs and changing dollar amounts or funding), users will need to complete an Encumbrance and PO Management form.
  • Subaward POs will be automatically closed after the end of the month that the final invoice is processed. If no final invoice is identified, and the subaward ends, the PO finalization process will not auto close the subaward PO. In those exceptional cases, users will need to contact the RSP Post-award accountant to close the PO.
  • Use the Remaining Encumbrance Status Tool in the Purchasing System Inquiry to gather information about your PO's encumbrance balance, status (open or closed), and expenses from WISDM to assist in completing the form.
  • Completed Encumbrance and PO Management forms should be routed to your Dean or Director's office as an Word email attachment for approval.
  • The Dean's office will forward the completed form to indicated email to complete your changes to the extent possible.
  • Only completed forms received from the Dean's office will be able to be accepted.
  • Once completed, changes will appear in WISDM the following day.
  • A record indicating that the change was completed may also be logged in the Requisition Inquiry available through http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/purch/purchinq.html in the same manner that requisitions can be tracked.