Purchasing Information Inquiry

The Purchasing Information Inquiry allows users to search the purchasing system database for purchase order, requisition, vendor, and commodity code information, including requisition tracking information and Department PDF copies of POs. Logging into the Purchasing Information Inquiry is done through the UW System Authentication Hub to allow all UW System campuses access to the tool. Choose your campus from the list and login with the listed type of username and password. For UW-Madison, this will be your NetID (also used for My UW).

  • For documentation that explains several new and helpful PO Info user tools, review the how-to "Purchasing Information Inquiry (PO Info) *New* Features" (PDF).
  • To lookup POs and requisitions for your department, use the "Search Purchase Orders/Requisitions" link and enter your Department ID and/or Project to find orders of interest.
  • To find individual POs and associated information (including payments and Department pdf copies of POs), use the "Specific Purchase Order Lookup" link and enter the PO number.
  • To find/print Department PDF copies of POs, use the "Search Purchase Orders/Requisitions" or "Specific Purchase Order Lookup" link. Click the check box that appears to the left of your POs in the search results grid and choose the “Click here for a PDF file of all selected POs” link to obtain a PDF version of the Department copy of your PO to print or save. 
  • To track requisitions, choose the "Specific Requisition Status Lookup" link and enter the requisition number. The log will show when your requisition was last updated in the requisition generator, when the paper copy was received in Purchasing, where/if the paper copy was further routed for approvals, and once processed will show the detail information from the requisition.
  • To find the PO's encumbrance balance, status (open or closed), and expenses from WISDM, use the "Remaining Encumbrance Status Tool" link and enter the PO number.

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