Official Sealed Bid/Contract

Contact a Purchasing Agent to begin the process. Your department needs to provide the following information along with the requisition for purchases of goods or services at $50,000 or over.

  • Bid specifications (generic description of what it is you want to buy)
  • Special conditions of bid (e.g., delivery time, bidder qualifications, warranty requirements)
  • A list of potential bidders (if available)
  • Literature (pamphlets, etc), if available
  • Suggested method of award (e.g., life-cycle costing - considering costs over the lifetime of the contract)

Official Sealed Bids and Contracts are advertised on the State of Wisconsin Procurement Contracts site - Purchasing Services emails the request for bids to potential bidders who then submit sealed bid responses to our office. Purchasing Services opens the bids at a specified date and time and will notify your department business manager of the bid results. After reviewing the bid results, the award is made to the bidder(s) meeting all the specifications with the lowest price. Changes in a bid specification or bidder's response which may infringe on the rights of other bidders or the University cannot be made after bid opening. Intended awards, for services only, may be protested by unsuccessful bidders.