Agent Forms and Letters - Contract Management, Agreement, and PO Related

Click on a form name to obtain the document in MS Word format. Please contact Purchasing Services with any questions pertaining to the appropriate use of the following documents. This page contains forms and letters to be used by Purchasing Agents for Contract Management, Misc. Agreements, and PO Related issues. For Bid Related forms, see Agent Forms and Letters For Bid Related Use.

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Contract Management Documents

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1. Assignment Letter This is a letter used when one company is assigned to another. (i.e. a company we have under contract is acquired by another company) as an acknowledgement of acceptance of obligations and terms accepted by the previous company.  
2. Contract Information Request (CIR) A CIR is used to solicit end user feedback before a contract or waiver is due to be renewed, rebid, or resubmitted, to ensure that campus needs are being met. IPP 56
IPP 58
3. Extension Letter This letter may be used by an agent as a written verification of the extension of a contract termination date. IPP 58
4. Department Agreement to Contract Terms Letter to be signed by the department when there are terms that need to be agreed to by the department. IPP 15
5. Non-renewal of contract notice A notice to the vendor(s) that there will be no renewal made on the contract. IPP 21
IPP 58
6. Vendor / Contractor Performance Complaint (DOA Form) If the complaint relates to a DOA or System contract, the agent shall complete this form and transmit it for resolution. IPP 33
7. Graphic Artist Contract Contract to be used when work is planned using a graphic artist  
8. Contract Reassignment Letter Letter to be used when there is a vendor buyout.  
9. Termination Letter Letter to be used when terminating a bid/contract.  
10. Pre-Breach Letter

A letter to be sent to the vendor as an attempt to resolve complaints or problems stating the expected results and a resolution date.

IPP 58


Misc. Agreements

  Form Description Related Pages
1. Academic Support Services Agreement (ASSA) A document used to state the arrangements, scope, statement of work, deliverables, payment agreement, length of agreement for a service provided for the University.

IPP 31
PPP 33

2. Academic Support Services Agreement Amendment Used when an change is needed for an existing ASSA, usually changes for dollar amount of time frame.  
3. CIC Cover Agreement Form to be used when a contractor agrees to provide a service or product to the University in accordance with a CIC Master Contract.  
4. Delegated Agent Agreement

An agreement between a specific campus department / individual and Purchasing Services specifying the level of delegation and responsibilities of the delegated agent.

PPP 34
5. Services Agreement University of Wisconsin-Madison document used to state the arrangements, scope, statement of work, deliverables, payment agreement, length of agreement for a service provided for the University. IPP 31
6. Illegal Purchase Memo for Services Letter used when a department starts work on a project with a contractor and/or obtains services without obtaining prior approval, and before an agreement was created. PPP6


Purchase Order (PO) Related Forms

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1. Conflict of Interest Memo When Purchasing receives a requisition to be processed for a vendor owned by a UW employee we must determine if the situation presents a conflict of interest. The agent will prepare this letter to be sent to the supervisor of the employee to have their approval that this does not represent a conflict of interest. IPP 55
2. Cancellation of Requisition Letter If a satisfactory justification is not received for an illegal purchase within the appropriate time frame, this letter is sent to cancel the requisition. IPP 39
3. Illegal Purchase Justification To be sent to obtain the required justification from a department for an illegal purchase. IPP 39
4. Master Lease Request for Approval The agent sends this form to DOA to request use of the Master Lease program. IPP 4
5. Property Control Capital Equipment Form Online form to notify Property Control of capital equipment purchases.  
6. Special Procedures for Purchase Orders A form for an agent to request special handling procedures for a purchase order.  
Special Procedures for Purchase Orders Same form as above but in pdf format.