Can I Buy It Myself or Do I Need Purchasing Services Involvement?

Can I Buy it myself? flowchart (refer to textual explanation below for more information) Special Approvals - PPP4 You Need Purchasing Involvement External Requisition Blanket Order MDS Home Page SWAP Home Page Non Salary Cash Transfers PIR Direct Invoice Payment Air Charter approval Alcohol approval How To Get a Document Signed Building Modification approval Cell phone approval Controlled Substance approval Fireworks approval Furniture approval Insurance Coverage approval Motor Vehicles approval Printing approval Radioactive Materials approval Stable Isotopes approval Temporary Help approval How To Process Non-Requisition Payments How To Process Non-Requisition Payments Link to Shop@UW

  1. Check PPP4 to see if the goods or service you are interested in purchasing require special approval or handling. Follow the individual instructions in PPP4 if the item is listed. If not, continue on to step 2.
  2. If the total transaction is over $5000, you need purchasing involvement. (This means that if all the items/services that you require in this transaction will be over $5000, Purchasing Services needs to be involved, including if all the items on your requisition add up to $5000 or more even though no single item is over $5000). If not, continue on to step 3.
  3. If the item does not require special approvals and is under $5000, you can purchase it yourself by choosing any of the following methods which best apply to your situation:

Your division or department may have alternate or additional rules and these instructions are not meant to supercede any that are put forth by your area of campus. Please feel free to contact Purchasing Services with any questions you may have regardless of the dollar amount of the goods or services you wish to procure.