Direct Payment Form Instructions
(Updated 06-18-2010)

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When to Use the Direct Payment (DP) Form

Use the Direct Payment (DP) form to make payments when an invoice is provided by the following:

  • Individual non-employee (vendor) (*see criteria about services below)
  • Company (including LLCs)
  • Institution (Do not use the DP form to pay UW-Madison departments.)
  • Organization

The following criteria must also be followed:

Completing the Direct Payment Form

Vendor#: Each vendor will be added to our SFS Accounting System Vendor File and be assigned a vendor number. For Accounting Services use only, leave blank.
Voucher#: Each payment made in the SFS Accounting System will be assigned a voucher number. For Accounting Services use only, leave blank.
Check Payable To: The full vendor name.
Taxpayer ID#: Social Security Number (SSN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
Type of Payment: Select Vendor.
Send Check To: Complete mailing address or any special handling instructions (i.e., call for pickup, campus mail)
Invoice Number: If there is a vendor invoice number complete as invoice number. If order form or other payment document use date of expense—complete as MMDDYY.
Payment Handling Code: Determines how the check will be routed. For Accounting Services use only, leave blank.
Funding: Amount, Account, Fund, Dept, Prog, Class (Building #), Budget Year, Project
Contact Person:

Add additional contact information from the Dean’s Office to be contacted instead of the individual listed on the DP/PIR form. Add the contact's name and phone number directly under the departmental contact person. (Hint: Use "Alt + Enter" when adding the additional information in the field. Using only the "Enter" key will result in moving to the next cell or field in the form.)

Accounts Payable will only contact the person indicated from the Dean's Office as responsible for supplying additional information; not both. If Accounts Payable receives a form without an additional Dean's Office contact name, the contact person indicated on the form will be the only one contacted.

Receipt Requirements See Policy 201.L - Receipt Requirements
Additional Information/Justification: Describe the expense being paid/reimbursed. If vendor billed airfare or registration, include the following details: name of person the expense was for, destination, business purpose, and dates.
Approving Signatures/Dates: Supervisor, Dean/Director Business Office, and institutional Pre-Audit.
Submitting the form:

Print and submit one copy of the form.

  • If the vendor needs a copy of the payment request to apply the payment, stamp or write “Attachment” on the copy and Accounting Services will provide a copy to go with the payment.

Photocopy original receipts that are not 8 ½ by 11 and attach the photocopy to the DP instead of the original.

  • The Department keeps the original receipt as a back up for 90 days and then destroys it.

Upon receipt of a properly submitted invoice, order form, payment document, or paid receipt, Accounting Services will process payment according to Wisconsin Prompt Payment Statutes.

Please send one completed form to Accounting Services, Suite 5301, 21 N. Park Street.

Forms Help

Red triangles in various fields of the form contain comments designed to help you complete the form. Also, some form text is hyper linked to web information that will assist you in completing the form.

Printing the Form

There are many versions of Excel on campus. The form has been developed to print on one page. If you are having problems printing, on the Excel tool bar, select File, then Page Set Up. This will open a dialog box for you to select "Fit to 1 page". If this solution does not work, please contact your IT support person for further assistance.

Contact Information

Questions regarding this form should be directed to Roger Lokken.