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Supported Browsers for Shop@UW

The Shop@UW customer service team has been noticing an increase in the amount of callers who have questions or report issues with accessing Shop@UW and some punch-out suppliers. Please review the information below about supported browsers for Shop@UW; although, not all punch-out suppliers will work will all browsers. When a user notices that there are issues with accessing a punch-out supplier when there have not been issues before, please contact the Shop@UW customer service team so the problem can be investigated.

  • Windows
    • Internet Explorer (IE) Only Version 11
    • Edge — Windows 10
    • Chrome — latest version — automatically updated by Google
    • Firefox — latest version — automatically updated by Mozilla
    • Opera 10 and higher
  • Macintosh
    • Safari 4.0 and higher
      • Although Safari is supported for Shop@UW, not all Supplier punch-out sites support this browser.
    • Firefox — latest version — automatically updated by Mozilla
  • iPad
    • Safari — embedded browser within the iPad
    • iPad is supported for Shop@UW, however not all Supplier punch-out sites will support use of this device.


Effective Immediately: Staples Process Change for Ordering Office Supplies

Staples Process Change for Ordering Office Supplies


  1. PDF is available that outlines the changes for ordering office supplies.
  2. The Staples supplier sticker is now located in the punch-out showcase because of the change from a hosted catalog to a punch-out catalog.

  3. When searching for office supplies from Staples, do not use the Shop & Compare search field at the top of Shop@UW. Go to the Staples punch-out to search for office supplies.

    Do not use Shop & Compare; go to Staples punch-out search instead

  4. Click on the Staples supplier sticker in the “Shop at a Punch-out Supplier Catalog” area where the shopper is redirected to the Staples punch-out website.

    Staples punch-out icon

  5. Use the search function on the Staples punch-out website to find office supplies.

    Staples punch-out search box