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The 2018 Shop@UW Payroll Calendar is Now Available.   Download it HERE.

Are You Prepared for Fiscal Year-End 2018?

As we approach Fiscal Year End 2018 you will need to be aware of important deadlines for year-end processing.

June 15, 2018

  • All purchases made through Shop@UW and the MDS Verona warehouse must be placed by end of business day on June 15, 2018, to ensure that the charges are applies to FY18 funding.
  • Please keep in mind that even if orders are placed by June 15, any potential back-orders may be delayed and could be billed in FY19.
  • Orders placed after June 15, 2018, may or may not be billed to FY18 depending on product receipt date and potential back-order status.

June 16-June 25, 2018

  • The billing period for orders placed between these dates is dependent on when the Shop@UW vendor sends the invoice to MDS. We will do our best to apply them in FY18.

June 25, 2018

  • All orders must be physically received by the customer and invoiced by the Shop@UW vendors by the end of the business day on June 25, 2018, in order to be applied to funding in FY18.

June 26-30, 2018

  • Orders invoiced between these dates will be applied to FY19 funding.

June 28, 2018

  • Cut-off for Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) will be at 10:00 AM - please note this is different from the standard NOON deadline.
  • Shop@UW accounting will transmit all the campus billing files to SFS after 10:00 AM on June 28, 2018, and they will be applied to FY18. You will be able to view these transactions in WISDM on June 29, 2018.

If you have any questions related to these dates please contact Shop@UW accounting at or (608) 497-4400.

Changes made to MDS Portion of the Pre-Allocation Tool (PAT)

Image of login button to PATMDS made changes in March 2017 to the MDS portion of the Pre–Allocation Tool (PAT). Users must be authorized before they are given access to use the tool. If you require access please contact Shop@UW Customer service directly at (608) 497-4400 or Please be sure to include your name, NetID, and MD# to ensure efficient processing of your request.