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Tips IconClick on the icons within the Shop@UW application to display tutoritals, information, and tips about system functions and procedures.


Tips included on the Shopping Homepage:

     •  Links to all tutorial topics

     •  Information about the difference between Hosted and Punch-out catalogs


difference between a "hosted" and "punch-out" supplier catalog

Shop at a Hosted Supplier Catalog

Hosted suppliers enter a finite list of catalog item numbers and item descriptions into the Shop@UW system and, allows the shopper to search for those items in the Shop & Compare search field.

     •  Shoppers enter supplier part numbers, manufacturer part numbers, and descriptive key words into the Shop & Compare search field.

Hosted Shop & Compare

     •  The search results window displays items from the hosted supplier catalogs.

     •  Shoppers may add an item to the shopping cart by simply clicking on the "Add to Cart" button from the search results window.


Shop at a Punch-out Supplier Site

When shoppers click on a punch-out supplier’s sticker or logo, Shop@UW enables a connection to the vendor’s specific site created for Shop@UW.

     •  Shoppers may search for items within the suppliers punch-out environment.

     •  Items found within the Shop@UW punch-out are contracted items and at contract pricing.

     •  Shoppers may add "quote-to-order" items to a cart provided the punch-out supplier offers the function.

     •  Shoppers return the punch-out shopping cart items to Shop@UW to continue shopping or conveniently submit their order safely within Shop@UW ordering system.


Additional information about hosted supplier catalogs and punch-out suppliers at


New Quick Links: Shopper Feedback and Account Setup Forms

Shopper Feedback Form: We Need Your Voice!

Attention Shoppers linksA new Shopper Feedback Form is now available and linked on the Shop@UW homepage. Our goal is to continuously improve your shopping experience by making the purchasing process more efficient, complying with contractual purchasing rules, and providing excellent customer service. Let your voice be heard!

New Quick Link for the Account Setup Form

The Shop@UW homepage now includes an Account Setup Form quick link for new users who need to setup an account and for current users who need to update their account information.