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  • Unisource Joins Shop@UW
  • PAT Enables Split Funding with MDS Purchases
  • Purchasing Suppliers from Cabinets or Freezers
  • Holiday Hours
  • Shop@UW Training Dates

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Unisource Joins Shop@UW

Unisource logoShop@UW is pleased to welcome our most recent vendor, Unisource, as a hosted catalog supplier effective November 11, 2014. Unisource will provide cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies.

Please review the Vendor Contact, Return, and Shipping Information web page for contact information if you have a question about products from Unisource.

Pre-Posting Allocation (PAT) Tool Enables Split Funding with MDS Purchases

Shop@UW customers have the ability to reallocate and split funding on purchases made through the e-commerce system before transactions are posted to your account. Customers have from the day an order is posted until the third business day at noon of the following month to reallocate/split funding as necessary.

Benefits of the PAT tool include:

   •  Reduce the need to do corrective non-salary cost transfers (NSCTs) for many transactions by reallocating and changing funding before posting transactions to SFS.

   •  Allow a transaction to easily be split to multiple funding sources just like using a procurement card.

   •  Help reduce the number of Shop@UW accounts that a department needs to manage.

   •  Help reduce the need to submit funding changes via the MD number change forms.

   •  Update the way Shop@UW transactions are posted to, and viewable in WISDM.

For more information about the PAT Tool, click the link provided here.

Purchasing Supplies from Cabinets or Freezers

It recently came to our attention that end users are using MD numbers to pay for supplies withdrawn from the cabinets or freezers. With the exception of the Fisher Scientific and Promega units, we are unable to pay invoices when MD numbers are used. Please do not use your MD number for future withdrawals from any cabinet other than those owned by Fisher Scientific or Promega. We are aware that the vendors may be telling you it is okay to use MD numbers; however, we have and informed them that this practice is unacceptable.

Replenishments can only be ordered with a current valid blanket purchase order; or if you have a secure process, a procurement card may be used. If you need to set up a blanket PO, please state on the requisition that the blanket is for the replenishment of supplies withdrawn from the supply cabinet/freezer located at (name of location).

Not all Shop@UW vendors have the technology required to integrate their supply cabinets and freezers with Shop@UW. We continue to work with Shop@UW vendors and will let you know if and when MD numbers can be used.

Holiday Hours

The holiday season is right around the corner! Materials Distribution Services (MDS) for Shop@UW will be closed on the following days:

   •  Thursday, November 27, 2014. Open on Friday, November 28, 2014 with limited staff.

   •  Wednesday, December 24, 2014, and Thursday, December 25, 2014. Open on Friday, December 26, 2014.

   •  Wednesday, December 31, 2014, and Thursday, January 1, 2015. Open on Friday, January 2, 2015.

Shop@UW Training Available

To request an in-person group training session, please contact Bradley Thomas at 608-497-4404 or