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(contract last updated 01/30/2020)

SCOPE: This contract is designed to offer users Contractors for charter bus to be used on campus, in the City of Madison, and from the UW Madison campus to locations within and outside the State of Wisconsin. Contractors under this contract will maintain proper insurance coverages per requirements established by the UW Madison Risk Management section and offer their services at the rates identified. Contractors will give quotations for individual trips or charters upon request using the rates identified.


NOTE: Users of any transportation services involving UW Madison staff, student or person in a UW related activity (including delivery of packages) must ensure that the contractor being considered has insurance coverage sufficient to meet UW Madison Risk Management requirements before any service is received. For additional information, contact the Contract Administrator below.

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
UW-Madison users contact:
Marty Rostermundt
(608) 890-3428 FAX (608) 262-4467
  Non-UW-Madison users contact: Vendor Representative


CONTRACT TERM: September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2018, with automatic renewal extensions to August 31, 2020, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.












Badger Coaches Inc.
5501 Femrite Dr
Madison WI 53718
Sales Representative: PHONE # Direct #
Jane Steavens 800-442-8259 X1028 414-266-4440
  PHONE #  
Ordering/Expediting: 608-352-0866  
Invoice Information: 608-352-0866  
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 608-305-4866  
Commodity Code 962-17
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 39-0749816
Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices at net
Pricing Information:

Click here for pricing.

(JOINT AWARD – LOT  2 and 3)
Jones Travel
511 S Lincoln St
Elkhorn WI 53121
Sales Representative: PHONE # FAX #
Eileen Schuhle 262-723-4309 X108 262-723-6268
Ordering/Expediting: 262-723-4309 X108 262-723-6268
Invoice Information: 262-723-4309 X108 262-723-6268
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 262-723-4309 X108 262-723-6268
Commodity Code 962-17
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 39-1141676
Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices at net
Other: Pricing not available to: University of Wisconsin System campuses , State of Wisconsin Agencies, Wisconsin Municipalities or Other CIC member institutions.
Pricing Information: Click here for pricing.

(JOINT AWARD – LOT  1, 2 and 3)
Lamers Bus Lines Inc
217 Raemisch Rd
Waunakee, WI 53597
Sales Representative: PHONE # FAX #

Wanda Neumen


800-236-1240 X10122 920-496-3619

Jeremy Lind

School bus/shuttles

608-850-5253 X12211 608-850-5699
(school bus)
608-850-5253 X12215 608-850-5699
800-236-1240 X10122 920-496-3619
Invoice Information: 800-236-1240 X10162 920-496-3619
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 608-850-5253 X10916 608-850-5699
Commodity Code 962-17
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 39-1190033
Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices at net
Pricing Information: Click here for pricing.

(JOINT AWARD – LOT 1 and 2)
Riteway Leasing & Bus Co
4212 Robertson Rd
Madison WI 53714
Sales Representative: PHONE #  
Kathi Kaestner 414-570-5221 Cell: 262-794-1758
Ordering/Expediting: 414-570-5221 608-249-6454
Invoice Information: 414-570-5221 608-249-6454
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 414-570-5221 608-249-6454
Commodity Code 962-17
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 39-1050617
Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices at net
Other: Pricing not available to: University of Wisconsin System campuses , State of Wisconsin Agencies, Wisconsin Municipalities, Other CIC member institutions or Non-Profit Organizations specifically linked by their mission to the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Pricing Information: Click here for pricing.


Licensing Requirements:  All state and local government licensing requirements shall be met and maintained.


1.          Local (School) Bus Service (Lot 1)
These charters are usually of a four hour duration, but can range from two to twelve hours.  Most often, trips are in the Madison vicinity but may be scheduled for locations throughout the state of Wisconsin.

1.1       Contractor must be able to provide the following school bus sizes:  29 passenger (19 adults), 65-72 passenger (48 adults), 77-84 passenger (54 adults).
1.2       Handicap accessible buses and school buses with lap belts must be available at no extra charge.
1.3       Trips within a ten mile radius of pick-up will be billed at an hourly rate.
1.4       All tolls, parking, or other miscellaneous charges will be billed at actual cost.
1.5       Buses shall be heated and have a public address system available.
1.6       All equipment provided must be 2006 or newer.

Special Event Charter/Shuttle Service Requirements:

  • Dates:  All events will be identified and confirmed with the Contractor.
  • All buses must be available to begin transportation to the event two hours before start time and operate continuously until all passengers are transported.
  • Standing loads may be required for these events (minimum capacity – 60 passengers).  Buses must either have seats high enough backs to serve as a grab device, or they must have standee rails. 
  • A bus must operate as a charter during the event.  All buses must be available to begin return charter at any time during the event in case of inclement weather or event termination.
  • Buses will operate continuously after the event until all passengers are accommodated or until one hour after event.
  • Depending upon the vehicle types, the number of vehicles required will vary from one to ten.  The University will notify the Contractor of the number of vehicles required for the event.
  • The Contractor may be required to provide a non-driving supervisor to coordinate continuous travel and guarantee safe passenger flow. 


2.        Local and Multiple Day Coach Bus Service (Lots 2 and 3)


Buses shall be minimum 47 passenger (40’ length) , at least one of which shall be 55 passenger coach (47’ length) , over the road coaches with heating, air conditioning, public address system, VCR’s with monitors and rest rooms. 

Under coach storage capacity of at least three vehicles in your fleet must be at least 300 cubic feet per bus for athletic team charters.  State whether you have at least three vehicles that meet this storage capacity.  In addition, all buses must be equipped in accordance with all State and Federal Safety Standards and all drivers must be appropriately licensed for intra and interstate driving.


Contractor must agree to comply with Sections 390-396 of the U.S. Department of
Transportation Motor Carrier Safety Regulations


The Contractor will be required to provide the University of Wisconsin with a copy of their I.C.C. Tariff Rate Sheet for Interstate Travel and their travel authorization from I.C.C. prior to the charter trips.

2.4 The Contractor will be financially responsible for obtaining all required permits, license, etc., to comply with pertinent Board of Regents, University of Wisconsin System regulations; Municipal, County, State and Federal laws; and assume liability for applicable taxes bonds, insurance, tickets, etc.


Every attempt will be made by the University to give the contractor at least two weeks notice prior to the date of a charter, but the Contractor must agree to accept 24 hours notice in the case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.  In a situation where the Contractor cannot comply with a 24 hour request, the University may contract with the secondary awarded Contractor for that particular charter trip.


The University cannot give prospective Contractors firm dates and destinations for the long distance charters during the term of the contract.  Trips will primarily consist of (but are not limited to) travel between UW-Madison and the other Big Ten Conference schools or between UW-Madison and other Universities within the State of Wisconsin system.


The University cannot give prospective Contractors firm dates and destinations for local charters during the term of the contract.  They will consist primarily of (but are not limited to) taking UW Athletic teams (primarily football, basketball and hockey) to the Dane County Airport and at a later date pick up at the airport and return to Camp Randall Stadium.  The normal time needed for each charter is 3-4 hours.  In addition there will be charters for the UW Football games to go from Camp Randall Stadium to a local place for lodging and to a local movie theater.  The normal time for this charter will be 1 to 1-1/2 hours.  Also, there will be a charter on Saturday mornings of the home football games to pick up the football team at its local lodging headquarters and bring them to Camp Randall Stadium.  The normal time for this charter is 1-2 hours.


Prices bid by Contractors will not include highway tolls, bridge tolls or airport fees.  These costs are to be invoiced at actual cost, in addition to charges for the charter.


Contractor must have capability to communicate between buses in the event of several chartered buses traveling together.


Charter Bus contractors must meet state standards of equipment and drivers per Wisconsin Administrative Code Trans 300, Subchapter II (equipment) and Trans 300.16 (driver or equipment).


Contractor must have covered telephone service from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CDT Monday through Friday in order to respond promptly to requests for service.


Contractor must be able to be a UW-Madison Licensee for items bearing trademarks, logos or other symbols of the University in which the University has a proprietary, licensed or copyright interest.


Cancellation: Occasionally, trips will be cancelled.  Usually it will be because of bad weather conditions or not enough participants to justify a bus charter.  There will be no penalty to the University for cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of scheduled charter.  Cancellations made between 7 days and scheduled trip are subject to a Contractor cancellation fee not to exceed $50.00.  If a cancellation fee will be assessed, the dollar amount must be shown.  Contractor must advise departments regarding any policy in place to reserve buses and also of any cancellation policy.  The department that places the charter will be responsible for any cancellation fees by their failure to cancel within the time frame allowed for no charge cancellations (7 days).  This policy will allow the Contractor to utilize equipment and personnel efficiently.  The contractor will be notified at once, when a decision has been made to cancel a trip.


Start Mileage & Stop Time:  All mileage and time will be calculated from departure and arrival (return) point in Madison.  Any time and mileage expended by the Contractor to travel to Madison to provide service as requested will be at the Contractor’s expense.  The University will designate the location and time of the pick-up and discharge point, usually the same place.

Buses are to be at the designated pick-up point at least 10 minutes prior to departure time for loading, at no cost for this time.   Failure to show or arriving late will be cause for penalty (see PERFORMANCE SERVICE STANDARDS).


Driver/Operator Requirement:  The driver (or drivers in the event of a long charter) must be unaccompanied.  This means that spouses or children cannot be on University chartered trips.  Driver’s room, meals and incidentals are the responsibility of the contractor.  Drivers are required to obtain or have available written directions to each destination prior to pickup of passengers.  Drivers must not eat, drink or read maps while operating the vehicle.  Driver smoking breaks will be only done when the passengers have scheduled or requested a stop.  Driver must not have any personal items including coolers or luggage in the aisle of the vehicle during charter service.

2.16      Performance/Service Standards:
2.16.1       The University may require the Contractor not to assign any employee the University deems incompetent, careless, insubordinate, or otherwise objectionable to work on University projects.

            2.16.2       Late penalty:  (Lots I – III) A late penalty may be assessed against the total value of the trip if Contractor does not pick up as required the ordering department against a contract order or as agreed upon by purchase order or quotes.

            2.16.3       If the Contractor cancels a trip without proper notice as defined above, the UW reserves the right to contract with other Contractors and charge the canceling Contractor the difference in prices paid.  For each instance in which a passenger is picked up outside this service standard, the following charge will be assessed.

                                            LATE (FROM SCHEDULED DEPARTURE TIME)      CHARGE

                                            10 minutes                                                              10%

                                            1/2 hour late                                                            25%

                                            1 hour late                                                               50%

                                    The charge may be waived during periods of severe weather or when conditions, as determined by the University, indicate that the delay was unavoidable.  This determination is final.  If the Contractor believes an event occurring in the University/city may cause delays, it is the responsibility of the Contractor to notify the orderer of the event and to obtain prior written concurrence that charges will not be assessed.

                                    The University’s mandatory standard for acceptable contractor performance is three or fewer late trips per month.  A missed trip counts as a late trip.  Failure to attain the standard for two months in a row or any three months total during any annual term of the contract may be cause for cancellation of this contract by the University with the individual Contractor.

                                    All complaints will be forwarded to the Contract Administrator for resolution if not resolved by the contracting   Department

2.17   Tolls, parking, airport, ferry charges or other miscellaneous charges are to be billed at cost.

3.        Park and Ride Shuttles for Wingra (UW Lot 202) and Hill Farms (UW Lot 203)

Scope of Service

  • Operations will run annually September 1st through August 31st. The contract will be for one year with an option for 4 one year extensions.
  • Hours of operation will be 6:30am until 8:00pm Monday-Friday for Hill Farms and 6:00am until 6:00pm for Wingra. No service will be provided on state holidays for both lots and between December 24 and January 2 for Wingra. The hours of operation may be shifted by mutual agreement of Transportation Services and the Contractor but will not exceed a 12 hour shift without adjustment to the contract for Wingra.
  • Shuttles will run approximately every 20 minutes from 9:30am to 3:30pm for Hill Farms and every 30minutes from 9:00am and 3:00pm for Wingra.  Shuttles will run approximately every 10 minutes from 6:30am to 9:30am and 3:30pm to 8:00pm for Hill Farms and every 15 minutes from 6:00am to 9:00am and from 3:00pm to 6:00pm for Wingra.
  • Contractor will service stops according to a schedule provided by Transportation Services and will make every effort to maintain on-time departures. Shuttles will not leave stops prior to scheduled departure times.
  • Contractor will provide a sufficient number of vehicles to meet the headway requirements. It is anticipated that two buses will be required during peak headway times and one bus will be required the rest of the day.
  • All vehicles will provide room for at least 20 seated ambulatory passengers and 1-2 wheelchairs. All vehicles will be ADA compliant. School buses are not permissible.
  • Shuttle will make limited express stops at the following tentative locations. Stops may be added, removed, or moved by mutual agreement of Transportation Services and the Contractor.

Hill Farms

    • 4802 Sheboygan Ave (Hill Farms State Office Building)
    • Western end of Marshall Court
    • Eastern end of Marshall Court
    • Bus stop #2473 (Highland Ave northbound between AFCH and WIMR)
    • Bus stop at HSLC (Highland Ave north of Observatory, southbound)
    • Bus stop #2916 (Highland Ave south of Observatory by Lot 75, southbound)


    • 820 W. Wingra Dr.
    • 21 N. Park St.
    • 1220 Linden Dr.
    • 2000 Observatory Dr.
    • 701 Highland Ave
  • No fare will be collected from passengers but Contractor may be required to verify rider eligibility (Transportation Services will provide a means of identification)
  • Contractor will provide identifying information on the shuttle to indicate service between UW and Lot 203 for Hill Farms and UW and Lot 202 for Wingra. UW will provide formatting for the vehicle identification.
  • Contractor will track the number of boardings and alightings at each stop for each day of service by time and provide data to Transportation Services no less frequently than on a monthly basis. Transportation Services will provide a data tracking template. Data will be transmitted to Transportation Services via email.
  • Contractor will provide courteous customer service.
  • Contractor shall report immediately to the designated UW contact any disruption to service or unusual passenger/service incidents. In the event of mechanical failure the Contractor will dispatch a replacement vehicle within one hour.
  • Contractor will allow placement of GPS tracking units provided by Transportation Services and will assure that the units are placed on the correct vehicles and in operation when shuttles are in service. Data from the units will be publically displayed for customer use.
  • For Hill Farms Shuttle location of Lot 203 may shift to 750 University Row. The schedules will be adjusted accordingly in this event and by mutual agreement.
  • Service could expand by mutual agreement to other areas.


4.         UW Accessible Circulator Shuttles Specifications

  • Operations will run annually starting on September 1st. The contract will be for one year with an option for 4 one year extensions
  • Service runs M-F, 7:30am to 7:30pm when UW classes are in fall and spring session. No service over winter break, spring break, or during summer. The shuttles will not operate on UW State Holidays that fall within the service period.                           
  • Service operates with two wheel chair accessible vehicles with 14+ person ambulatory seating. Vehicles will be maneuverable into most campus driveways and drop off points. Service will require a dispatcher.
  • Service will operate on a fixed route schedule (with 5 stops, see below) but allow route deviations and demand response service. Pickups and drop offs at designated stops do not require a call. Customers may request route deviation upon boarding the shuttle at any fixed route stop. Customers may also request demand-response pickup/drop-off via phone. Customer wait times for demand-response will be less than 5 minutes if customer calls with one hour or more of notice. Trips may be scheduled in advance but advance notice is not required. Reoccurring trip scheduling will be accommodated. Contractor shall coordinate trip requests, into a schedule for the day of service. Thereafter, Contractor will generate the appropriate schedules, manifests, and/or ride lists for distribution to the drivers. Trip dispatching and routing shall be the final responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor will provide fixed route service on a schedule to a designated limited number of stops on the UW campus. Between stops the shuttle may deviate from route. Set 20 minute headways to time points will be maintained.
  • Shuttle will not travel outside a near campus boundary. Drivers may not extend rides beyond the route service area designated by UW. Such rides should be referred to paratransit, city or campus bus, or taxi.
  • Service will use a dispatcher to facilitate route deviations and demand response. Dispatch will be in direct phone contact with shuttle drivers and customers. Drivers will not contact customers directly. UW will have ability to contact dispatcher by phone and email during service hours.
  • Contractor will gather call back phone numbers of all customers requesting demand-response pickup and will have dispatcher contact customer when shuttle is in route.
  • Contractor will also be able to assist customers with shuttle questions or complaints via phone or email.
  • It is desirable that the Contractor provide real time arrival data via GPS on a publically available website. Service should be compatible with mobile phones. At a minimum the service will show current vehicle location on a map, but ideally will also show next arrival time estimate.  Please indicate in your response if you will provide GPS real time web information and what company you would use to provide this service.
  • Contractor will provide vehicle route identification on exterior of shuttle. UW will provide formatting for the vehicle identification.
  • Contractor will check customer ridership eligibility upon request by UW. UW will provide an approved rider list or other rider identification.
  • Contractor will provide daily boarding and alighting information for all customer trips by fixed stop and/or address. This data will be emailed in Excel spreadsheet at least once monthly to UW. Records will indicate date and time of boarding and if customer trip was fixed route boarding and alighting, fixed route boarding with route deviation alighting, demand-response boarding with fixed route alighting, or demand-response boarding and alighting. Contractor will keep record of and notify UW of all customer no‐shows on a monthly basis. Transportation Services will provide a data tracking template. Data will be transmitted to Transportation Services via email.
  • Contractor shall report immediately to the designated UW contact any disruption to service or unusual passenger/service incidents. In the event of mechanical failure the Contractor will dispatch a replacement vehicle within one hour.
  • Contractor will provide stop-to-stop or curb‐to‐curb or door‐to‐door service as requested by the customer.  For curb-to-curb transportation or stop-to-stop transportation, the driver is required to stop at the curb of the address given by the customer (or in the case of a fixed route stop, at the designated stop). In cases where there are multiple stop locations or buildings, Contractor should contact the customer for clarification. The driver must then get out of the shuttle and assist the customer into/out of the vehicle. The driver is required to go to the door for door‐to‐door transportation, announce his or her arrival (e.g., face‐to‐face or by intercom), and provide those types of passenger assistance, which will ensure the passenger’s safe passage to and from the vehicle and to and from the vehicle seat. Honking at the curb shall not be accepted as sufficient notification of a ride's arrival for either curb‐to‐curb or door‐to‐door service. Door, as used herein, shall be the building's door, not an individual office or apartment door located within a given building. UW Madison Transportation Services will consult with Contractor as needed regarding appropriate drop off locations.
  • Contractor shall provide passenger assistance to and from the door at both the origin and destination of the trip as part of door‐to‐door service. In cases where the passenger states that he or she does not require the driver's assistance, the driver shall still make an effort to ensure the passenger's safe passage.
  • All drivers will have proper training in securing wheelchairs and assisting passengers with disabilities.
  • Mobility devices shall be secured in the vehicle with forward facing, 4‐point tie downs. Customers using three‐wheeled scooters may be asked to transfer to a seat in the vehicle, but are not required to transfer. Customers shall request assistance with seatbelts or shoulder straps at the time of boarding the vehicle. Contractor shall comply with all such requests.
  • Fixed route stops, route, and headways may be changed by mutual agreement.
  • Other adjustments to service may be made by mutual agreement.



  • Fixed Route: transit service that follows a designated path and stops at designated stops only
  • Route Deviation: transit service that can, on request, deviate from its fixed route and drop passengers off at non-designated stops
  • Demand-response: transit service where customers call ahead for a pickup from a non-designated stop

Revision History:

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(2/2/17): updated to show change in sales rep for Lamers Bus Lines Inc.
(11/30/17): updated to show change in sale rep for Badger Coaches Inc.
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