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(contract last updated 08/15/2019)

SCOPE: Contract for the purchase of glazier services as needed by the University. 


All work must be performed in accordance with the State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration (DOA), Division of Facilities Development (DFD), Master Specifications. For more information, refer to the DFD website:

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
UW-Madison users contact:
Brad Bauman
(608) 265-1462 FAX (608) 262-4467
CONTRACT TERM: September 16, 2015 through September 15, 2018, with automatic renewal extensions to September 15, 2020, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.

Klein Dickert Milwaukee
1406B Emil St
PO Box 259410
Madison  WI 53713
Sales Representative: PHONE # FAX #
Dawn Steberl 608-310-2304 608-258-1862
Ordering/Expediting: 608-310-2304 608-258-1862
Invoice Information: 608-310-2304 608-258-1862
Returns: 608-310-2304 608-258-1862
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 608-258-3315 608-258-3314
Commodity Code 440-35
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 36-2707870
F.O.B. / Delivery:

Delivery of all materials shall be F.O.B. job site, freight paid by Contractor

Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices shall reflect contract pricing.
Warranty: Contractor shall warranty all workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of completion as established by date of final approval by the Ordering Department or payment of final invoice, whichever is later.  The Contractor shall, at no cost to the University, provide labor and materials necessary to correct any defects found during the warranty period.
Pricing Information: SEE BELOW










 Journey Worker GLAZIER, Regular Time

 300 hours



 Apprentice GLAZIER, Regular Time

 150 hours*



Percent Markup charged for equipment rental

$200.00 equipment rental costs



Percent Markup charged for material costs

$2000.00  material costs




Definition:  Journeyman and apprentice glaziers will be expected to: follow blueprints or specifications, remove any old or broken glass before installing replacement glass.  Cut glass to the specified size and shape, make or install sashes or moldings for glass installation.  Fasten glass into sashes or frames with clips, moldings, or other types of fasteners.  Add weather seal or putty around pane edges to seal joints.  Glaziers may also install aluminum entrances, glass handrails and balustrades, shower enclosures, curtain wall framing and glass and mirror walls.


1. Contract Limitations:  This contract is limited so no single job shall have a total cost, including all parts and labor, greater than the limits set by Limited Trades Policies and Statute. Where releases are given, each release defines the scope of a job; one release per job. 


No capital equipment shall be purchased on this contract.  A capital equipment item is currently defined as an item which costs more than $5,000.00 AND has a useful life of more than one year. 

        1.1       Maintenance, Repair and Replacement:  Single jobs shall not exceed a total cost exceeding limits identified.  Work falls under the definition of “limited trades work” as defined in Wis. Stats. Ch. 16.70(7).   

        1.2       Materials:  Where releases are given, each release defines the scope of a job; one release per job.

        1.3       Equipment:  No equipment shall be purchased against this Contract.

        1.4  Tools:  Contractor shall not invoice the University for any tools needed to perform work under this Contract.


2.        Compliance with Laws:  Contractor shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and codes regarding working conditions, hours of employment, overtime regulations, methods and rates of pay and any other regulations regarding employer-employee relationships.


3.        Post Award Meeting:  The Contractor must attend a Post Award Meeting conducted at a time and place designated by Purchasing, if requested, and/or Owner Representative(s).  All parties in the Contractor’s organization having a supervisory or managerial role in this contract for GLAZIER services including the repair and maintenance may be in attendance.  At this meeting the Contractor shall be prepared to discuss and provide detailed information concerning, but not limited to, the following: Contract Use and Limitations. Regular and Overtime Wage Conditions and Rates. Ordering Work:  Estimates. Prior Notification of Work Start. Access to Facilities. Performance. Emergency work. Removing and disposing of waste materials. Completion of Work/Cleanup and returning the work site to original conditions. Delivery of materials to Job Site. Invoicing. Subcontracting. Parking.


4.        Regular Hourly Wage Rates:  Only actual hours worked (no minimum billings allowed and portal to portal charges not allowed) of any producing Journey Worker GLAZIER and Apprentice GLAZIER engaged in services on the jobs shall be considered in computing the labor hours.  Time of nonproductive workers shall not be included in computing the labor hours. 


5.        Overtime Hourly Wage Rates:  Overtime hourly Rates are for work performed after Regular Hours as defined in Section 2.2, Monday through Friday, or on Saturday.  Contractor shall be paid on Overtime hourly Rate of 150% (time and ½) of the Single Hourly Rate for services performed during Regular Hours. Overtime rates shall be billed only if prior approval from the Ordering Department was granted.

           5.1         Sunday and Holiday Rates are for work performed on Sundays and Holidays as defined in Section 2.2.  Contractor shall be paid a Sunday and Holiday rate of 200% (2 times) of the Single Hourly Rate for services performed during Regular Hours.


6.        Ordering Work:

           6.1         Contractor shall proceed with work only when directed or authorized by receipt of a purchase order or a release number against an existing Contract Blanket Order.

           6.2         The Contractor shall provide upon request a written time and material job estimate (with itemized billing), a time and material not to exceed quote (with itemized billing), at no cost to the University, within five (5) working days from the site visit or verbal request.

           6.3         If the Ordering Department requests service on a firm quote basis (fixed price with no itemized billing), not to exceed the firm quote amount, the Ordering Department may obtain firm quotes from any or as many of the awarded Contractor(s) based on furnished specifications. 


7.        Prior Notification of Work Start:

          7.1         All University Buildings (except for UW Housing and Wisconsin Union and Athletic Department):  For all jobs regardless of Ordering Department, the Contractor shall notify Physical Plant’s Central Answering and Response Services (CARS), at 608-263-3333, DAILY prior to starting work in ANY University building and advise of actual physical location (address, building name, room number, etc.) within that building.  Individual departments may work with the Contractor to make this notification once at the beginning of the project and not necessary every day thereafter.  Contractor may presume that job site entry is permitted as soon as phone notice is given; no affirmative response by Physical Plant will be made.


8.        Access to Facilities:

           8.1                  Contractor shall make arrangements with the Ordering Department for access to University facilities.  The University will provide Contractor with keys required for access to service areas.  NO BUILDING KEYS MAY BE COPIED.  All keys shall remain in the building at all times and must be returned at the end of each day of the job unless previous arrangements have been made.  Contractor's employees shall not admit anyone (except other Contractor employees) to areas controlled by a key in their possession.

           8.2         If keys are lost, Contractor shall reimburse the University for the cost of replacement keys, cores and labor.  This means that Contractor’s replacement cost for lost master keys in some buildings could result in replacement costs of $12,000.00 or more. 


9.        Reporting to Job Site:

           9.1         Employee Identification:  All Contractors’ employees shall, while performing work on University premises, wear a clearly displayed (at shirt pocket height) photo identification badge, provided by the Contractor at the Contractor’s expense, showing they are employees of the Contractor.

           9.2         When a job start date and time has been determined with the Contractor, the Contractor shall be on the job site with adequate tools, be mobilized and ready to perform work at the agreed upon time and date immediately upon arrival.

           9.3         Prior to the beginning of any individual job, the Contractor representative(s) shall make their presence known to the Building Contact as well as meeting the requirements outlined.

           9.4         Upon request, the Contractor must notify the Building Contact or Ordering Department Contact each day when the Contractor’s staff arrives and departs.


10.      Performance:

           10.1         Work Standards:  Contractor shall provide all materials and Journey Worker GLAZIER and Apprentice GLAZIERS shall perform all work in compliance with:

                        10.1.1      The State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration (DOA), Division of Facilities Development (DFD) Master Specifications.  For more information, refer to the DFD website:

                        10.1.2      National Standards Institute/National Fire Protection,

                        10.1.3      Other applicable National Fire Protection Association codes

           10.2       Contractor shall have in its employ, or under its control, sufficient qualified and competent Journey Worker GLAZIERS and Apprentice GLAZIERS who will install complete systems. 

           10.3       The Contractor shall employ only such workers as are skilled in the tasks to which they are assigned.  The University reserves the right to require the Contractor to remove and/or not to assign any employee including Journey Worker GLAZIERS and Apprentice GLAZIERS the University deems incompetent, careless, insubordinate, or otherwise objectionable to working on University jobs.

           10.4       Contractor shall perform work in University buildings and outside areas as directed, and shall perform work promptly and in accordance with a schedule or work program, as approved by the Owner Representative. 

           10.5       Contractors shall provide, at Contractor’s expense, all tools of the trade and equipment necessary to perform the work to University specifications.

           10.6        Contractor shall ensure that a minimum of one Journey Worker GLAZIER is on the work site at all times to oversee work.

           10.7       Contractor shall maintain a daily time sheet and material list for every job.

           10.8       Contractor shall ensure that all installations shall be done in a professional manner and be consistent with existing conditions.  Any variations of these conditions must be approved by Owner Representative prior to the work being started.

           10.9       If required, Contractor shall move equipment and/or furniture to perform work. Equipment and/or furniture shall be returned to original condition/settings after work completion.

           10.10     Any equipment, tools or materials owned by the Contractor left on the job site are the Contractors responsibility.  The University does not take any responsibility for these items and their safety.


11.    Removal of Debris and Hazardous Waste:

         11.1         The Contractor shall clean up and remove all non-hazardous debris from the job site, on a daily basis, and dispose of all debris at a State of Wisconsin licensed solid waste landfill.  The Contractor shall not leave debris on University property, in University dumpsters, or in any non-Contractor owned dumpster.  The contractor shall not incinerate debris, and/or dump waste by/in the street or road.

         11.2         If debris could be identified as hazardous waste, Contractor must contact THE UNIVERSITY’S Safety Department at 608-262-8769 for proper hazardous waste disposal procedures.

         11.3         No item, material or components shall be salvaged by the Contractor or any party.


12.    Site Restoration: 
The Contractor shall restore job site to original condition to the satisfaction of the Owner Representative.  Contractor shall repair all surfaces, such as wall patching, painting, seals and weather stripping, when required.  The Contractor shall repair all damage to new and existing equipment resulting from its work.  When the job is complete, the Contractor shall remove all tools, excess material and equipment, etc., from the site.


13. Completion of Work:

         13.1            Contractor shall notify the Ordering Department and Owner Representative when work is completed and they are vacating job site.

         13.2            The Ordering Department or an authorized person located at the job site, must sign the work order as an acknowledgment that the work and site restoration has been completed.  After the completion of a job, the Contractor shall leave a work order, which shows the purchase order number and release number, if given, for that job with the Ordering Department or any person authorized by the Ordering Department.  When no authorized person is immediately available to sign the work order, the Contractor shall submit the work order to its own office which will forward it to the Ordering Department. 

Revision History:

(8/15/19): updated to show price change for items 1 and 2 for Klein Dickert Milwaukee, effective August 17, 2019.
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