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(contract last updated 04/01/2016)

SCOPE: Contract for the purchase of Print and Mail Fulfillment Services for Student Refund Checks.

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
UW-Madison users contact:
Marty Rostermundt
(608) 890-3428 FAX (608) 262-4467
RESTRICTED TO: University of Wisconsin Madison

April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2020, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.

AB Data Ltd
4057 N Wilson Dr
Milwaukee  WI 53211
Sales Representative: PHONE # FAX #

Katherine Versteegh

414-963-7802 414-963-7899
Ordering/Expediting: 414-963-7822 414-963-7899
Invoice Information: 414-963-7822 414-963-7899
Returns: 414-963-7822 414-963-7899
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 414-963-7802 414-963-7899
Commodity Code 915-58
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 39-1398000


Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices shall reflect contract pricing.
Minimum Dollar Amount:


(NOTE:  Check and envelope stock pricing is based on one order per year of 22,400 each (allowing up to 100 pieces per production run for setup and spoilage) and will be billed one time per year when ordered.)
Other: Pricing not available to: University of Wisconsin System campuses, State of Wisconsin Agencies, Wisconsin Municipalities, other CIC member institutions or Non-Profit Organizations specifically linked by their mission to the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Pricing Information: SEE BELOW





Check Stock



Envelopes (omit inside tint for savings of $0.005 each)



Check Printing



Check Folding



Check Inserting



Postal Processing



Delivery to Post Office



Positive Pay Transmission (one per batch)






Graphic Design (redesign) - per hr.



Check security features;
Copy Ban +
Artificial watermarks
Micro printing




University shall archive all check information transmitted to Contractor and retain the capability to issue a limited number of checks on an as-needed basis.  


1.      Contractor must have CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software. 


2.      Contractor must be able to receive encrypted data using a HTTPS web site secured with at least 128 bit encryption, or using secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) or other agreed upon secure electronic method of transmission. 


3.      Contractor must have forms design/redesign capability, and digitizing of logos and signatures.


4.      Check stock and envelope options are to be provided by the Contractor to ensure compatibility with Contractors mail and check processing equipment. 

a. Contractor, if requested, will be required to provide 10 test checks to be used by our bank to Test MICR and image quality. 


b. Check stock must meet banking industry standards and provide a minimum of three of the following security features:

  • Dual image numbering (red halo around black serial number on check with special red ink bleeds through to back of document)
  • Color prismatic printing
  • Microprinting
  • Security screen
  • Artificial watermarks
  • CopyBan+
  • Ultraviolet light sensitive fibers
  • Chemical reactive paper


c. Envelope must be a security tint and compatible to the size of check stock provided. 

Under current contract with the University, A.B. Data Ltd. Is providing a double-window envelope with NO inside tint, which has been approved by the University and saves money on the cost of the envelopes.  As specified in this bid document, A.B. Data Ltd. has quoted inside tint double window envelopes.  This can be changed upon award if the University so chooses.


5.      Contractor must keep all information transmitted by the University secure and confidential.  All transmitted information must be stored in a manner physically and electronically secure from access by unauthorized persons.


6.      University uploads or transmits check data including payees, addresses, amounts and check stub information through a HTTPS web site secured with at least 128 bit encryption or using secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP), or other agreed upon electronic method of transmission.


7.      Contractor will print information transmitted on check stock, apply the appropriate signature(s) using laser technology, fold and insert the check stock into standardized envelopes.


8.      Contractor should have the capability of inserting up to two additional pieces of literature with checks, if requested. The University will be responsible for printing and delivering any and all inserts to be included with mailings.  The University will consult the Contractor to make sure insert size and other characteristics are compatible with Contractor’s equipment.


9.      Contractor may reject any check information transmitted by the University because the information does not meet Contractor’s criteria for processing. However, Contractor must notify the University within the same business day by telephone, or other expedient means, during the University’s normal business hours.  Contractor must make a best faith effort to resolve and print within the same day, if at all possible. 


10.    Contractor must reprint any checks that are damaged prior to delivering to the Post Office.


11.    If for any reason Contractor is unable to issue any check the University will be responsible for issuing the check, or for retransmitting the check information to the Contractor within the next regularly scheduled transmission.


12.    Contractor will sort envelopes in ZIP code order and prepare all envelopes for postage discount as Presorted First Class Mail at the lowest rate possible utilizing ZIP+4 coding, address correction, bar coding and presort.  Contractor must comply with all United States Postal Service regulations and operating procedures. 


13.    On any business day for both Contractor and the Post Office, Contractor will print, insert, and deliver to the Post Office all checks within 24 hours of receipt of the University data.


14.    On any day which is not a business day for both Contractor and the Post Office,      Contractor will use all efforts to print, insert, and deliver all checks to the Post Office in time to be postmarked with the date of the next business day for both Contractor and the Post Office.


15.    Contractor shall provide University with a check ledger including check date, check number, dollar amount, and payee name and address for each day’s check production.  This ledger must be available to the University at the time checks are delivered to the Post Office using an agreed upon method of delivery, e.g. via a secure HTTPS web site, sFTP, electronic means or fax.


16.    Contractor shall provide University with a daily report, confirming the total dollar        amount and the number of checks transmitted, printed and delivered to the Post Office.  Report shall be submitted via secure HTTPS site, facsimile or other agreed upon method within 24 hours with a negotiated specific time to be agreed upon at a later date.


17.    For every batch processed, electronically transmit to bank check data (check numbers, check dates and dollar amount) needed for bank’s automated file confirmation service and positive pay services.  Contractor must work with University’s bank directly to resolve any issues related to transmission of file and also notify University representatives of such issues.


18.    Contractor must maintain the ability to print, insert and mail all the University’s checks in the event that conditions do not allow printing and inserting on Contractors primary equipment and/or at Contractors primary location.  Contractor shall either restore production at its primary location within seven calendar days or shall provide an alternate, off-site location to restore production within two business days. 


19.    Contractor must keep sufficient check stock to insure continued processing in the event that printing would have to be redone or in the event of damage to checks or check stock.


20.    Contractor shall monitor the number of transactions processed through each step including receipt of data, printing, inserting, and metering.  If the number of transactions processed through each such step differs from the number transmitted, Contractor shall notify the University as soon as possible during the University’s normal business hours. 


21.    Contractor shall allow University-authorized representatives, upon 24 hours advance notice, to perform inspection of Contractors’ check processing operation. The University will provide Contractor with identification of authorized representatives. 

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