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(contract last updated 04/29/2021)

SCOPE: Contract for the purchase of Pyrotechnic Services for the annual UW Band Concert.


The University’s School of Music presents its Annual UW Band Concert held inside the UW Kohl Center, located at 601 W. Dayton Street, Madison, Wisconsin.  Three performances are scheduled; April 18, 2016, April 19, 2016, and April 20, 2016, with an anticipated attendance of 9,000 per performance.  The concert programs are usually 2-1/2 hours in length and consist of the UW Band performing a number of songs, both standard and topical, along with live production numbers and projected film/video.  Previous concert theme performances have included selections from the “Phantom of the Opera” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”.  This year’s music selections have not been finalized.  The concert also typically includes at least two encore songs that are the highlight of the concert.  They are the “1812 Overture” and the “You’ve Said it All” (to the tune of “BUDWEISER commercial jingle”) song.  This is where a majority of the cannon special effects are used.  Smoke and other special effects are used throughout the concert in conjunction with special lighting effects.

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
UW-Madison users contact:
Trisha Wilson
(608) 890-3404 FAX (608) 262-4467

Non-UW-Madison users contact: Vendor Representative


February 15, 2016 through February 14, 2019, with automatic renewal extensions to February 14, 2021, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.


Spielbauer Fireworks Co Inc
1976 Lane Rd
Green Bay WI  54311
Sales Representative: PHONE # FAX #
Patrick Spielbauer 920-336-0446 920-336-1214
Ordering/Expediting: 920-366-0446 920-336-1214
Invoice Information: 920-366-0446 920-336-1214
Returns: 920-366-0446 920-336-1214
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 920-366-0446 920-336-1214
Commodity Code 680-74
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 39-0850129


Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices shall reflect contract pricing.
Pricing Information: SEE BELOW




Furnish all permits, insurance coverage, staff, equipment and supplies



Number of  Local Labor Required:  1

Duration of Local Labor Work:  Minimal (2 hrs)

Hotel Rooms Provided to Contractor3

Pyrotechnic Demonstration Cost: None – N/C

Computer Control Unit:  Fire One Digital Firing System – N/C

Pyrotechnic Detonation Unit:  E-matches with 6 foot leads



Concussion Cannon                                                                  each:                N/C - Equipment
Sparkle Cannon                                                                        each:                $9.10
4” Flash Pots                                                                            each:                N/C - Equipment
Flame Tower Fixtures                                                               each:                N/C - Equipment
Fountain Effect Fixtures                                                             each:                N/C - Equipment
Powder for flame towers (smokeless variety) per pound              each:                $23.10
Super Flash                                                                              per bottle:              $8.50
Sparkle Flash                                                                            per bottle:              $9.10
Red Sparkle Flash                                                                     per bottle:              $9.10
Flitter Flash                                                                              per bottle:              $9.10
Red Flash                                                                                 per bottle:              $8.50
Blue Flash                                                                                per bottle:              $8.50
Green Flash                                                                              per bottle:              $8.50
Red/Silver Fountains                                                                 each                      $18.15
Silver Fountains                                                                        each                      $18.15
Silver Fountains                                                                        each                      $9.10
XT Silver Fountains                                                                   each                      $18.15
Silver Waterfall                                                                         each                      $12.00


Computer Unit.  Note:  No computer time code is required.  All cues may be manually fired.
Pyrotechnic Detonation Units
Uninterruptible Power Source and Data Cable as required


Contractor’s representative will attend at least one pre-production meeting in Madison during the month prior to the performance dates.  Contractor will coordinate pyrotechnic design and cueing with the Contractor’s Pyrotechnic Production Staff.


Expendable supplies and materials for each show (Estimated—actual amount used will be determined between the University and Contractor, based on final concert production):

12        Gerb, silver, 20x20, matched, 7/8”
12        Mine, crackle, 2 ¼”
2        Wire rocket, whistle, silvertail
16        Confetti tissue burst, red/white
15        Mortar, Mylar streamers, mixed color
3        Saxon, silver, 15 sec.
3        Fireball, Regular, 3”
6        Sparkle cannon, silver, 1 1/8”
14        Cannon simulator
2        Flame projector, red, 4”
2        Flame projector, white, 4”
4          Flame projector, regular, 4”
8          Mine, red/silver, 2 ¼”
32        Waterfall cartridges, 7/8”
32        Pre-made airbursts, one color, 24’

Wire, tape, tie wraps, expendables as required.



1.        Contractor shall provide all technical staff necessary to perform the duties needed to meet all Contract Bid requirements.  Contractor shall coordinate all aspects of the services with Band Director, Michael Leckrone, or his designee.  The Contractor acknowledges that the University has complete creative control over the program and its effects, and that the Contractor shall accommodate all changes that may be made up to the final performance.  Contractor staff needed will include, but not limited to a detonator technician and assistant load person and any other staff needed for set-up, rehearsal and performances.  Contractor must have a minimum of two staff on site during work hours, starting two days before the first performance date to insure proper placement and non-interference with other departments and Contractors.

2.        Contractor shall provide all pyrotechnic equipment and supplies as listed, capable of delivering proper synchronization of special effects with all elements of the show; i.e., live music, taped music, live production numbers, film/video, etc.  The Contractor shall provide pyrotechnic equipment and supplies as a minimum.  Additional supplies may be needed if determined by the University to enhance any portion of the concert.   All equipment provided by the Contractor shall be used solely for the purposes of the Contractor and shall remain its sole property and responsibility and under its sole control.  Contractor shall supply an isolated 110V 20 AMP circuit to a position within 50 feet of the operating position of the Contractor’s equipment.

3.        The University would also be interested in receiving suggestions from the Contractor for additions and/or substitutions to the current pyrotechnic design chosen by the University.

4.        Contractor shall obtain and pay for all permits required by the City of Madison necessary to perform pyrotechnics at the UW Kohl Center.  NOTE:  Permits need to be obtained in advance from the City of Madison to be considered valid.

5.        Contractor must be on call and available for meetings at the University with the production staff until the end of all performances.

6.        Contractor should participate in a rehearsal prior to the Dress Rehearsal, date and time to be determined, in Room 1341 Humanities Building, 455 North Park Street, to familiarize themselves with the current program schedule/format.

7.        Contractor shall attend and participate in the dress rehearsal scheduled for April 13, 2016, at 3:30 p.m.  Performances are scheduled for April 14, 15, and 16 of 2016, at 7:30 p.m.  Succeeding years will also have similar dress rehearsal attendance requirements.

8.        The Contractor shall adhere to NFPA 1126 Code for the Use of Pyrotechnics before a proximate audience.

9.        The Contractor shall be expected in succeeding years to begin meetings as early as the preceding December.  The University will provide one week notice of these meetings.

10.      Contractor must be flexible and adaptable to change to the program needs of Band Department.  Changes are sometimes made after the first performance at the request of the Band Department.  Contractor must work very closely with the band director and be able to make these changes without hesitation.

11.      Employee Identification:
All Contractor’s employees, while working on University property, must wear a clearly displayed photo identification badge or uniform showing name of employee and/or company represented.  Any identification must be provided by the Contractor at the Contractor’s cost.  Badges must be available but will not be required to be worn when protective clothing and respiratory protection is required.

Revision History:

(4/29/21): updated to extend the contract term period to June 30, 2021.
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