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Tutorials for the new user interface:

Login to Shop@UW

PDF Video (1:14 min.)

Navigation Options

Tutorials for the new user interface:

Navigation Options Quick Reference Guide


Navigation Part 1: Top Information Bar

PDF Video (4:43 min.)

Navigation Part 2: Left Navigation Bar

PDF Video (4:25 min.)

Navigation Part 3: Helpful Information Areas

PDF Video (1:36 min.)


Tutorials for the new user interface:

Shopping Quick Reference Guide


Shopping from Hosted and Punch-out Suppliers

PDF Video (8:16 min.)

Creating and Using Favorites

PDF Video (6:21 min.)

Locating UW-Madison Preferred Products


Using Quick Order


Variations for Displaying Prices in the Search Results Window


Searching and Filtering

Please note: All of the tutorials created for the old user interface are still relevant. The search and filtering functions work the same in the new user interface.

Searching for Products in Shop@UW

PDF Video (4:09 min.)

Filtering Search Results Quick Reference Guide


Filtering and Sorting Search Results

PDF Video (3:32 min.)

Understanding Search Results


Other Product Search Options

PDF Video (2:45 min.)

Comparing Hosted Catalog Items

PDF Video (2:47 min.)

Shopping Carts

Tutorials for the new user interface:

Working with Shopping Carts

PDF Video (4:06 min.)

Reordering Previously Ordered Items

PDF Video (2:26 min.)

Cart Checkout Process

Tutorials for the new user interface:

Checkout and Completing an Order

PDF Video (2:33 min.)

History: Search Documents

Cart and Order History

PDF Video (5:08 min.)

Punch-out Sites: Using Quotes & Saving Favorites (Updated 4/11/2016)

Punch-out Site Using Quotes for Ordering Saving Favorites


  PDF (new 2/19/16)


Links to KnowledgeBase docs:
Access Quote To Order (QTO)/DOMS Quote









Fisher Scientific






Checking Order Status

After placing an order through the Dell punch-out site in Shop@UW, users are able to view their order details, order status, and estimated delivery date directly on the Dell punch-out site. Users can click the "Order Status" link on the Dell site and using a few key pieces of information, including the PO Number, search for their orders. The procedure is detailed in the "Checking Dell Order Status" document which provides step by step instructions with screen shots of the process.

For Business Unit Administrators

Shop@UW Functions: Chemicals Search

Chemicals Search

The Java 7 (update 51) may cause the Chemicals Structure Search applet to fail.
Chemicals Structure SearchUsers can configure the Exception Site list feature to run any applications blocked by security settings (with some warnings) by adding the URL to the Exception Site list. Steps to add a URL to the Exception Site list for Windows users are below. Mac users may also need to allow the URL to an exception list.

  • Navigate to the Java Control Panel and open it.
    • **Windows/Mac - Open the system Control Panel or system Preferences and choose Java.
      Java Control Panel
  • Click on the Security tab.
    Java Security Tab
  • Click on the Edit Site List button.
  • Click the Add in the Exception Site List window.
  • Click in the empty field under Location field to enter the URL:
    • https://solutions.sciquest.com
      Java Exception List URL
  • Click OK to save the URL that you entered.
  • Click Continue on the Security Warning dialog.


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