Return Policy

Completing a return is a simple two-step process. First, the merchandise must meet the return conditions. Second, the customer must choose the appropriate return procedure. Please remember that every return requires you to contact the vendor.

Return Conditions

  • Merchandise is in original packaging.
  • Merchandise is in salable condition.
  • A copy of the original packing slip must accompany the returned merchandise. If no packing slip was received an invoice can be used.
  • Returns must be made within 30 days of the original shipping date.

*Special orders, in most cases, are not returnable. This includes custom preparations of chemicals or biologicals and, frozen or refrigerated items. Return conditions may vary depending on the vendor. Shipping/restocking fees may also be required for a return. Make sure to contact the vendor for more information.

Return Procedures

Scenario A:
Your shipping address is in Madison and the vendor is Staples, Fisher, VWR, Grainger, Airgas, or MDS Warehouse core stock.

  1. Contact the vendor.
    • If returning Staples merchandise, the punch-out online return function can be used. Under the “My Account” dropdown link on the Staples punch-out, use the “Online Returns” link and then find the “Return Items” link in the order information line. Fill in the information found on the Staples punch-out webpage and click on the “Submit Return” button. The user will receive confirmation of the return.
      Return Items link on Staples punch-out
  2. Label your return (see online request form) and take the parcel(s) to your dock or delivery area.
  3. Submit the online request form.

Scenario B:
Your shipping address is in Madison but the vendor was not one of those listed above under Scenario A.

  1. Contact the vendor.
  2. Follow the vendor’s directions.

Scenario C:
Your shipping address is outside of Madison, and vendor is any Shop@UW vendor. See the procedural steps listed above for Scenario B.

If you have any questions about completing your return please contact Shop@UW customer service. We are here to help!