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New Warehouse Manager
at MDS

(May 2016)

MDS is pleased to announce Kyle Smith has been hired as an Administrative Specialist Program Supervisor. Kyle’s responsibilities will include supervising the MDS warehouse, receiving and redelivery operation.

Kyle has a BS degree in Public Administration from Upper Iowa University. Since college Kyle has been working in the private sector where he has gained relevant experience in customer service, managing inventory, receipt and redelivery of products and routes and supervision.  Kyle is also a volunteer on the Belleville EMS.

Kyle’s first day with MDS was Monday, May 2nd. Please help us welcome Kyle to our organization.

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Staples Improvement Coming Soon

(May 2016)

Last fall, feedback sessions were held at several UW-System institutions and around the UW-Madison campus regarding Shop@UW. The number one dislike about Shop@UW was shopping and ordering office supplies from Staples.  As a result of your feedback, the process of ordering Staples products in Shop@UW is changing.

Staples will soon be a punch-out supplier within Shop@UW. This means that you will click on the Staples icon located in the “Shop at a Punch-out Supplier Site” area of the Shop@UW site. The punch-out link will navigate you directly to the Staples punch-out website, prepared by Staples exclusively for Shop@UW customers. This change will give you the functionality to easily search for products, see real time product availability, see only current products on contract, do returns electronically, and create your own favorites list.  Staples items found within the punch-out website are State of Wisconsin contracted items at contract prices.

At the same time you gain functions, you will lose the ability to compare prices across vendors using “Shop & Compare.” All product searching will be done within the Staples punch-out.  New online tutorials and training will soon be available.  We hope to complete this rollout by the week of May 23rd.

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Retirements, Comings and Goings

(May 2016)

Shop@UW accounts without a current employee assigned to them should be closed, to prevent fraudulent or erroneous purchasing activity. As the key purchaser in your area, you may be the only person asking, “What happens to my Shop@UW account after I leave?”

Please contact Shop@UW customer service about your options after you leave your post. We can either create a completely new and separate account for your successor, or transfer your account to the new person’s name.

If you have just begun your role as purchaser, similarly, you will need access to a Shop@UW account. We cannot help you gain access to an account password unless your name is on the account. Contact Shop@UW by phone (608) 497-4400 or email to find out what you need to do.

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Am I Done Yet??

(May 2016)

Ever wonder if you have successfully completed all the steps necessary to send a Shop@UW order to the vendor? The last screen that will appear for all Shop@UW orders is the Shipping Information screen for your MD Account. This screen displays the address the order will ship to. Limited editing is possible. You can put notes to yourself in the optional Reference field.

You must then click the “Send Order” button. In a moment, a PVX000xxxxxx order confirmation number will appear. This indicates that you have finished placing your order!

If the website is slow to respond, please do NOT click the Send Order button repeatedly – unless you want multiples of your order!

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Forward Dell Credit Memos (for Only Shop@UW Orders) to MDS Accounting

(April 2016; article is revised)

Attention Shop@UW Customers: If you receive a credit memo copy from Dell for a Shop@UW order, please forward them on to MDS Accounting; Dell is not able to submit credits electronically so all credit memos need to be submitted manually at MDS.

Please note: Forward only Shop@UW order credit memos to MDS accounting staff. MDS staff will return all non-Shop@UW credit memos.

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Demystifying Airgas

(April 2016)

Explaining the Invoice for Airgas Cylinders

Do you ever wonder what the invoices mean pertaining to your Airgas purchases? After you receive your Airgas order and at the first billing cycle two invoices appear:

  • AIRxxxxxxxxxx is the initial purchase of the gas
  • CYL00xxxxxxx is for the cylinder rent ($0.22/day)

The unique cylinder # will display in the Optional Accounting field on your invoice (this is stamped into the gas cylinder). You will be charged cylinder rent until the cylinder is returned to Airgas. Cylinders are scanned multiple times before arriving at your building and again when being returned to Airgas. Once returned to Airgas, the daily cylinder rent will stop.

Returning Gas Cylinders and Liquid Dewars

How to return a gas cylinder to Airgas:

How to return a liquid dewar to Airgas (Dewar rental $1.08/day):

  • For rented dewars, place an order to Airgas for the pickup of the dewar from a dock and/or room. Log into Shop@UW with your MD account number and password, click on the Airgas punch-out link, and enter the following items on the order:
         Dock pickup:
         • Use secreturndock and put the dewar(s) being returned on your dock.
         Room pickup:
         • Use secreturnroom and include the room number where the dewar is located.


  • For customer-owned dewars, if your department has purchased their very own dewar (very infrequent), place an order to Airgas for the pickup of the dewar from a dock and/or room. Log into Shop@UW with your MD account number and password, click on the Airgas punch-out link, and enter the following item numbers on the order:
         Dock pickup:
         • Use secreturndockc (the c means customer-owned dewar) and put the dewar(s) being returned on your dock.
         Room pickup:
         • Use secreturnroomc (the c means customer-owned dewar) and include the room number where the dewar is located.


If you need to also place an order for a gas cylinder, place two separate Airgas orders.

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How to Identify Punch-Out Suppliers within Shop@UW

(April 2016)

When you enter the Shop@UW ordering site, have you ever wondered whether you are using a punch-out supplier? When you use the “Shop at a Punch-out Supplier Site” supplier stickers on Shop@UW, you navigate to a website specifically for and prepared by the supplier for Shop@UW. The punch-out stickers on Shop@UW have a small icon in the upper-right corner—a small rectangle with an up arrow—indicating that the shopper will navigate to the punch-out. You can be assured that the items you find on the punch-out are State of Wisconsin and/or UW-Madison contracted items at contract prices. So, how do you know if you are shopping on a Shop@UW punch-out site rather than the supplier’s “.com” or consumer ecommerce site? Here are some tips to know if you are in a punch-out catalog.

The punch-out website contains information in the top banner that identifies the site as a punch-out. For example, the Dell Shop@UW punch-out contains several clues: 1) in the URL; 2) “Shop@UW Connection to Punch-out Supplier Web Site” in the top banner; 3) “Cancel Connection to Punch-out Supplier Web Site” button in the top banner and; 4) “University of Wisconsin Madison” indicated in the top banner of the punch-out. Please review the comparison images taken from the Dell Shop@UW punch-out (Fig. 1) and the consumer website (Fig. 2) shown below.

Fig. 1 illustrates the Dell Shop@UW Punch-out.
Dell Shop@UW Fig. 1

Fig. 2 illustrates Fig. 2

One important note about the difference between Shop@UW hosted catalogs and punch-out suppliers is that items found on the punch-out websites will not show up in the Shop@UW search results window when an item number, key word description, or a manufacturer part number is entered in the Shop & Compare field in the Shop@UW shopping home page in the storefront. Shoppers that have questions about the differences between Shop@UW hosted catalogs, punch-out suppliers, and other functions should contact the Shop@UW customer service staff; see the Contact Shop@UW at for contact information.

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Using the VWR Cost Saving Alternatives Function in the Punch-out

(April 2016)

VWR has enhanced the Shop@UW punch-out website with a function that shows cost saving alternatives while shopping. The cost saving alternative function is only available when shopping at the VWR punch-out that is accessed by MD accounts that login via Shop@UW.

VWR is displaying an icon that looks like a green price tag next to the price of items if there are other exact matches (Fig. 1). If a customer adds an item to the shopping basket and it has an exact match, VWR will provide a link to another window that will show all of the items that are an exact match and the cost savings available.

Fig. 1 illustrates the green price tag icon next to the item price.
VWR Cost Savings Alternative review suggestions in the shopping basket

The customer may elect to replace the lower cost item in the shopping basket while reviewing the cost saving alternatives window (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 illustrates the reviewing cost savings alternatives window.
reviewing the cost saving alternatives window

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Are You Prepared for Fiscal Year-End 2016?

(March 2016)

As we approach Fiscal Year End 2016, please be aware of important deadlines for year-end processing.



June 17, 2016

  • All purchases made through Shop@UW and the MDS Verona warehouse must be placed by end of business day on June 17, 2016, to ensure that the charges are applied to FY16 funding.
  • Please keep in mind that even if orders are placed by June 17, 2016, any potential back-orders may be delayed and could be billed in FY17.
  • Orders placed after June 17, 2016, may or may not be billed to FY16 depending on product receipt date and potential back-order status.

June 17-24, 2016

  • The billing period for orders placed between these dates is dependent on when the Shop@UW vendor sends the invoice to MDS. We will do our best to apply them in FY16.

June 24, 2016

  • All orders must be physically received by the customer and invoiced by the Shop@UW vendors by the end of the business day on June 24, 2016, in order to be applied to funding in FY16.

June 25-30, 2016

  • Orders invoiced between these dates will be applied to FY17.

June 29, 2016

  • Cut-off for Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) will be at 10:00 AM – please note this is different from the standard NOON deadline.
  • Shop@UW accounting will transmit all the campus billing files to SFS after 10:00 AM on June 29, 2016, and they will be applied to FY16. You will be able to view these transactions in WISDM after July 1.

Questions related to these dates should be directed to Shop@UW accounting staff at or 608-497-4400.

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Staples Special Orders: When You Can’t Find an Office Supply You Need

(March 2016)

Customers frequently ask for items they would think are in the office supplies category; e.g., colored copy paper, batteries for their business cell phone, disposable cups, or even a Staples catalog. They have found the item can’t be ordered in the Shop@UW hosted catalog environment.

This is where our dedicated vendor representative, Charlene Pleiss, can assist you. There are items that can be special ordered through Charlene that are not available via the hosted catalog on the Shop@UW site. Charlene will ask that you provide three things in your request:

  1. Your MD number
  2. A recent Staples invoice number on that account
  3. The Staples or manufacturer’s item number (can sometimes be found at and the quantity desired

Charlene can be reached at (608) 497-4409 or

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Errors that Occur During the Final Cart Review and Send Order Process

(March 2016)

Shop@UW staff realizes that errors that are occurring during the cart checkout and send order process are frustrating and result in additional time and effort to do a simple shopping procedure. As soon as an error occurs, please assist Shop@UW customer service staff by: 1) getting a screen shot of the entire browser window with the error and 2) calling customer service staff so that the details of the error can be logged. Shop@UW is working with the system’s server development team to determine the reasons these errors occur and fixes are being slated to occur sometime in the future.

Please call Shop@UW customer service staff with these types of errors:

  • Customer is led to believe that they’ve lost an order after they click on the cart “Continue Checkout Process” button.
    • The Final Cart Review screen is empty and the customer also does not find a recently checked out cart.
    • The customer returns to the Shop@UW storefront to create a duplicate, new cart and after they’ve checked out the new cart to the Final Cart Review, they discover the original items plus the duplicate items.
  • After the customer is finished shopping, the customer may receive an error screen after clicking on either of the following buttons:
    • “Continue Checkout Process” button to access the Final Cart Review
    • “Continue to Shipping Info” button to access the Shipping Information screen
      • Customer may or may not change shipping information
    • “Send Order” button to access the Confirmation screen

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Order Errors Caused when Removing Items, Adding Items, and Resending Recently Checked Out Carts

(March 2016)

Customers have several functions available to them to review order and cart activity: 1) the “My Shopping Carts” area of the Shop@UW storefront to review active, pending, and recently checked out carts and 2) the “Outstanding Orders” area of the Shop@UW store lobby. The recently checked out cart from the storefront is a cart that completes the checkout process, the final cart review, and send order function is assigned a complete PO number; e.g., MDxxxxxPVX0000000000. The completed PO number is usually assigned to a recently checked out cart and sent to the supplier to be processed and ultimately sent to the customer.

Customers have been contacting Shop@UW customer service staff about orders, with a complete PO number that show up in their “Outstanding Orders” list in the store lobby but they haven’t received order confirmation from the supplier or received the order. Follow up that occurs for the order shows it is not recorded in either the supplier’s system or the Shop@UW storefront order history.

Shop@UW customer service staff discovered that customers are altering items found in a recently checked out cart and resending the cart in an attempt to construct a new order. This action is causing an error which results in the order being rejected and it fails to be sent to the supplier. This type of error is not a system flaw but is caused by user actions.

  • Never remove, add, or change the items numbers found in a recently checked out cart in the storefront.
    Recently Checked Out Cart in storefront
  • Only use the copy function into a new, active, or pending cart from a recently check out cart in the Shop@UW storefront.
  • Please do not be confused with the “Final Cart Review” operations in the store lobby where deleting items before the Shipping Information screen is acceptable.
    Final Cart Review store lobby
  • Always complete all of the ordering steps, including clicking through the order confirmation screen, for all recently checked out carts.
  • Contact Shop@UW customer service staff with questions about orders and problems with finding item numbers in the Search & Compare function.

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New Airgas Punch-out for UW-Madison Customers

(March 2016)

At the end of January 2016, Airgas rolled out a new punch-out site for ordering. Click on the “Home” and “Products” links to find all of the products available on the site. Use the “Orders” link in the top navigation menu to find “Quotes.” The new site opens in an Account Dashboard layout that highlights boxes for Top Frequent Purchases, Recent Lists, Recent Invoices, and Recent Open Orders. The dashboard is designed to show all order and customer activity within the whole UW-Madison organization so finding individual account information has proved to be cumbersome.

Favorites/templates were renamed in the layout and can be found in the “My Lists” link found in the top navigation menu. Use the “View All of My Lists” option in the dropdown to begin to find a favorites/template. For more information on finding an older favorites/template on the Airgas punch-out, go to the tutorials at and under the heading, Punch-out Sites: Using Quotes and Saving Favorites. Review the Airgas tutorial directly at

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