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Shop@UW Top News Stories

New Quick Links:
Shopper Feedback and Account Setup Forms

(September 2015)

Shopper Feedback Form: We Need Your Voice!

A new Shopper Feedback Form is now available and linked on the Shop@UW homepage. Our goal is to continuously improve your shopping experience by making the purchasing process more efficient, complying with contractual purchasing rules, and providing excellent customer service. Let your voice be heard!

New Quick Link for the Account Setup Form

The Shop@UW homepage now includes an Account Setup Form quick link for new users who need to setup an account and for current users who need to update their account information.

Spam Filters Catching .com Domains

(September 2015)

The Shop@UW customer service team has been finding a moderate amount of legitimate customer and vendor email in the email spam folders. Sometimes the emails are noticed, but at other times they are just being flushed without reading because of high levels of junk mail.

  • If you are contacting Shop@UW via a Gmail account, please use your institutional email address instead. Messages ending in .com are more likely to end up in the Shop@UW email spam folder.
  • If your official email ends in .com, please keep alert for non-reply; if necessary, phone Shop@UW customer service at (608) 497-4400 to be sure.
  • If any of your mail is unanswered for two business days, please phone Shop@UW customer service to check for arrival.

Staples Large Order Discount Rebate

(July 2015)

When ordering Staples items in Shop@UW customers will receive a 1% rebate on all orders of $75 or more in total cost. Please note that the $75 only applies to Staples items that are ordered through Shop@UW. All customers will receive the rebate at end of FY 2016 in the form of a credit back to your account. Happy Shopping!

Sigma-Aldrich & Roche Diagnostics Update

(July 2015)

Sigma–Aldrich is now the easy, single source supplier of Roche's well–respected, high–quality genomics, proteomics, and cell analysis reagents and kits. Starting July 1, 2015, Roche's biochemical reagents products, which include kits and enzymes for cellular analysis, proteomics (including cOmplete and PhosSTOP) and conventional PCR applications, will only be available through Sigma–Aldrich and shoud be ordered using Shop@UW. (Other featured products include Liberase, DIG EASY HYB, X-tremeGENE, and FastStart.) Continue to order all other Roche products, including real-time PCR, sequencing, molecular diagnostic and tissue diagnostic products, directly from Roche.

IMPORTANT: After July 1st, if you have an outstanding order (backorder) with Roche for any of these products, please contact your Sigma-Aldrich Account Manager Amber Watney Johnson to ensure you receive your items (a new order may need to be placed through Sigma-Aldrich and Amber can help with this).

Airgas Missing Cylinders: New Policy

(July 2015)

Effective July 1st, customers who wish to have missing cylinders written-off will be charged a one-time fee of $125 for each missing cylinder requested for write-off. For example, if you have two missing gas cylinders $250 will be charged to your account. This fee can be reversed if you find and return the gas cylinder within two weeks of being charged the $125.

New Way to Order Products from the UW-Madison MDS Warehouse

(June 3, 2015)

There has been a change to how Shop@UW shoppers order “locally stocked products” that are warehoused at the MDS facility in Verona, Wisconsin. These locally stocked products consist of items from categories such as paper products, janitorial supplies, laboratory supplies, office supplies, maps and guides. These products are now found using the same interface as is used to shop at external suppliers. Shoppers will need to use a slightly different navigation in order to find and purchase these same products. Use the "View Favorites" link to quickly find the MDS Warehouse - Locally Stocked Products Shared Favorites folders.

Please review this web page in order to learn more about this change.

Free Chemicals (UW-Madison only): EH&S Chemical Redistribution Program

(June 3, 2015)

Shop@UW now features a new link (see image) to access the UW–Madison Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) chemical redistribution  program. The EH&S program has a disposal team which removes unwanted chemicals from UW-Madison campus labs and takes them back to their facility for processing. Chemicals that are found to be in very good condition are made available — free of charge — to campus UW-Madison users first come, first served.

Additional information about the EH&S Chemical Redistribution program can be found at

Airgas: Guide for Replacement Caps (UW-Madison only)

(April 2015)

It is the responsibility of the cylinder gas user to retain the threaded cap that comes with a cylinder. Gas cylinder caps are required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, DOT, when moving cylinders by truck. Furthermore, cylinder caps should be in place whenever a cylinder is moved within a lab or building. Caps are not to be removed until the cylinder is secured to prevent shearing the valve if tipped. Keep in mind the contents are under pressure and a sheared valve can create a major safety hazard for anyone in the vicinity and cause significant property damage.

If you wish to return an empty cylinder you must have the cap in place. If a cap is lost you may order a replacement from Shop@UW. Note: there are two thread configurations, coarse thread and fine thread; see below for the part numbers:

  • RAT8FRNP, Fine Thread
  • RAT8CRNP02, Coarse Thread

Hazardous gases require another cap for transportation which seals the outlet on the tank should the valve be accidently opened. Retain these caps in a safe place for cylinder returns. These caps must be in place for DOT transportation. Please contact Airgas with the serial number of the cylinder and gas type for a replacement cap.

Look for the skull and crossbones and FedEx or other carrier stickers. Call UW-Madison Environment, Health & Safety for proper return of these hazardous materials as Shop@UW cannot return them.

Shop@UW Tip: The Magic Number !

(April 2015)

A number that lets us communicate about your order with any of our vendors is the purchase order number.

Every order you complete is transmitted to the appropriate vendor using this identifier. When contacting vendors about an order status or cancellation, use the purchase order number and they should be able to locate the order in their system. Make sure you reference the purchase order number and not just an order number because each vendor has their own internal order number system which we normally don’t see.

Are You Prepared for Fiscal Year-End 2015?

(April 2015)

As we approach Fiscal Year End 15 you will need to be aware of important deadlines for year-end processing.

June 16, 2015

  • All purchases made through Shop@UW and the MDS Verona warehouse must be placed by end of business day on June 16, 2015 to ensure that the charges are applied to FY15 funding.
  • Please keep in mind that even if orders are placed by June 16, any potential back-orders may be delayed and could be billed in FY16.
  • Orders placed after June 16, 2015 may or may not be billed to FY15 depending on product receipt date and potential back-order status.

June 16-June 23, 2015

  • The billing period for orders placed between these dates are completely dependent on when the Shop@UW vendor sends the invoice to MDS. We will do our best to apply them against FY15 but there are no guarantees.

June 23, 2015

  • All orders must be physically received by the customer and invoiced by the Shop@UW vendors by the end of the business day on June 23, 2015, in order to be applied to funding in FY15.

June 24-30, 2015

  • Orders invoiced between these dates will be applied to FY16.

June 29, 2015

  • Cut-off for Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) will be at 10:00 AM – please note this is different from the standard NOON deadline.
  • Shop@UW accounting will transmit all the campus billing files to SFS after 10:00 AM on June 29, 2015, and they will be applied to FY15. You will be able to view these transactions in WISDM after July 1.

Any questions related to these dates please contact Shop@UW accounting at or 608-497-4400.

Eppendorf Joins Shop@UW

(February 25, 2015)

Eppendorf has joined Shop@UW as the newest supplier. Eppendorf is a life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid handling, sample handling, and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. Please review the Vendor Contact, Return, and Shipping Information web page for contact information if you have a question about products from Eppendorf.

David Nelson, Director of UW-Madison Purchasing

(February 25, 2015)

David Nelson assumed the position of Director of Purchasing Services on Monday, February 23, 2015. David brings over two decades of procurement, supply-chain management, and strategic sourcing experience. He has held leadership positions with several Wisconsin and Illinois based companies such as: Kohl’s Department Stores, American Family Insurance, CUNA Mutual, GE Healthcare, and Siemens Medical Solutions.

David holds a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Technology from Southern Illinois University and a MBA in Operations Management from DePaul University (Chicago). He also has earned numerous professional certifications, including: Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB); Certified Quality Manager (CQM); Certified Production & Inventory Control Manager (CPIM); Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM); and Certified Professional Supply Management (CPSM).

Newark Joins Shop@UW

(January 14, 2015)

Shop@UW is pleased to welcome Newark as a new punch-out vendor in Shop@UW. Newark is a supplier of test and measurement equipment, supplies, maintenance equipment, and other technology products.

Please review the Vendor Contact, Return, and Shipping Information web page for contact information if you have a question about products from Newark.

2015 Calendars Available for Download: State Payroll Calendar and PAT Editing Deadline Calendar

(January 14, 2015)

Shop@UW has two calendars available for download. The PAT Editing Deadline Calendar is a time-saving tool that can help those who frequently use PAT by having all monthly cut off dates in one document. The 2015 State Payroll Calendar is a free resource we create each year for customers. Enjoy!