Default Funding Overview

The Default Funding Update is used for changing the default funding on your MD number for all future invoices from Shop@UW. You cannot use this function to assign funding to a specific order.

Some common reasons for using the Default Funding Update:

  • Your grant/project has expired.
  • You need to use a different fund or account code for future Shop@UW purchases.
  • You need to assign a different department-ID for future Shop@UW purchases.

Your purchases are associated with your account's default funding string and all invoices are processed in nightly batches – NOT at the time of your purchase. It is not practical to frequently change your default funding string in attempts to associate different funding strings with different orders.

Consider the Following Example:

A customer changes their default funding string on their MD number first thing in the morning and then places an order to Staples. Later that same day, the customer changes their default funding string a second time and then places an order to Fisher Scientific. The Staples order and the Fisher Scientific order will both be associated with the value of the default funding string from the second change. The first funding change will be over written with the second change of the day. Whatever default funding is active in the account at the end of the day will be assigned to all purchases from that day.

Please keep in mind that the Pre-posting Allocation Tool (PAT) is available to reallocate any of your Shop@UW invoices to appropriate funding before the charges are posted to the Shared Financial System (SFS).


Default Funding Overview