Leased Vehicles

For short-term (30 days or less) non-contracted rental of trucks (e.g. moving trucks from Ryder, U-Haul, Penske) the State of WI Department of Administration will no longer provide insurance coverage under the State-Self Funded property program. Generally, these types of trucks are not available under the Big Ten or State contracts therefore non-contracted rentals are necessary but do not carry the standard insurances that are part of our Big Ten/State contracts. Review by DOA indicates our former practice of including these truck rentals under our property program is not within scope of the self-funded program.

We will begin following the standard procedures for rental of other non-contracted rental vehicles (See 6 C. of UW System Administrative Policy 615).

Therefore, any short-term non-contract (Big Ten or State) truck rental the campus department/unit renting is now required to purchase physical damage/collision damage waiver and liability insurance that is offered from the rental company.

Long-term leases greater than 30 days may still be considered for leasing by contacting UW-Madison Car Fleet.

Contact with questions.