Number IPP 9
Dated: 04/16/15 
Replaces: 07/13/12

Internal Policy and Procedures

Competitive Bid Process for Simplified Bids


Requisitions $5,000.00 to $49,999.99 require competitive bidding using the simplified bidding process.  If no competition exists, follow procedures for waiving the bid process (see IPP 14).  Written documentation of competition must be filed in the Vendor file.

1. Agent will develop and prepare bid document.

1.1 Determine whether Special Approvals are required.  If required, ensure that they have been obtained and are addressed (see IPP 26).

1.2 Insurance coverage will be required from the successful bidder for service, installation, inside delivery and other work performed on campus that is identified as high risk (see IPP 12).  It is imperative that this requirement be made known to the supplier as part of the bid specification.

1.3 Establish the Itemized Bid List which is the format for bidders to offer their prices consistent with the Method of Award selected in SCOB’s (i.e. item number, quantity, unit, description, manufacturer, unit price and total price). 

1.4 Establish bidders list. A minimum of three viable vendor contacts are required, if posting on VendorNet this is not required.  It is required that a minimum of one Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) vendor be solicited, if posting on VendorNet this is not required.  Use the following website to check the Minority Business Directory.  If there is no MBE available; the MBE section must be completed on the Incoming Request for Bid form.

1.5 Submit bid package to bid processing to include the following:

  • Drawings/Samples (if appropriate)
  • Requisition
  • Supporting documentation

2. Bid Processing will prepare the simplified bid document.

2.1 The bid should be on street for three business days (agent discretion is allowed). 

2.2 At 2:00 p.m. on the due date Bid Processing delivers the bids to agent.

3. Agent will analyze bids.

3.1 Verify compliance with specifications and conditions of bid.

3.2 Review exceptions taken by bidders and determine whether acceptable or not. 

3.3 When bids are received with notation of Proprietary and Confidential, agent must request bidder complete Form DOA-3027

3.4 Ensure pricing is as requested based on Itemized Bid List.  Proof abstract ensuring bid prices and abstract agrees (i.e. minority preference).

3.5 The award(s) must be clearly indicated (circled).  If other than low bidder is selected, adequate justification for not accepting low bid must be noted.

3.6 Notify department via e-mail or phone call of results if any evaluation is required.

PPP16 Simplified Bid Process
PRO-302 Best Judgment Purchasing
PRO-303 Simplified Bidding
IPP #12 (Insurance) 
IPP #14 (Waiver of the Competitive Process) 
IPP #26 (Special Approvals)