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(contract last updated 06/26/2016)

SCOPE: Contract for the purchase of Career Services Management software.


The University on behalf of the current UW-Madison BuckyNet Collaboration and the entire University is seeking a flexible enterprise solution that supports career services management (CSM) operations for multiple career services offices on the UW-Madison campus. Administrators from multiple offices/colleges can share one system while providing end-users (alumni, students, employers, mentors, and faculty) with an experience unique to the office/college that primarily or solely serves them (branding, operations, communications, & processes). Additionally, the solution needs to offer integration in several key areas: user authentication, shared job board, on-campus interviewing, and shared career fair management.


The University is seeking to establish an enterprise shared CSM system that integrates with campus identity management infrastructures, protects the intellectual property and privacy of users, complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS), and provides a secure system for housing University student and alumni data that abides by FERPA guidelines where applicable.


The University has the capacity to host a CSM solution on its servers but a vendor-hosted solution (software as a service) is highly preferred.  Proposers may offer either an On-Premise solution (traditional software and maintenance) or Hosted solution (Software as a Service). Information on licensing options for a multiple office environment as well as one system that could support all of these needs and a combination of these two should be provided.

The UW-Madison BuckyNet Collaboration, whose membership is made up of 7 career services departments and one external partner, is growing quickly. The group uses a career services management (CSM) software application as part of a partially integrated consortium called a Multi-School Environment (MSE). The NACElink CSM MSE has been branded on Campus as BuckyNet. Expansion could be additional school’s joining the MSE or existing units in the MSE adding new modules to their instance or shared services.


Wisconsin BBA holds the core license for a full Career Services Manager (CSM) with unlimited career fair management as well as two additional modules or plugins. Other instances have the full CSM without the career fair module and only one has an additional module at this time. The plan is for most of the instances to acquire a virtual mock interview plugin for students that will also be able to allow employers to do interview screenings in the near future.


In the fall of 2013, the University served 43,275 undergraduate, graduate, special and professional students supported by 2,173 members of the faculty and many more staff (21,727 combined). The University also has over 400,000 living alumni. There are over 120 individuals at the University involved in career services; potential CSM users represent a proportion of that number.


In the current CSM system, there are 13,638 registered employers, 26,184 employer contacts, 15 faculty, 44,119 students and alumni, and 172 administration accounts. We typically host 8 career fairs with up to 314 unique employers, 217 information sessions, and an average of 175 employers participating in Fall OCI for our highest volume career office over the past 3 years.


System management and configuration is overseen by the BuckyNet MSE Core team which includes the Multi-School Administrator (MSA) as well as one UW-Madison staff member from each instance currently in the BuckyNet MSE. Each CORE instance also maintains a back-up staff member to represent, as necessary, at Core team meetings. One member of the CORE team will serve as official liaison to the Career Services Council, the best practices group consisting of career services staff from all of campus regardless of participation in the MSE

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
UW-Madison users contact:
Bruce Riley
(608) 890-3646 FAX (608) 262-4467
  Non-UW-Madison users contact: Vendor Representative
RESTRICTED TO: University of Wisconsin System campuses
CONTRACT TERM: XX/XX/XX through XX/XX/XX, with a contract end date of XX/XX/XX, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.
(MBE) = Minority Business Enterprises

Symplicity Corporation (MBE)
1560 Wilson Blvd Ste 550
Arlington VA  22209
Sales Representative: PHONE # FAX #
Jordan McDonald 703-351-0200 X7110 703-373-7032
Ordering/Expediting: 703-351-0200 X7202 703-373-7032
Invoice Information: 703-351-0200 X7110 703-373-7032
Returns: 703-351-0200 X7202 703-373-7032
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 703-351-0200 X7601 703-373-7032
Commodity Code 920-07
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 36-4160472


Symplicity would be willing to extend terms and conditions, but pricing may vary by campus based on business need.
Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices shall reflect contract pricing.
Other: Pricing not available to: State of Wisconsin Agencies, Wisconsin Municipalities, other CIC member institutions or Non-Profit Organizations specifically linked by their mission to the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Pricing Information:

UW Madison:  Contact agent at (608) 890-3646 or email ( for pricing.

All Others:  Contact vendor

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