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(contract last updated 08/23/2018)

SCOPE: Contract for the purchase of high rise window washing services for the Kohl Center, LaBahn Arena, Kellner Hall, Camp Randall, Porter Boathouse, SAPC/Fetzer Hall, Goodman Diamond, University Ridge Golf Course Club House and Practice Facility, and Athletic Operations.

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
UW-Madison users contact: 
Brad Bauman 
(608) 265-1462 FAX (608) 262-4467
  Non-UW-Madison users contact: Vendor Representative
RESTRICTED TO: Intercollegiate Athletics
CONTRACT TERM: March 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018, with automatic renewal extensions to February 28, 2020, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.

Jack’s Maintenance Service / Brite Way
730 Kuehn Ct
Neenah, WI 54911
Sales Representative: PHONE # FAX #
Mike Behrent 920-716-8998 920-722-5073


Mike Behrent

920-716-8998 920-722-5073

Invoice Information:

Mike Behrent

920-716-8998 920-722-5073


Mike Behrent

920-716-8998 920-722-5073

Supplier Diversity Reporting:

Mike Rowland

920-722-5136 920-722-5073
Commodity Code 910-81
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 39-1132894
Terms: N/30
Invoicing: Invoices shall reflect contract pricing.
Other: Pricing not available to: University of Wisconsin System campuses, State of Wisconsin Agencies and Wisconsin Municipalities.
Pricing Information: Click here for pricing.



      1.1 Quality of Work:  Windows shall be washed clean and free of steaks, smears and visible soap residue.  Accumulated dirt, paint specs, or other foreign debris must be scraped from windows.  Frames shall be scrubbed to remove all dried dirt, insects, debris and other materials so as to be considered clean by the building representative.  Windowsills shall be washed clean and all drippings wiped dry.

      1.2 Contractor Supplies and Equipment:  Contractor must furnish all equipment and supplies needed to carry out the window washing services specified at no extra cost to the University.  All equipment and supplies used must be capable of performing all operations in accordance with specifications.

      1.3  Equipment and Supplies Safety:  Prior to start of work, all Contractor equipment shall be safety checked to conform to all applicable State of Wisconsin Industrial Commission Code and OSHA regulations.

            The University reserves the right to request the removal from the work site any supplies and/or equipment it deems does not meet the aforementioned codes or regulations.  In addition, it may request the halt of any unsafe practices observed in carrying out the contracted service.  This will in no way relieve the Contractor of complying with the wash schedule.

      1.4  Material Safety Data Sheets:  Prior to starting, Contractor must provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all products used on site.

      1.5  Safety for Overhead Work:  Window washers shall close off area(s) and post signs indicating the area(s) are closed to pedestrian traffic when working over entrances, traveled walkways or any area where people might cross below workers.  Signs should indicate that men are working above.  All equipment, apparatus or rope coils on the ground level shall also be marked off with cones and signs warning pedestrian traffic.  Contractor shall provide safety cone and signs.

      1.6  Inside Work:  If any items are moved away from windows by window washers they shall be returned to original location.  All water and cleaning solution drippings shall be thoroughly removed and wiped dry before returning items to their original locations.  Workers shall carry stepladders with them for washing inside of windows.  Workers shall not stand on furniture or windowsills.  Workers will give occupants every opportunity to clear window areas prior to washing.

      1.7  Damage:  Any damage to windows, building, occupants furniture, equipment or occupant work papers shall be reported immediately to a building superintendent.  Contractor shall notify building superintendent of any existing deterioration in windowsills or frames.

      1.8  Washing Times:  Building is to be washed twice a year, cleaned inside and out, in April/May and outside only in September/October.  Coordinate washing times with the building contact person.


      2.1  Work Start:  No work shall be performed prior to receipt of a written University Purchase Order and the filing and approval of a Certificate of Insurance with the University Risk Management Office.

      2.2  Work Hours:  Coordinate the washing schedule with the Building Superintendent.  Washing is to be performed Monday through Friday during daylight hours, normally between 7:00am and 5:00pm.

      2.3  Schedule Wash:  Schedule wash with Building Superintendent.  Provide at least two weeks notice prior to scheduled wash date.  Confirm the scheduled wash date in writing.

      2.4  Reschedule Wash:  A scheduled wash can be rescheduled only once.  Rescheduled work must begin no later than one week after original scheduled washing date.  Contractor shall notify the Building Superintendent in writing at least 48 hours before the originally agreed upon date to make any changes to washing dates to allow Building Superintendent time to notify building occupants.

      2.5  Consecutive Wash Days:  Work shall be done on consecutive days, unless pre-approved Building Superintendent.  Inside work may be performed on days with bad weather, as long as it is within the agreed upon schedule.

      2.6  Total Work Time:  Work for each building must be finished, to the satisfaction of the Building Superintendent, no later than 10 working days after the start date.  This two week period may be extended at the sole discretion of the Building Superintendent.


      3.1   Personnel:  Contractor shall have in their employ, or under their control, sufficient qualified and competent personnel to perform work promptly and in accordance with Contract schedules and requirements.

      3.2   Supervision:  Contractor shall provide all supervision on site to coordinate and inspect work.

      3.3   Daily Check In/Out:  The on-site supervisor of Contractor workers shall check-in Building Superintendent daily prior to starting work.  On-site supervisor will contact the Building Superintendent or designee for inspection after completing the daily work schedule.

      3.4   Performance:  Contractor’s personnel must be capable of performing at an effectiveness level in accordance with specifications and industry standards.  All work shall be performed in a workmanlike manner and in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and codes.  The University requires quality washing done in a competent manner.  All workers shall be required to wash windows clean with a minimum of prompting or direction from University staff.

      3.5   Substandard Work:  Contractor will correct or cause to have corrected any substandard work as requested by the University.

      3.6   Prohibited Actions:  Contractor crews will be working in smoke-free University buildings.  Contractor will be required to remove any worker who violates the non-smoking rules or any employee who reports to the job manifesting evidence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drug use.

      3.7   Reassignments:  The Contractor shall utilize, on this Contract, only workers that are skilled in the tasks to which they are assigned.  The University retains the right to require the reassignment of an employee or employees as the University may deem necessary.  Reasons for this request may be, but are not limited to: poor work performance, incompetence, carelessness, disruptive or otherwise objectionable behavior.  The request for reassignment is in no way a call for dismissal.  It is just a request for the individual to be reassigned away from the University facilities.

      3.8   Uniforms/Identification:  All workers while on duty shall be identified by uniform shirt, blouse or smock indicating the company name or logo in print large enough to be easily read.

      3.9   Notification of Occupants:  Contractor’s on-site supervisor or worker(s) should inform tenants 15 minutes prior to arriving at a floor, area or section that they are going to begin washing interior windows.  Washing crews should give tenants every opportunity to clear windowsills or any other obstacle.

      3.10 Occupant Safety:  Work shall be done in such a manner so as to create a safe working and walking situation for occupants of the building.  Work shall be done in a manner as to be of a little disruption to occupants of the building.  Work shall be done in a manner that does not compromise the security of the work of occupant.

If it is determined by the Building Superintendent that additional washings are needed during this Contract period, the dates of the additional washings are to be agreed upon by the Building Superintendent and the Contractor.  The price for additional washing shall be the same awarded Contract rate.

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