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(contract last updated 03/13/2020)

SCOPE: Contract for the purchase of Brand Strategy; Marketing Research and Insights; Marketing Planning and Execution; Digital Marketing Services; Inbound Marketing; Web Development; Video Production; and Photography Services.


The Office of University Relations provides expert marketing and communications support to schools, colleges, departments, centers and other campus units.  Given the breadth and size of campus, however, University Relations cannot adequately meet the demand from campus for these services. This Contract is designed to offer users a variety of qualified vendors to assist the University in refinement of brand strategies, developing marketing communications in various formats, and activating those communications for key constituencies.  It is critical that these strategies take full advantage of the institution’s brand equity and existing brand platform and positioning while providing the type of messaging and branding flexibility needed by the University’s schools, colleges, key units and affiliated partners.


Any individual scope of work will be negotiated based on the needs of the specific University department utilizing the contract, including a payment plan.  University departments will be free to compare the various vendors and pricing, conduct interviews, and purchase from the vendor of their choice.  As pricing and experience varies among vendors, it is suggested, but not required, that users contact at least two vendors in the appropriate lot prior to committing to a project.


NOTE:  Vendors are only allowed to provide services for their awarded lots.


Instructions for Campus:

Prior approval from the Office of University Relations is required before University of Wisconsin-Madison departments may use this contract.  The campus client has final approval, but the expectation is that University Marketing will be consulted initially to brief the agency on existing UW-Madison brand assets, brand and visual guidelines, etc.  Departments are required to use the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Printing Services or University Marketing for printing services related to this contract. ( and


** NOTE: If departments are utilizing a vendor who is an individual and they will be performing routine work unsupervised in the presence of a minor, the department is required to run a background check. See PPP37.


Step 1 – Define the scope of the project.  The various lots are described below.

Step 2 – Contact the Office of University Relations, Tricia Nolan, Executive Director, University Marketing at (608/265-9005).  This office will determine if they can meet the department’s needs, or if a vendor from the contract would be the best option.  Contact Peter Kleppin, Producer/Project Manager, University Communications, at (608/262-8292) for projects for Lot 7 Video Production.

Step 3 – Contact one or more vendors on the contract based on their awarded lots.  The vendor(s) should be provided a scope of the project, timeline and budget (if necessary) for them to provide a proposal with pricing for the project.  Prices cannot exceed the rates bid for each lot.  Vendors are encouraged to provide lower rates whenever possible.  Staff from University Marketing will also be available to review/discuss vendor proposals, including scope of work, number of hours, timelines, and overall feasibilities.

Step 4 – Prepare a requisition and attach the accepted proposal.  Vendors should not begin services until a purchase order is received.


Instructions for Vendors:

Vendors are required to use the hourly rate per lot listed when creating quotes, proposals and budgets for department projects.  Prices cannot exceed the rates bid for each lot.  Vendors are encouraged to provide lower rates whenever possible.  Invoices must also reflect the hourly rate.  Under no circumstances will the University pay more than 50% prior to acceptance of services completed.  An example of a payment plan would be:  25% due upon completion of interview and timeline is accepted; 25% due upon receipt of acceptable design, 50% due upon completion of project.  All of the vendor’s travel and per diem expenses shall be the vendor’s sole responsibility.  Payment to the vendor by the University shall not include an additional amount for this purpose.  The contract terms and conditions will apply to each order.  No additional terms included in quotes or proposals will be accepted.

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
UW-Madison users contact: 
Sarah Martin
(608) 265-0443 / FAX (608) 262-4467
  Non-UW-Madison users contact: Vendor Representative
COOPERATIVE PURCHASING: YES, contractors who take exception to non-restricted cooperative purchasing are noted with an asterisk in the below pricing spreadsheet. Please refer to their individual contractor information page for more detail.

April 15, 2018 through April 14, 2019, with automatic renewal extensions to April 14, 2023, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.

COMMODITY CODE: 915-22 / 915-72 / 915-82 / 915-96 / 918-76 / 961-53



INVOICING: Invoices to show contract pricing.

Click on the Lot Number to read its description:

Lot 1 - Brand Strategy Lot 2 - Marketing Research & Insights Lot 3 - Marketing Planning & Execution Lot 4 - Digital Marketing Services
Lot 5 - Inbound Marketing Lot 6 - Web Development Lot 7 - Video Production Lot 8 - Photography Services
Please click here for pricing and which lots each vendor was awarded.

Click on the Vendor name to see the Vendor's Information:


6AM Marketing

Advance 360

Affinity Holding Group DBA Mod9Multimedia


Andy Manis Photo

Art & Sons


Atlantic Business Technologies Inc

Aurora Imaging Company LLC DBA Bowstring Studios

Azul 7 GBC DBA Azul Seven

BarkleyREI LLC

Beyond Usability LLC


Blend Integrated Marketing

Boelter & Lincoln

Campaign Creators

Carnegie Dartlet LLC

Creative Arcade LLC

Creative Marketing Resources Inc (MBE*)

Cricket Design Works

Discover Mediaworks

Distillery Marketing and Design

Earthling Interactive

eCity Interactive

Electric Citizen

Enrollment Builders

Fig Leaf Software Inc

Focal Flame Photography LLC

Gravity Holdings LLC DBA Gravity Switch

Greenleaf Media

Hardin Design and Development


hodgsonConsulting LLC

Hoffman York

Infojini Inc

John McNeil Studio LLC

KW2 (Knupp & Watson & Wallman Inc)


Made Ya Look

Manifesto LLC

Mindpower Inc

Mirror 34 Productions

Northstar Strategies Inc

Openbox Strategies


Pigorsch Media Design

Plum Media

RDW Group Inc DBA iFactory

Ruffalo Noel Levitz (formarly Converge Consulting)

Saturn Lounge Photography Inc

Sextant Marketing

Shine United

Simpson Scarborough

Stamats Communications Inc DBA The Thorburn Group

Stamats Inc

Story and Structure Inc

StoryBridge Studio LLC (MBE*)

Sunseed Research LLC

Svanaco Inc DBA


Tack Video Production

Thruline Marketing DBA Keypath Education

Tilt Media

Tom Lynn Photography

Tri-Marq Communications

Tweedee Media Inc

Vendi Advertising




* MBE = Minority Business Enterprises

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