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(contract last updated 08/28/2015)

SCOPE: Contract for the lease of a high speed copier/printer that is capable of producing the type and volume of jobs needed in a production copy center.

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218
UW-Madison users contact:
Marty Rostermundt
(608) 890-3428 FAX (608) 262-4467
  Non-UW-Madison users contact: Vendor Representative
RESTRICTED TO: Chemistry Department Fast Copy Center
CONTRACT TERM: September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016, with automatic renewal extensions to August 31, 2019, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.

Gordon Flesch Co Inc
2675 Research Park Dr
Madison  WI  53711 4906
Sales Representative: PHONE # FAX #
Steve Peterson 608-347-6551 608-441-1807
Ordering/Expediting: 608-441-6350 608-441-1807
Invoice Information: 608-441-6350 608-441-1807
Returns: 608-441-6350 608-441-1807
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 608-441-6261 608-441-1807
Commodity Code 600-38 
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 39-0993125


Terms: N/30
Delivery: 30 days ARO
Invoicing: Invoices shall reflect contract pricing.
Minimum Order: None
Warranty Period: The University reserves the right to require replacement, for poor performance, of equipment anytime during the contract period.  If there is a disagreement between the department and the Contractor, Purchasing will be the final authority.
Pricing Information:










Lease of Networked Connected Digital Copier/Printer for 48 months with start-up supplies for one month







1.        Machine Evaluation
The University will evaluate the performance of newly installed machines within 30 calendar days after installation.  If there are no problems with the newly installed machine, the Authorized User is required to pay for the machine within the time limits set by State Statute.  However, if the Authorized User is experiencing problems with the machine, the Authorized User need not pay for the machine until the problems have been resolved.  If machine performance is unacceptable or if the machine is not capable of handling the copy/print volume specified, the Contractor agrees to either provide a new replacement machine at no added cost or to cancel the purchase agreement for that location.  If the new replacement machine has unacceptable performance or is not capable of handling the volume the Authorized User may return the machine and cancel the Purchase Order.  Purchasing is the sole judge of what is acceptable machine performance.


2.        Performance Guarantee
The University requires an UP TIME GUARANTEE on the equipment of at least 95% during every calendar month.  Downtime is calculated from the time the Department places the call, and ends when the machine is up and running, and is based on the machine being inoperative, the copies/pages made are unusable, or, a major feature is not usable (i.e. document feeder, auto duplexing, finisher). The University is the sole judge of what is considered downtime.  (A calendar month consists of normal business hours Monday through Friday; Wisconsin legal holidays accepted which means there are 8.7 working hours of downtime allowed each month on average.)  If the equipment fails to meet this 95% up time requirement for one month, the University may require the Contractor to do a like-for-like replacement of that equipment.  If, within 90 days after installation, the replacement equipment also fails to live up to the 95% performance guarantee, the Contract may be cancelled for that equipment and the Contractor will be required to remove their equipment. If a purchased equipment does not meet this 95% Up-time requirement during a month, the Contractor may be asked to give a credit to the University against the maintenance invoice for the machine in question (Example:  If equipment is operational 80% of the time during a given month, then the downtime credit will be 20% of the monthly invoice cost.  If the up time is 95% or greater, then no credit is required).  Also, the University requires that the "Up Time Guarantee" remain in force for as long as the Department maintains a continuous maintenance agreement with the Contractor.


3.        Training and Technical Assistance
Contractors must have staff able to provide technical assistance and training to State agencies at any location, including problem solving, machine operation, etc.  Contractors must have ready access to manufacturers' technical resources for problems that are beyond the ability of the Contractor’s sales service staff.  An operator training program must be provided by the Contractor.  Following installation, a primary operator and back-up operator must be trained for each location.  It is required that this training be done on-site.  If the State is to be charged for the cost of training, this cost must be included in the quoted unit costs.  Additional training sessions may be required by an Authorized User.  Contractors must furnish technical assistance in the operation and maintenance of machines on request.  Such assistance shall be available within 24 hours and without additional cost.  Contractors are required to furnish descriptive literature of all their awarded model(s) to any Authorized User that requests it.  Descriptive literature must be sent to the Authorized User within 24 hours after a request is made.


4.        Removal at the End of the Contract Period for Leased Equipment
Contractor is required to remove leased equipment no later than 2 calendar weeks after the lease Contract is completed, or, by whatever schedule is agreed to between the Contractor and the Department.  If the equipment has not been removed at the end of 60 days the University may dispose of the machine any way they wish to and charge the contractor actual costs incurred to have the equipment removed.


5.        Removal and Disposal of Other University Owned Equipment 
Whether or not the equipment is their own brand, Contractors are required to pick up and dispose of University owned equipment according to the standards of Wisconsin Act 50 (  This will be at no charge upon placement of a new machine purchased or leased under this contract.


6.        Security
For any equipment purchased, leased or replaced for new under this contract, the Contractor must provide written verification that the hard drive has been cleansed prior to the removal of the equipment from the Department premises.  If it is technologically impossible to cleanse the hard drive or the Department requests to secure the hard drive, the Contractor must remove the hard drive prior to removing the equipment and leave it with the agency, at no charge. 


Contractor agrees to comply with all applicable Wisconsin laws that require the notification of individuals in the event of unauthorized release of personally-identifiable information (PII) or other event requiring notification.  In the event of a breach of any of Contractor’s security obligations or other event requiring notification under applicable Wisconsin law, Contractor agrees to assume responsibility for informing all such individuals in accordance with applicable Wisconsin law, and to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, officers, agents and employees from and against any claims, damages, or other harm related to such Notification Event.



1.        New Equipment
Only new equipment shall be furnished under this Contract.  Machines listed as “Factory Produced New Model Equipment” are not considered to be “new”.


2.        Consumables/Supplies                            
Supplies for copiers/MFDs must be furnished to the location designated by the department on a periodic basis and will include all shipping and handling as part of the maintenance cost.  The department will take reasonable steps to safeguard supplies from loss or misapplication.  Contractors must deliver supplies as soon as possible after they are requested.  Also, a minimum of four (4) weeks worth of supplies will be delivered at one time.  Failure to promptly deliver supplies may be grounds for cancellation of the order and/or subsequent cancellation of the Contract.  The maintenance cost includes all supplies, such as, toner, developer, maintenance kits, toner waste containers, fuser oil, staples, staple wire, dispersant and any other consumable supply item necessary for the operation of the equipment except paper (maintenance cost does not include binding tape or glue binding material).  Failure to include any of the supply items listed in your maintenance cost may disqualify your bid.  All supplies must be Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplies.


3.        Samples and Evaluation
For each machine bid, Contractors must submit two (2) sets of samples printed from the proposed copier machine as described in the sample job request form. The University will supply the sample files on a CD that can be picked up at 21 N. Park Street, Suite 6101 during business hours (8:00 – 4:00) between Monday, July 13 and Friday, July 17 (per Section 3.9).  Samples will be used to qualify the Contractors based on the following criteria:  density of solids, clarity of screens, uniformity of screens, uniformity of solids, and overall print quality comparison.  All samples provided will become the property of the University. 


4.        Electrical Connections, Surge Protectors and Telephone Lines
Any special wiring for electrical, telephone, or computer hookup is the responsibility of the University to supply and pay for.  It is required that all machines come equipped with an External surge protector to protect their telephone and electronic components; this is in addition to any internal surge protector.  Surge protectors must come with a minimum five year manufacturer’s warranty stating the surge protector will be replaced free of charge if it fails, and the manufacturer must repair or replace any machine damaged by power surges when properly connected to the surge protector. 


5.        Equipment Specifications:
           Black and White High Speed Production Copier/Printer



  • Networked connected digital high speed copier
  • Process at least 100 copies per minute in Black and White for 8 ½” x 11” inch copies
  • 250,000 monthly average (500,000 peak month average – twice per year)
  • Print Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Scan resolution 600 x 600
  • Scan to TIFF, JPG or PDF
  • Scan to FTP, mailbox, or email
  • Halftone Reproduction – 256 Gradations
  • Scan speeds of at least 80 sheets per minute
  • Simplex and duplex scanning
  • Automatic document feeder with 100 sheet duplex capacity
  • Capable of job build to accommodate many originals
  • Out capacity of at least 3,000 sheets
  • Paper weight of 16# bond up to 80# cover
  • Two position stapling
  • Hole punch with 2 or 3 hole punch options for long or short edge
  • Magnification 25 – 400%
  • On line stapling of 50 sheets of 20# bond minimum
  • Booklet maker with capacity of folding and saddle stitching 15 sheets minimum – from
  • 8 ½” x 11 to 11” x 17” paper
  • Equipment must be capable of running both recycled fiber xerographic and Virgin Fiber xerographic paper
  • Build job feature with all features programmable by section (i.e. margin shift, edge trim, reduction, exposure) utilizing all paper trays
  • Capable of unloading/loading stock while running
  • Minimum 6 paper trays for imaging including: 1 high capacity tray (minimum of 3,000 sheets), 2 universal trays to handle 11 x 17, and 1 tray to handle tab stock and 80# cover stock.  1 bypass tray can be included in the 6.
  • Page / Copy Set Numbering
  • Copier/ printer should be able to handle the following PDL's and Data Format:   *Adobe Postscript level 3 - *PDF - *PCL5e and 6 - *TIFF - *HPGL - *HPGL2
  • Must be capable of connecting to Native Network Connectivity Environments TCP/IP, SNMP, SMB, Novell IPX, Apple Talk, IPP
  • Compatible with Adobe Pro 9
  • All future software upgrades and minor software enhancements must be furnished and installed free of charge
  • Compatible with Windows 7 operating system
  • Contractor must provide at least one operating manual
  • Contractor must provide at least 4 hours of on-site training and software/ technical support as needed

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