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(contract last updated 05/22/2015)

SCOPE: Contract for the purchase of Dell/EqualLogic Storage Area Network Equipment and Maintenance.  Equipment must fully interoperate with currently installed Equallogic equipment - integrated into the management console, work with VMware integration tools, share storage cache, etc.

Purchasing Services
21 N Park St, Ste 6101
Madison, WI 53715-1218

UW-Madison users contact:

Purchasing Services
(608) 262-1528 FAX (608) 262-4467

  Non-UW-Madison users contact: Vendor Representative
CONTRACT TERM: May 21, 2015 through May 20, 2016, with automatic renewal extensions to May 20, 2018, unless amended, cancelled or rebid.

Insight Public Sector Inc
2250 W Pinehurst Blvd  Ste 200
Addison  IL 60101
Sales Representative: PHONE #  
Kevin Sardeson 920-360-2102  
  PHONE #  
Ordering/Expediting: 920-360-2102  
Invoice Information: 920-360-2102  
Returns: 920-360-2102  
Supplier Diversity Reporting: 920-360-2102
Federal Employee ID # (FEIN) 36-3949000
Commodity Code 204-64 / 206-64 / 206-89
Terms: N/30
Delivery: Delivery is desired on or before 30 days after receipt of an order.
Invoicing: Invoices shall reflect contract pricing.
Warranty: Manufacturer's standard warranty on items and/or parts.
Return Policy: Contractor will provide for return of items ordered in error for up to 30 calendar days from receipt with the University paying only the return shipping costs.
Back Orders: Will notify ordering department within five (5) working days of order/release.
Pricing Information: SEE BELOW

All Dell/EqualLogic Systems & Peripherals hardware and software products, peripherals and accessories offered by the Contractor in its US Commercial Price List or GSA Supply Schedule may be included under this contract. (Note: This Contract does not include Microcomputers, PC or network printers or the accessories for these items.)


Discount Percentage, Systems           43%
Discount Percentage, Peripherals       43%
Discount Percentage, Software          43%


Pricing is Based On:
EqualLogic List Price Sheet dated May 5, 2015
GSA Supply Schedule Number N/A   Dated N/A

All non-listed, related items from manufacturer's catalog or product list are available at 43% discount. 


(Description of Services, including response times, severity level, support phone numbers, hours of availability, etc. ) 


The Maintenance and support price list submitted must contain at least the following items:


Category Description: EqualLogic products


Contract Discount: 43%



A. INSTRUCTION MANUALS/SOFTWARE & DOCUMENTATION: Product shall be furnished, at no extra charge, with one complete set of standard operator instruction manuals and documentation (hard copy or CD Rom) as would normally accompany such Product(s). Departments may purchase additional sets of technical manuals, if needed. Where software documentation is provided in electronic or CD-ROM format, Department shall be entitled to make copies to the extent necessary to fully enjoy the rights granted under this Contract.


B. SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS (SLAs): Departments will be encouraged to enter into formal written Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the Contractor prior to placing orders for Product under this Contract, particularly for mission critical, high availability systems. It will be further recommended that the purchase order specifically reference the SLA. The SLA will serve, at a minimum, the following important functions: (a) Defines the services that the Contractor will provide, assigns priorities to these services, and establishes baseline standards, responsibilities, and commitments. (b) Becomes the basis for performance measurement reporting and provides the opportunity to identify (c) potential service level improvements   The SLA will contain at a minimum; a scope of work including deliverables; delivery and acceptance timeframes; contact information;  and payment terms.


C. CONSULTING SERVICES: Consulting Services may include qualified, professional analysis, recommendations, or design expertise to the Department relating to Systems & Peripherals hardware and software. Said expertise must include a current knowledge of the technology  marketplace, related Systems & Peripherals issues and trends, and may include the ability to: (a) Analyze existing technological environment, including hardware, software, and live operations and transaction volumes; (b) Design and develop new systems, add-ons or modifications to existing Systems & Peripherals systems, including single platform computer systems and distributed systems; and (c) Develop functional and/or design specifications, technical writing and documentation.


D. CONFIGURATION SERVICES: Configuration Services are an option and may include, but are not limited to, the following:


a.      System Set-Up - Set time and date
b.      Board-Level Enhancements - Memory upgrades; I/O Boards; etc.
c.      System Integration (configure install and integrate products acquired from the Contract)
d.      Customized Configurations
e.      Hardware and Software Management (including hardware and software asset tracking and tagging if requested)


Contractor may provide configuration services, including installation of third party software or ancillary options, in order that Departments shall be able to take delivery of completed systems. Unless Contractor separately enumerates a fee for basic configuration services, it shall be presumed that the pricing set forth includes basic software configuration for software that is acquired from Contractor under this Contract.


E. MAINTENANCE, GENERAL PROVISIONS:   The Contractor shall advise Departments of the maintenance options that may be ordered with the Product and the costs associated with each option. Maintenance may be ordered separately at any time during the contract period and/or license term. Departments will have the option of selecting a monthly/annual maintenance contract or maintenance on a time and materials basis. The Purchase Order, or equivalent, shall identify which option has been selected. The initial maintenance term and any renewal(s) thereof may survive expiration of the contract term. Where Department elects support and maintenance services, Contractor shall maintain the Product so as to provide Department with the ability to utilize the Product without interruption, delay or significant functional downtime to the Department’s ongoing business operations during the maintenance term in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable service descriptions. Unless the agreement (SLA) between the Department and the Contractor specifies otherwise and so long as the malfunction is attributable to Contractor’s Product, Contractor guarantees that within forty-eight (48) continuous hours of its response for any maintenance as provided above that repairs will be successfully completed and that system service will be fully restored.


1.        Maintenance and Repair:
1.1   Contractor must provide 24-hour priority online and telephone support.  Hardware Support must include Advanced Hardware Replacement by the next business day.  If Contractor cannot complete all services within this time, the Contractor must provide a progress report of the repair to the department.

1.2   Contractor shall provide unlimited telephone support service during normal business hours.

1.3   Contractor should provide remote installation service.

1.4   Purchasing shall have the option to contract with another vendor to repair or service machines if Contractor is unable to repair equipment for any reason or make necessary repairs on a timely basis.


2.      Registration with the Manufacturer
Contractor must be able to register every quote and/or deal with the Manufacturer (Dell) for the University in order to obtain the discount bid.

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