How to Prepare a Basic Release of Liability

There are many events held on campus, often sponsored by student organizations, such as runs, walks, and other types of athletic participation, for which a waiver form, also known as a Release of Liability, is required. If you are hosting a simple athletic event, the attached format is probably suitable as a pattern.

  1. Those items that need to be changed for every event are italicized and underlined. The rest of the format should stand as it is. You will need to insert the name of the event, date and location, as well as the name of the sponsoring organizations.
  2. The next section is a statement about the physical condition of the course and/or individual – use as appropriate.
  3. The next section requires a list of potential risks.

This form may not be sophisticated enough for some situations that require special clothing, involve overnite stays on field trips, or other complex activities . For anything other than basic runs/walks, etc, please contact Risk Management.