How To Use An Existing Purchasing Contract

Established contracts are available to campus to assist in procuring goods and services.  When using a contract, please be sure to read the information provided and verify that the actual items you are ordering are covered on the contract.  UW Madison, UW System, and DOA contracts are issued for products or services as specifically referenced in the contract from the named vendors on the contract.

If a vendor is named "on a contract" that does not mean that all the products or services from that vendor are simply "on contract" and available for purchase.  If goods or services are not listed, and your order is over $5000, a competitive process will be necessary.  Purchasing items over $5000 and referencing one of these contracts as your purchasing authority is equivalent to an illegal purchase if the items being purchased are not specifically listed on the contract that is referenced.

UW Madison contracts are not mandatory and are established for commodities that are frequently purchased. The term of a contract is usually 3 years, but can be for longer. Purchasing has already gone through the competitive process and has received the best price structure or discount percentages.

Check our contract listings on the web at for further information.  If you have any questions about contract use please contact the UW Madison agent responsible for the commodity or service in question:

First, check the contract page to see if an item is under contract.

  • Make sure you read the contract. Some contracts are restricted and/or have special requirements or instructions. If you have any questions, contact the agent listed.
  • Reference the contract number on your requisition.
  • If you have any questions as to whether what you need is on contract or not, contact Purchasing Services at (608) 262-1526.