How To Set Up an External Blanket Order

  • A Blanket Order is issued to establish an account with external vendors or with other State of Wisconsin agencies or municipalities for the purchase of similar commodites, supplies or services not covered by a contract or waiver. Please see How To Set Up An External Contract Blanket Order if the items are covered by a contract or waiver.
  • No single transaction or release against a blanket order may exceed $5,000.00.
  • Blanket orders are NOT issued for printing except for allowable items under the $50 per transaction. (See "How To Get A Printing Job Done").


  1. Request a Blanket Order by completing an external requisition through the external requisition generator in My UW and routing it through normal approval channels.

  2. Blanket Orders are issued for $1.00 in situations where no exact commitment is being arranged, e.g. for "as needed" purchases. Specific commitments within the SFS Account Code ranges listed below can be issued for the full amount of the commitment.
    Account Code Description
    2200, 2201, 2210, 2230, 2260, 2270, 2271, 2620 - 2625, 2626, 2630, 3700, 6160, 7327, 7328 Services
    2300, 2305, 2320, 2625, 2330, 2335, 2340, 2345, 2350, 2355, 2360, 2370, 2410, 3810 Rental/leases
    2460, 2480, 2630 Maintenance contracts

    3150, 3151


    3840, 3845, 3910 Grant Sub-agreements

  3. Determine the beginning and ending dates of the blanket order (make sure to fill them in on the requisition).The blanket order may be issued for a maximum of 12 months. Departments should not place a release prior to the beginning date or after the expiration date.
    • General Program Revenue (GPR) funded by 101 through 119 or 150 funds, must expire at the end of the state fiscal year, June 30. Any other funding source may overlap state fiscal years but may not exceed 12 months or the ending date of the funding source.
  4. Departments may begin to purchase using the blanket order AFTER receiving the department copy of the purchase order or if the purchase order is shown as printed on the Purchasing Services Purchasing System Inquiry. The department should provide the vendor with the complete 13-digit blanket order number, verify the ship-to address and provide a contact name and phone number at the ship-to address. The department should remind the vendor that three copies of the invoice, referencing the blanket order number, must be sent to ACCOUNTS PAYABLE, 21 N Park St, Madison, WI 53715-1218.

Please contact Purchasing Services with questions.