External Third Party Payments

External Third Party payments must be by check (drawn on a US Bank) or EFT/ACH.

Paying by Check

Send check payments and "Remittance" copy of the invoice to:

University of Wisconsin–Madison
333 East Campus Mall #10501
Attn: Third Party Billing
Madison, WI 53715-1383

Paying by EFT/ACH

Please use wire transfer information provided with the invoice. Please include the following reference information when submitting wire transfer; Invoice number, Student's campus ID number, Student's Name, Semester (term) being paid). If you are unable to provide the requested reference information with the wire transfer, notify our office at thirdparty@bussvc.wisc.edu with the wire confirmation containing the following information.

  • Date of wire transfer
  • Total amount of wire transfer
  • Account number deposited into
  • Invoice Number – Located on the Bursar's Invoice
  • Student's Campus ID Number
  • Student's Name
  • Semester being paid

Note: University of Wisconsin – Madison does not currently accept Credit Card Payments.

Late Payments

Terms: 60 days net. In most cases, a second invoice is generated. If the invoice remains unpaid, the charges that are not paid by the sponsor will be placed on the student account and the student(s) will be billed electronically in the next student billing cycle. Students are ultimately responsible for the full cost of their educational expenses if their sponsor does not pay.

If the sponsor's authorization is not received prior to the tuition due date, the student is responsible for payment of the late payment fee.

If the sponsor is not paying the entire tuition and fee cost, the student must pay the remaining balance before the tuition due date in order to avoid a late payment fee.

Contact Information

Bursar's Office—Third Party Billing
Cathy Stamm
333 East Campus Mall #10501
Madison, WI 53715-1383