Excluded Scholarships and Grants

The following scholarships and grants are not considered External Third Party Sponsors to be billed.

  • Contracts that do not require a billing invoice and/or have restrictions (require the student to pass the course, complete the class, turn in transcripts, etc.,). The student is responsible for payment by the billing due date and then must seek reimbursement from the organization/company.
  • Trust Funds: letters from executor of estates or bank are not considered a Third Party Sponsor.
  • Parents, spouses, and grandparents paying a student's tuition and fee charges are not considered a Third Party Sponsor.
  • Prepayment plans: 529 accounts for college funds (We invoice only the following 529 Plans; College of IL, Florida Pre-Paid, Alabama Pre-Paid, Michigan Education Trust, Texas Guaranteed Tuition, South Carolina Tuition Pre-Paid, & Nevada Pre-Paid).
  • Foreign loans or checks are not considered a Third Party Sponsor. Please click on the following link: How to Make a Tuition ePayment with Foreign Currency.