Tuition & Fee Account -
Refund Checks & Credit Backs

Refund Checks

If the total amount of payments on a student's Tuition Account exceeds the amount of charges, a credit balance occurs.

A credit balance can be the result of one or more of the following transactions:

  • Overpayment or duplicate payment on the account:
    The overpayment is refunded.
  • The amount of Financial Aid amounts is greater than the amount of charges:
    The excess aid is refunded.
  • A third party sponsor pays charges - after charges were paid by a personal payment or financial aid:
    The overpayment is refunded.
  • Tuition Remission/Waiver received - after charges were paid by a personal payment or financial aid:
    The excess payment is refunded.
  • Change in residency causing a tuition and fee reduction - after charges are paid:
    The overpayment is refunded.
  • Tuition and fee reduction due to a class drop or change - after charges are paid:
    The overpayment is refunded.

Note: There is a 5-day wait before refunding a credit balance if it is the result of an assessment reduction.

The 5-day refund wait allows students time to add class/es - if appropriate.

The 5-day wait also allows time for the Financial Aid Office to review the student's Tuition Account.

  • Since financial aid is based on the number of units taken, aid may be reduced if the number of units taken is reduced. Appropriate aid adjustments are calculated, and the student's Tuition Account is updated.
  • If the credit is still on the account after 5 days, a refund is processed and mailed to student's active 'mailing' address.
  • If classes are added after the refund is processed, a bill is sent for the added class/es.

Term Withdrawal- within the tuition refund period and charges are paid.

  • If tuition and fees were paid with a personal, a refund is processed five days after the assessment adjustment.
  • If tuition and fees were paid with financial aid, no refund is processed and the Financial Aid Office is notified.
    • In most cases the Financial Aid Office returns aid to the lender when a student withdraws from a term.
    • Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions concerning the status of your financial aid after withdrawing.

Credit Backs

A 'credit back' is the application of funds to a financial aid source in order to reduce the amount of a student's award. A 'credit back' is usually initiated by the Financial Aid Office when a student's circumstances have changed since the original award calculation

A credit back differs from a payment for Student Loan purposes.

  • A 'credit back' is an amount which is, or should be, repaid during the original academic year of the award.
  • A 'payment' is simply an amount applied anytime thereafter.

The distinction between a credit back and a payment is an important factor in the calculation of the quarterly principal amount due, and the amount of a partial cancellation.

  • A credit back reduces the total amount borrowed by the student.
  • A payment reduces the balance of the student's outstanding debt.

This distinction is relevant because amounts due or cancelled are computed using the total amount borrowed by the student, not the current balance.