Student Permission for Financial Aid to pay all tuition charges

Are you a student who receives Title IV Federal grants or loans, such as Pell and Supplemental Education Opportunity grants; Perkins, Subsidized, Unsubsidized and GRAD PLUS loans?

If so, this information is for you! Federal Financial Aid regulations stipulate that these Title IV funds can only pay “allowable” charges on your tuition account, which are tuition and mandatory fees. If you have “non-allowable” charges, such as an Art Material Fee, a refund is issued if there is unapplied financial aid and you are billed for the non-allowable charge.

You now have the option to grant permission for your Title IV financial aid to automatically pay “non-allowable” tuition account charges.

  • Complete these steps at least 10 days before the first day of class - to ensure that your Student Permission is in effect before your financial aid is disbursed.

How to grant permission: Log into your Student Center>Finances; click [Tuition Account Summary]; select “Account Services” tab, and then click [Grant Permissions].

  1. Select the Permission Form – click [FA_ALL]Permission Form, and then click [Next].
  2. Permission Form Agreement– click, “Yes, I have read the agreement”, and then click [Submit].
  3. Student Permission Confirmation – displays and you’re done!


  • What are Student Permission benefits? Eliminates the potential for a late fee and/or enrollment hold if a “non-allowable” charge is not paid by the due date. Allows for quicker settlement of your tuition bill.
  • Do I need to give permission each term? This is a one-time authorization and will be in effect unless you submit a Rescind Student Permission request form.
  • How do I cancel Student Permission? Complete the Rescind Student Permission form on the Bursar’s Website at