Exit Interview Information


The rules governing your loan(s) are established by Federal regulations, state laws, and/or donors' wishes. These rules require the borrower to be provided an exit interview; any time a borrower graduates, transfers or leaves the campus (even for one semester) which granted the loan or drops below the required number of credits.

Interest rates, repayment periods and other allowance vary depending upon the loan program and the source of the loan fund. Exit documents are designed to help you understand your rights and obligations as a student loan borrower. However, the promissory note is the legal document governing your loan.

Exit Interview Process:

When your loan account is about to enter its initial grace period or repayment status, an electronic exit interview is generated for the borrower to complete. The exit interview provides the borrower with a copy of the promissory note, a repayment schedule for the loan(s) handled by our office, and an explanation of your rights and responsibilities as a loan borrower. Please note, signing the repayment schedule does not bind you to the payments as listed, this only verifies you were given a copy. Your repayment dates will be updated if you are granted a deferment or cancellation.

Where to complete an exit interview:

Borrowers required to complete an exit interview will receive a letter containing instructions from our loan servicer, ECSI. Once on the website, click on the 'students' tab.

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  • School Code: R7
  • Account Number: SSN
  • Password: Your PIN number
    (Click 'Need help logging in?' if you do not remember you PIN)

Note: Bank loans are managed by the Financial Aid Office and the bank from which the loan is drawn.

Forms and questions should be directed to:

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Phone: 608-262-1791 (Open until 4:30 PM)
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