Tuition Adjustments for Fund 131 Non-Pooled Programs

Departments with self-supporting tuition programs have two methods for providing reduced tuition to students: (1) departmental scholarships; and (2) internal third-party deferrals. Please refer to Scholarship vs. Third Party to compare between the two options.

Department Administration of Tuition Adjustments
Both scholarships and third-party deferrals will require submitting an electronic file each term to the Bursar’s Office secured web site with the list of students that are receiving the tuition and/or fee adjustment.

The third-party deferral form will also identify the type of charge(s) to pay. To prevent a fiscal impact to the department, deferrals must apply to the types of tuition and fees received by the department. For example: A department that pays both $100 of segregated fees and $900 of tuition for its program will only receive revenue of $900. The $100 will pay the auxiliaries for their fees.

In addition, the department must pay the deferral by submitting an interdepartmental billing form when the invoice for tuition is received.