1. What are the advantages to departments and students for using the automated departmental scholarships process?
    • Reduce the amount of time it takes for Schools and Colleges to process scholarships for students.
    • Allow the Financial Aid Office to repackage student financial aid as required by federal regulations in a minimum amount of time.
    • Allow students to view their scholarships online in their SIS Student Account.
    • Allow students the option to receive a direct deposit of refund, if scholarship is in excess of tuition and fee payments.
    • Meets IRS requirements for scholarship reporting on IRS Form 1098T.
  2. I had a scholarship reversed and received confirmation from the Bursar’s Office that the reversal was completed. Why isn’t this showing up in WISDM as being credited to my funding?

    When the Bursar’s office reverses a scholarship, the amount of the scholarship will be transferred back to the fund associated with the item type used (department clearing fund). The department will see the transfer as a credit transaction to the clearing account. If necessary, the department needs to work with their Divisional Business Office to transfer the returned award to the original scholarship fund using the Cost Transfer (CT) tool.
  3. I uploaded a scholarship, however our student didn’t receive a refund for the full amount. Why?

    The student might have had unpaid charges that the scholarship applied to. In addition, there is a possibility that other aid might have been reduced when the scholarship was applied. Scholarships posted to student accounts with active financial aid will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office and the student’s aid will be repackaged per federal regulations. After verification, students with credit balances will receive a refund.
  4. I uploaded a scholarship file on DD/MM/YYYY. When will these students receive their refund?

    We ask you to allow 1 to 5 business days for processing the scholarship files. However, please keep in mind not all scholarships will generate a refund to the student. Please see FAQ 3 for more information.
  5. I am having problems reconciling my scholarship clearing account. For scholarship reversals, I am not able to see the student details in WISDM. Can the Bursar’s Office help us in reconciling our clearing fund?

    When scholarships are reversed, the reversal will not include the student name, however you would have received an email from the Bursar’s Office confirming the reversal. That information may be used for your reconciliation and to transfer the reversal to the original scholarship fund. If you are still experiencing difficulty reconciling your account, the Bursar’s Office can provide you detailed scholarship report in Excel that you can use for reconciliation. Please email your requests to Scholarships@bussvc.wisc.edu and include the Item Type and date range you would like this report for.