Detailed Description of the Process

  1. The department should contact the Bursar’s Office to discuss the need for a new item type. An Item Type is used when posting departmental payments to student tuition accounts. It defines the various attributes of the payment in the Student Information System (SIS) and creates the link between the payment and your GL funding. Item Type is a required field on the upload file. It’s very important that the correct item type is used when submitting your requests.
  2. If approved, the department needs to submit a completed Item Type Request Form.
  3. A department clearing account is needed for the Item Type. The departments need to work with their Divisional Dean’s Office to identify the appropriate fund or to create a new funding/project for this purpose. Please make sure the combination of Department ID, Fund, and Project are valid with Program code 9 and account code 5711 for the clearing account you plan to use. You can do this funding validation test in WISDM by following this path and entering the funding combination: Main Menu —>Other—>Funding Validation/Inquiry. This clearing account will be set up behind the item type. When scholarships are posted in SIS, the clearing account is debited.
  4. The Bursar’s Office will review the Item Type Request Form and will notify the department once Item Type is ready for use. Please allow up to two weeks for this process to be completed.
  5. Schools and Colleges are encouraged to use the Common Scholarship Application (CSA) for awarding scholarships. This application will produce a formatted upload file for the departments. It will also separate the US Resident and Non-Resident students. Please note that due to tax regulations, scholarships for International students (Non-Resident Aliens) cannot be processed through the Bursar’s Office. If you are not using the CSA process, please refer to the instructions on our site for the proper format of the scholarship upload file.
  6. The Schools and Colleges will submit their files through our secure web site. The Bursar’s Office is notified automatically of every submission.
  7. The Bursar’s Office will run programs in SIS and apply the scholarships to the student accounts.
  8. Once scholarships are applied to students’ accounts, the department’s clearing account is debited.
  9. Scholarships posted to student accounts with active financial aid may not be refunded until the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) has a chance to review the student’s aid and repackage it per federal regulations. OSFA will run programs in SIS to identify and adjust the financial aid if applicable. Once the adjustment is completed, students with credit balances will receive a refund.
  10. On a daily basis, a Journal file containing information about the scholarship payments and the associated accounting string will be created and uploaded to SFS. The Journal upload process will create a credit transaction to the clearing account and debit transactions to the specific scholarship funds the department provided on the upload file. The detailed accounting information will be available in WISDM for Schools and Colleges to query.
    NOTE: If there are any funding string errors found by the Bursar's Office, the School and College coordinators will be notified by the Bursar's Office staff.