Scholarship Policy and Disbursement Information and Instructions for:

Scholarships from an External Organization

Scholarship checks must be delivered to UW-Madison Bursar's office to verify scholarship eligibility requirements, and to apply the check to the student's tuition account to first pay tuition and fees.

If the scholarship amount is more than the tuition balance due, the excess amount is refunded and the check is mailed to the student's active MAILING address.

Scholarship checks the student (or their parent) receives:

If a scholarship check is payable to the student only:

  1. Student must endorse the back of the check.
  2. Write "Pay to the order of UW-Madison" under their signature.
  3. Write their Campus ID on the front of the check.

If a scholarship check is payable to the student AND UW–Madison:

  1. Student must endorse the back of the check.
  2. Write their Campus ID on the front of the check.

If a scholarship check is payable to UW– Madison only:

  1. Write student name and Campus ID on the front of the check.

Mail scholarship checks to: UW–Madison Bursar's Office, 333 East Campus Mall # 10501, Madison, WI 53715-1383

Or deliver in person during business hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., M-F.

  • Note: Attach copies of any scholarship instructions from the organization with the scholarship check.

Scholarship checks sent to UW-Madison or directly to the Bursar's Office:

If the scholarship check is payable to the student OR to UW–Madison AND the student:

  1. Bursar's office notifies the student by e-mail to come to their office to endorse the check.
  2. Once endorsed, the check is applied to the student's tuition account.

If the scholarship check is payable to UW-Madison only:

  1. The check is applied to the student's tuition account (student does not need to endorse the check).

Scholarship Generalities:

  • If a scholarship award for an academic year is combined on one check, the amount is split and applied equally to fall and spring.
  • Scholarship refunds cannot be issued until 10 days before the first day of class each semester.

Students can monitor scholarships received and applied to their Tuition account on their My UW>Student Center>Tuition Account Summary for each semester.

If a scholarship you expected is not applied to your Tuition account:

  • External Organization Scholarship: Contact the organization awarding the scholarship to find out if the scholarship check was mailed, and if so on what date and to what address.
  • UW-Madison Departmental Scholarship: Contact the department to ask if an electronic scholarship file was sent or a paper check was sent to the Bursar's Office.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Scholarship Policy

The University of Wisconsin-Madison acts as the agent for the disbursement of scholarship funds awarded to the student.  As such, scholarship funds are not a donation to the University.  If a donation is made to the University to be used as a scholarship, the University chooses the student based on criteria which the scholarship organization can specify when funds are donated to establish the scholarship.  For more information on giving a gift to the University for scholarship purposes, please contact the University of Wisconsin Foundation at 608-263-4545 or .

Scholarships will be applied to the student tuition account of the students named.  The student tuition account reflects charges the University makes for tuition and fees, but not for housing, books, or related materials.  If, after application of the scholarship and other financial aid, the student's account has a credit balance, that balance will be sent to the student and the student will use it to pay for housing, books and related materials and other living expenses.  The University is not able to restrict scholarship funds from being used to pay expenses other than tuition and fees.

At the time of initial application of the scholarship to the student account, the University will verify that the student is enrolled for the current academic term as well as enrollment-related restrictions indicated, such as enrollment in a particular major.  However, once a scholarship has been credited to the student's account, the student's enrollment status is not monitored for compliance with any restrictions. If a student withdraws from school after he/she has had the scholarship credited or changes his or her degree program, the scholarship organization is responsible for recovering any funds from the student which may not be allowable under the conditions of the scholarship program.  The scholarship organization can contact the student for documentation of continued or completed enrollment.

The receipt of a scholarship may result in the reduction or repayment of need-based Federal financial assistance previously awarded to the student by the University of Wisconsin-Madison for those students whose need is fully met. In accordance with Federal student financial aid regulations, the University is required to monitor whether a student's total financial assistance remains within his or her financial need-based eligibility. Whenever possible, self-help awards (loans and Federal Work-Study) are reduced before federal, state or institutional gift-aid.  For documentation, see Federal over award regulations in 34 CFR 673.5(b)(c)(d).

The University will not bill for scholarship funds given to our students.  If an invoice or bill is required for payment, the student can provide a copy of his or her Tuition Account Statement directly to the scholarship organization.

Disbursement procedures for different types of financial aid: