Tuition Account Information

When will I see my payment on the account?

Mailed, In-Person & Drop Box Payments

  • Payments received during normal business hours Monday-Friday apply to the Tuition account the same day.

  • Payments received on holidays and weekends apply to the Tuition account the next business day.
    • Mailed payments are effective the date received, not the postmarked date.


  • Apply to the Tuition account real-time (when submitted).
    • If you receive an ePayment confirmation, payment is successful - do not resubmit the payment. A receipt is sent to the e-mail provided.
    • There may be a short delay before an ePayment reflects on a Tuition account during heavy ePayment activity.
    • Student – if your MY UW>Student Center window is open when making an ePayment, 'refresh' the view for the ePayment to reflect on your account.
    • If MY UW is down for maintenance, ePayments an Authorized Payer submits apply to the Tuition account when the system is available, and are effective the date submitted.

  • Students can view all payments applied to their Tuition account per semester on MyUW >Student Center>Tuition Account Summary.

Foreign Currency ePayments

  • By selecting a Foreign Currency payment on the Tuition Account eBill/ePayment site, you will have a 'Pending' payment to signify that you began the process.
    • A PENDING Foreign Currency payment does not release holds, permit registration for classes, or credit your UW_Madison Tuition Account.
    • A Foreign Currency ePayment does not apply to the Tuition Account until it's initiated with your foreign bank.
    • It may take 2-5 business days from the date you deliver the printed transaction form to your foreign bank to transfer the funds via Western Union to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, before the payment is applied to your Tuition Account.

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