Financial Aid Disbursement and Refund General Information

Financial aid (including loans, grants, and scholarships) is applied to the student's Tuition Account to pay tuition charges. UW-Housing charges are on a separate system and are NOT automatically paid with financial aid.

  • If there are remaining funds after tuition charges are paid, a refund is issued according to the tuition account refund schedule.

NEW Tuition Account eREFUND Option Starting SPRING 2014!

Can I pick up my financial aid refund at the Bursar's Office?

No — if receiving eRefunds, they are deposited directly into your bank account.
No — if you opt-out from eRefunds and receive a check, the check is printed by an outside vendor (not on campus) and delivered via U.S. Mail.

I received a bill after I received my financial aid refund check, why do I have a balance due?

  1. If you drop class/es or withdraw after your refund is processed, your financial aid may also be reduced to reflect your "cost of education." You owe the reduced amount of financial aid back to UW-Madison.
  2. If you add class/es after your refund is processed and your tuition charges were increased, you owe the amount of the added class/es.

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