Tuition Account Questions

Tuition & Fees Bill

When do I receive my tuition and fees bill?

  • Bursar's office provides the Tuition and fee bill as an electronic bill (eBill), and publishes the bill on a secure website where students and their Authorized Payers can view and print the bill and make an ePayment.
    • eBills are published 8-10 days before the first day of class.
    • An e-mail is sent to notify students and their Authorized Payers each time a new eBill is published.

What if I did not receive my tuition and fee bill?

  • Tuition bills are not mailed. Notification is sent to the student's address and to the e-mail of anyone the student has set up as an Authorized Payer when the eBill is published on the secure website.
  • The student can provide a copy of an eBill if their Authorized Payer does not have access to a computer and wishes to have a copy of the bill, or wants to mail payment.
  • Tuition and fees must be paid by the due date to avoid a late payment fee.

    Students can monitor their Tuition Account charges and payments, balance due, and find the due date on their MY UW>Student Center>Tuition Account Summary.

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