Bill Payment Services

To ensure payment is received by the due date and posted to the correct student’s account:

  • Schedule payment to be mailed at least five business-days before the due date.

  • Make check payable to "University of Wisconsin – Madison"

  • Include student name and campus ID ON the check.

  • Mail payment to:
    UW-Madison Bursar's Office
    333 East Campus Mall #10501
    Madison, WI 53715-1383

A $100 late payment fee is assessed if payment is received after the due date, or late as a result of being mailed to the wrong address, or posting delayed because the student name and ID is not on the check.

Please note: Payments from bill payment services require more time and staff to post, as they must be manually handled.

Students and parents (setup as an Authorized Payer) may want to consider making an ePayment rather than have payment sent from a bill payment service.

  • ePayments post real-time, save time and trees.

ePayment information and instructions.