Mission and Vision Statement


The mission of the Bursar's Office is to provide cashiering and student loan services to our customers in an efficient, timely and customer oriented manner. This will be accomplished in accordance with the mission of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, by following regulations of all appropriate governing agencies and by implementing sound financial procedures and controls.


The Bursar's Office vision is to:

  • Continue development, maintenance, and enhancement of automated system processing.
  • Create cost effective and innovative solutions to changes in regulatory requirements.
  • Contribute to the enrichment and advancement of staff members.
  • Continue to evaluate policies and procedures to accomplish our mission in a changing environment.


Student Account Services for UW-Madison Students
  • Bill for and collect tuition and fee payments.
  • Post financial aid disbursements and scholarships to student's Tuition Accounts.
  • Coordinate tuition and fee waiver/remissions.
  • Process tuition and fee refunds.
  • Bill for and collect tuition and fee payments from third party sponsors paying student's tuition and fee charges.
  • Bill for and collect program payments for students enrolled in the abroad program through the Office of International Studies and Programs department.
Cashiering Services for UW-Madison Departments
  • Receive departmental cash and check deposits.
  • Establish direct bank deposit procedures for larger or isolated departments.
  • Process key deposits and refunds.
  • Process Accounts Receivable payments from external sources, billed by other UW departments for services or goods.

Student Loan Accounting & Financial Aid Distribution Services

The Student Loan section of the Bursar's Office provides student loan accounting services to UW-Madison, and UW-Green Bay. Services include:

  • Preparation of campus-based checks and interview materials.
  • Billing and receipt processing.
  • Deferment and cancellation processing.
  • Fund accounting and federal reporting.
  • Prepares and maintains campus-based promissory notes.
  • Performs entrance and exit interviews and due diligence follow-up for campus-based student loans for U-W Madison students only.
The Accounts Receivable Office of the UW-Madison Financial Aid Office handles delinquent account collection for the three institutions.

SIS Student Financials - Student Account

The Bursar's Office is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the Student Financial Module of the Student Information System (SIS).

The Student Financial module provides for a centralized student account, electronic billing and financial aid distribution, third party tuition and fee deferrals, and collection services for UW-Madison students.