Mail a Check —
Instructions and Information

For Students, Parents, Bill Paying Services, 529 College Savings Plans, Scholarships and Others

Mail a Check Payment (Do not mail cash)

A mailed tuition payment must be in Bursar’s Office (not postmarked) by the due date, to avoid a late fee.

  • Allow at least five business-days for domestic mail.
  • Mail all tuition payment checks (including payments from a 529 College Savings Plan or bill-paying service), and scholarship checks to the Bursar’s Office to apply to the student’s Tuition Account.


  1. Write student’s name and Campus ID on the check
  2. If a scholarship, write “scholarship” on the check
  3. Make the check payable to UW–Madison (no post-dated checks please)
  4. Mail to UW–Madison Bursar, 333 East Campus Mall, #10501, Madison, WI 53715-1383

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