Policy for Graduate Assistant Payment of Segregated Fees

*Available for Fall & Spring Terms Only*

Goal: To allow graduate assistants (RA, PA, TA, LSA) to have three paychecks each term to use toward payment of segregated fees.

  1. The due date for segregated fee payment is the first Friday after the third assistant paycheck of the term. (Friday, December 5, 2014 for the Fall 2014 term and Friday, April 3, 2015 for the Spring 2015 term).

  2. A late fee of $100 is deferred and will only be levied if segregated fees are not paid in full by the first Friday after the third graduate assistant paycheck of the term (December for Fall term and April for Spring term).

  3. Holds on academic records and enrollment will be placed if segregated fees are not paid by near the end of October for fall terms and near the end of March for spring terms (specific dates vary based on Registrar's Office requirements). Holds will be placed even if prior to the Friday of the third graduate assistant paycheck for the term.

  4. On email request, graduate assistants will be allowed to enroll and/or get transcripts if the student has paid at least 2/3 of their segregated fee balance due, and owe no other past due balance to the Bursar's Office. Normal payment clearing periods will apply for students who have paid with bad checks/epayments in the past. Requests to adjust the enrollment/records hold will be accepted after enrollment/record holds have been placed by the Bursar's Office and until the first Friday in December for fall terms and the first Friday in April for spring terms, at which point full payment is due for hold release.
    How to request a temporary release of transcript or enrollment if 2/3 of your Spring 2015 segregated fees are paid prior to the extended segregated due date of Friday, April 3, 2015. (Click here.)

  5. Segregated fee bills will continue to show standard campus due dates (September for fall term and February for spring term) due to system limitations. However, the Bursar's website will provide details of this graduate assistant segregated fee payment policy, including the procedure for requesting hold adjustment for 2/3 payment. In addition, the Office of Human Resources will work with schools, colleges and divisions to include language informing TAs, PAs, RAs and LSAs of this policy in appointment letters.

  6. This policy is in effect for fall and spring terms only. Segregated fees will be due as billed for summer terms.
    • Specific due dates will be listed on students' tuition eBills.

Note: Any financial aid and scholarships received will post to pay any charges for that term. This payment agreement is available to pay any segregated fees remaining after the posting of financial aid and scholarships.