Tuition Account - Bill Explanation


  • Tuition eBills itemize charges and payments applied to the Tuition Account at the date and time the eBill is published.
  • New charges or payments applied after an eBill is published, update the current balance as they occur and are included on the next eBill, (similar to a credit card statement).
  • If a previous balance is carried forward, only new activity is itemized and the total amount due is the sum of the previous balance plus new activity.

How to read your Tuition Account bill

Previous Balance: The Total Amount Due on your last Tuition Account Statement.

Net New Activity: The sum of the itemized new activity (since the last eBill), plus any previous balance due.

Due Date: Due date for the Total Amount Due

  • Pay by this date to avoid a late fee.

Total Amount Due: The sum of the Previous Balance plus itemized New Activity

  • Pay this amount (deducting any anticipated aid amount displayed in the following section) by the due date to avoid a late fee.
  • If there is a tuition charge reduction after the bill is published, such as for a dropped class, pay the current tuition account balance by the due date – don’t wait for a revised bill.
  • If some type of payment is applied after the bill is published and there is a remaining balance due, pay the current tuition account balance by the due date.

Anticipated Aid: If financial aid is listed in the Anticipated Aid section, deduct that amount from the Total Amount Due.

  • Pay any remaining balance by the due date.
  • No payment is required if there is enough Anticipated Aid to pay the entire amount due.

Previous Balance and New Actvity Details: Displays a prior invoice balance, and itemizes new charges and payments since the last eBill was published.

Other Important Information: (on the back of the eBill): Contains a variety instructions, contact information, and helpful web links.