Scholarship Policy and Disbursement Information and Instructions for:

Scholarships from a UW-Madison Department

Most UW-Madison departments submit an electronic file authorizing the Bursar's Office to apply the scholarship to the student's Tuition account.

If the department sends a scholarship check to the Bursar's Office or to the student, the same instructions apply as for an external organization.

Scholarship Generalities:

  • Scholarships must be sent to UW-Madison Bursar's Office to verify scholarship eligibility requirements, and to be applied to the student's tuition account to first pay tuition and fees.
  • If a scholarship award for an academic year is combined on one check, the amount is split and applied equally to fall and spring.
  • If the scholarship amount is more than the tuition balance due, the excess amount is refunded and the check is mailed to the student's active MAILING address.
    • Scholarship refunds cannot be issued until 10 days before the first day of class each semester.

Students can monitor scholarships received and applied to their Tuition account on their My UW>Student Center>Tuition Account Summary for each semester.

If a scholarship you expected is not applied to your Tuition account:

  • UW-Madison Departmental Scholarship: Contact the department to ask if an electronic scholarship file was sent or a paper check was sent to the Bursar's Office.
  • External Organization Scholarship: Contact the organization awarding the scholarship to find out if the scholarship check was mailed, and if so on what date and to what address.

Disbursement procedures for different types of financial aid: