Internal Third Party Contracts

Process Description

Internal Third Party Authorization

Internal Third Party Tuition Invoice Payments

Invoices (excel workbook) will be sent via email to our contacts at each Department. The Invoice workbook will contain four tabs; Invoice, InterDeptForm, InterDeptForm (2), & Instructions.

A few issues we are finding with payments. We need your help!!

  1. Validate the accounting string you are using for payment. The Bursar’s Office and your department are spending too much time dealing with edit errors when entering data into WISDM. Use the correct program codes and account numbers.
  2. Audit the invoice closely. If the amount listed is not correct, investigate and submit the necessary changes. If a remission is added or changed for a student, notify the department that is responsible for the Third Party Payment.
  3. Read the instructions included within the workbook. We have updated the instructions. When sending Third Party deferral payments, please include one workbook per e-mail. Email subject line should be Term, Corp Account Number, and Contract Number. When naming the file, please include the Term, Corp Account Number, and Contract Number for the payment in the file name. Subject line and file name is necessary to improve processing within RSP and the Bursar’s Office.

Contact Information

Bursar's Office—Third Party Billing
333 East Campus Mall #10501
Madison, WI 53715-1383
608 262-3612